Last Update 21 November 2012

Section 2.01. Organization of Association. The Association is or shall be incorporated under the name of HARBOUR VISTA HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED, as a corporation not for profit under the General Nonprofit Corporation Law of the State of California.

Section 2.02. Duties and Powers. The duties and powers of the Association are those set forth In the Declaration, the Articles and By-Laws, together with its general and implied powers of a nonprofit corporation, generally to do any and all things that a corporation organized under the laws of the State of California may lawfully do which are necessary or proper, in operating for the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the members, subject only to the limitations upon the exercise of such powers as are expressly set forth in the Articles, the By-Laws and in this Declaration. From and after Close of Escrow for the sale of the first Condominium in a Phase of Development of the Project, the Association shall assume the payment of real property taxes assessed against such Phase of Development and accruing subsequent to such Close of Escrow, until auch taxes are assessed directly against the Unit Owners and their individual Condominiums. Declarant shall furnish the Association with any and all tax statements in order to assist the Association in carrying out its obligations hereunder. The Association shall further have the right to install or construct capital Improvements on the Common Areas, as provided herein. The Association may at any time, and from time to time reconstruct, replace or refinish any Improvement or portion thereof upon the Common Areas and Restricted Common Areas in accordane with the original design, finish or standard of construction of such Improvement; replace destroyed trees or other vegetation and plant trees, shrubs and ground cover upon any portion of the Common Areas, as further provided herein. The Association may employ personnel necessary for the effective operation and maintenance of the Common Areas, including the employment of legal, management and accounting services, as provided in this Declaration and the By-Laws.

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