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Section 1.20. Deed of Trust. "Deed of Trust" shall mean a mortgage or deed of trust, as the case may be.

Section 1.21. Family. "Family" shall mean one or more Persons each related to the other by blood, marriage or adoption, or a group of rot more than four (4) Persons not all so related, inclusive of their domestic servants, who maintain a common household in a Residence.

Section 1.22. Grantor. "Grantor" shall mean HARBOUR VISTA, a California limited partnership, its successors and any Person to which it shall have assigned any of its rights hereunder by an express written assignment.

Section 1.23. Improvements. "Improvement" shall mean all structures and appurtenance thereto of every type and kind, including but not limited to, buildings, outbuildinqs, walkways, sprinkler pipes, roads, driveways, loading areas, fences, screening walls, retaining walls, patio covers, awnings, stairs, landscaping, hedges, windbreaks, the exterior surfaces of any visible structure, planted trees and shrubs, poles, signs, fixture or equipment, pools or jacuzzi spas, owned in common by the Unit Owners.

Section 1.24. Maintenance Funds. "Maintenance Funds" shall mean the accounts created for receipts and disbursements of the Association pursuant to Article V hereof.

Section 1.25. Manager. "Manager" shall mean the Person, firm or corporation employed by the Association, and delegated certain duties power or functions of the Association as limited by the provision of this Declaration.

Section 1.26. Master Lease. "Master Lease" shall mean and include (a) with respect to Phase 1, that certain lease dated August 1, 1979, between Sublessor and Master Lessor, a memorandum of which vas recorded on August 8, 1979, as Instrument No. 11136, in Book 13261, Pages 1473 et seq., in Official Records of Orange County, California, and (b) with respect to any portion of the Annexable Area which is made subject to this Declaration pursuant to Article XV hereof, that certain lease dated August 1, 1979 between Sublessor and Master Lessor, a memorandum of which was recorded on August 6, 1979, as Instrument No. 11!37, in Book 13261, Pages 1477 et seq., in Official Records of Orange County, California, or such other lease or leases under which Sublessor acquired its leasehold estate in such portion of the Annexable Area.

Section 1.27. Master Lessor. "Master Lessor" shall mean and refer to every Person owning any right, t1t!e or interest as lessor under the Master Lease. As of the date this Declaration is Recorded, Jessie M. Due, Eugene Due and Charlotte Kirchen are collectively Master Lessor.

Section 1.28. Member. "Member" shall mean and refer to every Person holding a membership in the Association, pursuant to Article II hereof.

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