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Section 9.04. Notice of Expiration Requirements. All of the policies of insurance maintained by the Association shall contain a provision that said policy or policies shall not be cancelled or terminated, or expired by their term, without at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to the Board, Master Lessor, Sublessor, Grantor (for so long as Grantor is a Unit Owner), Unit Owners and their respective first Mortgagees (provided that such Mortgagees have filed written requests with the carrier for such notice) and every other Person in interest who shall have requested such notice of the insurer.

Section 9.05. Insurance Premiums. Insurance premiums for any blanket Insurance coverage obtained by the Association and any other insurance deemed necessary by the Board of Directors shall be a Common Expense to be included in the Annual Assessments levied by the Association and collected from the Unit Owners. The portion of such payments necessary for the required insurance premiums shall be separately accounted for by the Association in the Reserve Fund, to be used solely for the payment of premiums of required insurance as such premiums become due.

Section 9.06. Trustee for Policies. The Association acting through its Board of Directors, is hereby appointed and shall be deemed trustee of the interests of all named insureds under policies of insurance purchased and maintained by the Association. All insurance proceeds under any such policies as provided for in Section 9.01 of this Article shall be paid to the Board of Directors as Trustees. The Board shall furnish Master Lessor and Sublessor with copies of all insurance policies maintained by the Association, or certificates evidencing such policies, promptly on receipt of such policies or certificates. The Board shall have full power to receive and to receipt for the proceeds and to deal therewith as provided herein. Insurance proceeds shall be used by the Association for the repair or replacement of the property for which the insurance was carried or otherwise disposed of as provided in Article X of this Declaration. The Board is hereby granted the authority to negotiate loss settlements with the appropriate insurance carriers, with participation, to the extent they desire, of first Mortgagees who have filed written requests within ten (10) days of receipt of notice of any damage or destruction as provided in Article X, Section 10.04 of this Declaration. Any two Directors of the Association may sign a loss claim form and release form in connection with the settlement of a loss claim, and such signatures shall be binding on all the named insureds.

Section 9.07. Actions as Trustee. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this declaration, the Board, acting on behalf of the Association and all Unit Owners, shall have the exclusive right to bind such parties in respect to all matters affecting insurance carried by the Association, the settlement of a loss claim, and the surrender, cancellation, and modification of all such insurance, in a manner satisfactory to seventy-five percent (75%) of the first Mortgagees of the Condominiums who have filed requests under Section 9.04 of this Article to the extent such first Mortgagees desire to participate. Duplicate originals or certificates of all policies of fire and casualty insurance maintained by the Association and of all renewals thereof, together with proof of payment of premiums, shall be delivered by the Association to all Mortgagees who have requested the same in writing.

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