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Section 1.06. Assessments, Reconstruction. "Reconstruction Assessment" shall mean a charge against a particular Unit owner and his Condominium, representing a portion of the cost to the Association for substantial repairs or reconstruction of any of the Common Areas which the Association may from time to time authorize, and which shall be levied among all of the Condominiums in the Project in the same proportion as Annual Assessments, as provided herein.

Section 1.07, Assessments, Special. "Special Assessments" shall mean a charge against particular Unit Owner and his Condominium, directly attributable to, or reimbursable by, the Unit Owner, equal to the cost incurred by the Association for corrective action performed pursuant to the provision of this Declaration plus interest an other charge thereon as provided for in this Declaration.

Section 1.08. Association. Association shall mean HARBOUR VISTA HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED, a California nonprofit corporation (formed pursuant to the General Nonprofit Corporation Law of the State of California) its successors and assigns.

Section 1.09. Beneficiary. "Beneficiary" shall mean a mortgagee under a mortgage or a beneficiary under a deed of trust, as the case may be, and the assignees of such mortgagee or beneficiary.

Section 1.10. Board or Board of Directors. "Board of Directors" or "Board" shall mean the Board of D1rectors of the Association, elected in accordance with the By-Laws.

Section 1.11. By-Laws. "By-Laws" shall mean the By-Laws of the Association which have or will be adopted by the Board, initially in the form of Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, as such By-Laws may be amended by the Membership of the Association from tie to time.

Section 1.12. Close of Escrow. "Close of Escrow: shall mean the date on which a Sublease of Condominium and Grant Deed of Improvements, or a memorandum thereof, is Recorded conveying a Condominium to a purchaser pursuant to a Final Subdivision Public Report for the Project issued by the California Department of Real Estate.

Section 1.13. Common Areas. "Common Areas" shall mean and include all areas on the Project, as it may exist from time to time, except the Units. For maintenance purposes of the Association, but not necessarily by way of legal title, the Common Areas shall include all gas, water, and waste pipe, all sewers, all ducts , chutes, conduits, wires, and other utility installations of the structures wherever located (except the outlets thereof when located within the Units), the lot upon which the structures are located and the airspace above the structures, all bearing walls, columns, unfinished floors, the roofs, foundation slabs, party walls, utility walls, foundations, private streets, walkways, recreation facilities, common stairways, parking areas and landscaping.

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