Last Update 27 March 2017

Nothing in the Restrictions shall limit, and no Unit Owner or the Association shall do anything to interfere with, the right of Grantor to subdivide or resubdivide any portion of the Property, or to complete refurbishment of Improvements to and on the Common Areas or any portion of the Project owned solely or partially by Grantor, or to alter the foregoing and its construction plans and designs, or to construct such additional Improvements as Grantor deems advisable in the course of development of the Project so long as any Condominium in the Project is owned by Grantor. Such right shall include, but shall not be limited to, such structures, displays, signs, billboards, flags and sales offices as may be reasonably necessary for the conduct of its business of completing the work and disposing of the same by sale, lease or otherwise. Each Unit Owner by accepting a Sublease of Condominium and Grant Deed of Improvements thereby acknowledges that the activities of Grantor may constitute a temporary inconvenience or nuisance to the Unit Owners, and thereby consents to such inconvenience or nuisance. This Declaration shall not limit the right of Grantor at any time prior to acquisition of title to a Condominium in the Project by a purchaser from Grantor to establish on that Condominium additional licenses, easements, reservations and rights-of-way to itself, to utility companies, or to others as may from time to time be reasonably necessary to the proper development and disposal of the Project. Grantor may use any Condominiums owned by Grantor in the Project as models or real estate sales or leasing offices. All or any part of the rights of Grantor hereunder and elsewhere in these Restrictions may be assigned by Grantor to any successor in interest to any portion of Grantor's interest in any portion of the Project by the Recordation of an express written assignment thereof. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Declaration, the prior written approval of Granter, as developer of the Project, will be required before any amendment to this Article shall be effective. Each Unit Owner, by virtue of acceptance of a Sublease of Condominium and Grant Deed of Improvements, grants an irrevocable, special power of attorney to Grantor to execute and Record all documents and maps necessary to allow Grantor to exercise its rights under this Article. Grantor shall be entitled to the nonexclusive use of the Common Areas and any facilities thereon, without further cost for access, ingress, egress, use or enjoyment, in order to show the Project to its prospective purchasers and dispose of the Project as provided herein, provided that such access and use by Grantor shall not unreasonably interfere with the rights of the Unit Owners.

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