6 November 2017
Harbour Vista HOA
Public Safety Committee
Public Safety Committee


  • This committee has been formed by the Board of Directors to make recommendations to the Board about safety issues in the common areas of Harbour Vista. Everything in this charter, and all activities of the Committee are subject to the approval of The Board.

Goals and Objectives

  • Identify common area safety concerns, explore possible solutions, and advise the Board of Directors.
  • Work with Law Enforcement and all other public safety agencies to better protect the Harbour Vista community.
  • Have at least one person in each of the nine buildings act as a source of emergency information.
  • Prepare a community safety plan for Harbour Vista.
  • From time to time issue flyers and/or newsletters.
  • Minutes of meetings will be taken and a report made to the monthly HOA meetings.


  • Membership is open to all residents of Harbour Vista.
  • Term will be for one year.
  • Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary shall be chosen from membership.
  • Monthly non-mandatory open meetings will be scheduled.

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