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Section 8.04. Signs. No sign, poster, display or other advertising device of any character shall be erected or maintained on, or shown or displayed from any Residence, without the prior written consent of the Architectural Committee ; provided, however, that the restrictions of this Section shall not apply to any sign or notice of customary and reasonable dimension which states that the premises are for rent or sale. Such sign or notice may be placed within a Unit but not upon any portion of the Common Areas. The Board of Directors shall erect within the Common Areas a master directory of Units which are for sale or for lease. Address identification signs and mail boxes shall be maintained by the Board of Directors. This section shall not apply to any signs used by Grantor or its agents in connection with the sale and any construction or alteration of the Condominiums a set forth in Article VII. Any sign erected in the Project shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Section 8.05. Inside and Outside Installations. No outside installation of any type, including but not limited to a television or radio pole, antenna or clothesline shall be constructed, erected or maintained on any Residence, excepting antennas installed by Grantor as a part of the initial construction of the Project and except as may be installed by, or with the prior consent of the Architectural Committee. No patio or balcony covers, wiring, or installation of air conditioning, water softeners, or other machines shall be installed on the exterior of the buildings of the Project or be allowed to protrude through the walls or roof of the buildings, unless the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee is secured. Outdoor patio or lounge furniture, plants and barbeque equipment may be maintained pursuant to rules and procedures of the Architectural Committee. The type and color of all exposed window coverings shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. Notwithstanding the specificity of the foregoing, no exterior addition, change or alteration to any Residence shall be commenced without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. Nothing shall be done in any Unit or in, on or to the Common Areas which will or may tend to impair the structural integrity of any building in the Project or which would structurally alter any such building except as otherwise expressly provided herein. There shall be no alteration, repair or replacement of wall coverings within Units which may diminish the effectiveness of the sound control engineering within the buildings in the Project. No interior wall in any of the buildings of the Project shall be pierced or otherwise altered in any way, without the prior approval of the Architectural Committee and a structural engineering analysis. No Unit Owner shall cause or permit any mechanic's lien to be filed against any portion of the Project for labor or materials alleged to have been furnished or delivered to the Project or any Condominium Unit for such Unit Owner. Any such Unit Owner shall immediately cause such lien to be discharged within five (5) days after notice to the Unit Owner from the Board. If the Unit Owner fails to do so, the Board may discharge the lien and charge the Unit Owner a Special Assessment for such cost of discharge after Notice and Hearing.

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