13 June 2020
July 27, 2019
Harbour Vista HOA
Rules and Regulations


    1. No bicycle riding, roller-skating, roller-blading, scooters, or skateboarding on walkways, bridges, underneath stairs, or in elevators.

    2. No fishing in ponds or waterways. The fish are there to prevent mosquitoes and the crawfish are there to feed the ducks.

    3. No playing with toys in walkways, waterways, in the landscaping, bridges, stairwells, or in elevators. No storage or parking of bicycles, toys, scooters, strollers, skateboards underneath stairwells, or in hallways.

    4. Residents and pets are not permitted in waterways or to play in waterways.

    5. No running in Common areas (except for Basketball court area).

    6. No tampering with sprinkler heads.

    7. No littering, pick up and dispose of all trash.

    8. NO excessive noise at any time. Conduct yourself and your guests in a manner so as not to disturb other Residents. Boisterous talk or other noises are strictly prohibited.

    9. Newspapers and other deliveries should be taken in promptly.

    10. It is our desire to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the water features that require chemical treatments in keeping with our water quality maintenance program. We will appreciate the cooperation of all Residents in assisting the Management with the maintenance of these water features by observing the following rules:

      1. Do not throw cigarette butts, cans, or any other trash into waterways or ponds.

      2. Do not poor any liquids of any kind into the water.

      3. Do not put any fish, turtles, or other aquatic life into streams or ponds.

      4. Do not feed the ducks, squirrels or any other wild animals. It is harmful to the animals. If they become dependent on humans, they lose their ability to forage. It's also against the law according to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 251.1, which prohibits the feeding of any wildlife.

    11. Signs, posters, and decorations displayed from residences shall comply with CC&R’s Section 8.04.

    12. All trash must be in plastic bags before being deposited in trash bins. No trash is to be left or stored by front doorways. No trash is to be placed outside of the trash bins or around trash bin area. Break down all boxes before placing them in trash bins. Disposal of mattresses, appliances, furniture, water heaters, etc. at the trash bin area is permitted on the night before pickup from the Association's disposal company. Please contact the management company in advance to obtain the actual pickup date.

    13. Signs, posters, or notices are permitted only on the Community Bulletin Boards located at each mailbox gazebo.

    14. Holiday decorations should be taken down two weeks after the Holiday has ended.
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