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Section 1.14. Common Area, Restriction. "Restricted Common Area, shall Include those portion of the Common Area over which exclusive easements and licenses a reserved for the benefit of certain Unit owner for patios and decks. The Restricted Common Area are shown and assigned in the Condominium Plan.

Section 1.15. Common Expenses. "Common Expenses" shall mean the actual and estimated coats of: maintenance, management, operation, repair and replacement of the Common Area (including unpaid Annual Assessment, Special Assessment, Reconstruction Assessments and Capital Improvement Assessments); the costs of any and all utilities metered to more than one Unit and other commonly metered charges for the Project; the costs of any common trash collection and removal, costs of management and administration of the Association including, but not limited to, compensation paid by the Association to management, accountants, attorneys and other employee; the costs of all gardening, security and other services benefiting the Common Areas; the costs of fire, casualty and liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and other insurance covering the Project and the directors, officers and agents of the Association; the costs of bonding of the members of the Board; taxes paid by the Association, including any blanket tax assessed against the Project; amounts paid by the Association for discharge of any lien or encumbrance levied against the entire Project, or portions thereof; and the costs of any other item or items a designated by, or other expenses incurred by, the Association, for any reason whatsoever in connection with the Project, for the common benefit of the Unit Owners.

Section 1.16. Condominium. "Condominium" shall mean an equal undivided interst in a subleasehold estate in a Phase of Development and an equal undivided fee simple interest in the Improvements on such Phase, together with a separate subleasehold interest in a Unit and all easements and licenses appurtenant thereto. Such fractional undivided interest in the subleasehold estate and such fractional undivided fee simple interest for any Phase of Development shall be equal to a fraction whose numerator is one (1) and whose denominator is the number of Units in such Phase.

Section 1.17. Condominium Plan. "Condominium Plan" shall mean the engineering drawings and related materials, as amended from time to time, showing the diagrammatic floor plans of the Units, the boundaries of the Units, the common Areas, Restricted Common Areas, and where applicable, dimension, specific alternative uses us authorized by this Declaration, and such other information reasonably necessary to identify a Condominium. A copy of the recorded Condominium Plan for the Project is attached hereto, marked Exhibit "A" and by this reference is incorporated herein.

Section 1.18 Declarant. "Declarant" shall mean Sublessor and Grantor together.

Section 1.19. Declaration. "Declaration" shall mean the within Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Reservation of Easements, as it may be amended from time to time as provided herein.

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