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Section 4.03. Meetings of the Committee. The Committee shall meet from t1me to time as necessary to perform its duties hereunder. The Committee may from time to time by resolution unanimously adopted in writing designate a Committee Representative (who may, but need not, be one of its members) to take any action or perform any duties for and on behalf of the Committee except the granting of variances pursuant to Section 4.07 of this Article IV. In the absence of such designation, the vote of a majority of the Committee, or the written consent of a majority of the Committee taken without a meeting, shall constitute an act of the Committee.

Section 4.04. No Waiver of Future Approvals. The approval of the Committee of any proposals or plans and specifications or drawings for any work done or proposed or in connection with any other matter requiring the approval and consent of the Committee, shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any right to withhold approval or consent to any similar proposals, plans and specifications, drawings or matter whatsoever subsequently or additionally submitted for approval or consent.

Section 4.05. Compensation of Members. The members of the Committee shall receive no compensation tor services rendered, other than reimbursement for expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties hereunder.

Section 4.06. Correction of Defects. Inspection of work and correction of defects therein shall proceed as follows:

    1. The Committee or its duly authorized representative may at any time inspect any Improvement for which approval of plans is required under this Article IV, provided, however, that the Committee's right of inspection of the improvement for which plans have been submitted and approved shall terminate sixty (60) days after such work of improvement shall have been completed and the respective Unit owner shall have given written notice to the Committee of such completion. The Committee's rights of inspection shall not terminate pursuant to this paragraph in the event that plans for the work of Improvement have not previously been submitted to and approved by the Committee. If, as a result of such inspection, the Committee finds that such improvement was done without obtaining approval of the plans therefor or was not done in substantial compliance with the plans approved by the Committee, it shall notify the Unit owner in writing of failure to comply with this Article IV within sixty (60) days from the inspection specifying the particulars of noncompliance. The Committee shall have the authority to require the Unit Owner to take such action as may be necessary to remedy the noncompliance.

    2. If noncompliance exists, the unit Owner shall immediately upon receipt of 1uch notification commence to remedy or remove the same and shall complete such work within a period of not more than forty-five (45) days from the date that notice of the Committee ruling is given to the Unit owner. The Committee shall determine the estimated cost of correcting or removing the same. If the Unit Owner does not comply with the Committee ruling within such period, the Board, at its option, may after Notice and Hearing as provided in the By-Laws, Record a Notice of Noncompliance and may peacefully remove the noncomplying Improvement or otherwise peacefully remedy the noncompliance, and the Unit Owner shall reimburse the Association, upon demand, for all expenses incurred in connection therewith. If such expenses are not promptly repaid by the Unit Owner of the Association, the Board shall levy a Special Assessment against such Unit Owner for reimbursement collectible in the same manner as Annual Assessments provided in this Declaration. The right of the Association to remove a noncomplying Improvement or otherwise remedy the noncompliance shall be in addition to all other rights and remedies which the Association may have at law, in equity or in this Declaration.

    3. If for any reason the Committee fails to notify the Unit owner of any noncompliance with previously submitted and approved plans within sixty (60) days after receipt of said written notice of completion from the Unit owner, the improvement shall be deemed to be in accordance with said approved plans.
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