By-Laws of Harbour Vista Homeowners’ Association, Incorporated (July 7, 1980)


Section 6.01. Assessments.

  • All Members are obligated to pay, in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration, all assessments imposed by the Association, to meet all expenses of the Association.
  • All delinquent assessments shall be enforced, collected or foreclose in the manner provided in the Declaration.

Section 6.02 Maintenance and Repair.

  • Every Member must perform promptly, at his sole cost and expense, such maintenance and repair work within his own Residence, as required under the provision of the Declaration. As further provided in the Declaration, all plans for alterations and repair of structural or utility bearing portions of the building housing the Units must receive the prior written consent of the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee shall establish reasonable procedures for the granting of such approval, in accordance with the Declaration.
  • As further provided in the Declaration, each Member shall reimburse the Association for any expenditures incurred in repairing or replacing any portion of the Common Areas or other properties owned or controlled by the Association, which are damaged through the fault of such Member or his family, guests or tenants. Such expenditures shall include all court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing any provision of these By-Laws or the Declaration.
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