7 April 2022
April 7, 2022


Harbour Vista HOA
Architectural Guidelines
Adopted April 7, 2022



              1. Architectural Approval Required
              2. Purpose
              3. Aesthetic Standards
              4. Exterior Standands
              5. Exterior Modifications Exemptions
              6. Inside Modifications
              7. Approval Required
              8. Architectural Review Committee
              9. Scope of Review
              10. Procedure for Architectural Committee Review
              11. Fees
              12. City Approval
              13. Variances
              14. Appeals Notice of Completion
            2. DESIGN GUIDELINES
              1. Work Hours
              2. Licensed Contractor
              3. Original Building Plans
              4. Floors/Ceilings and Walls
              5. Screen Doors
              6. Unused Attic Crawl Space
              7. Kitchen Vents
              8. Replacement for Same
              9. Railing/Fence Lattice
              10. Balcony/Patio Coverings
              11. Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Alarms
              12. Recessed Lights
              13. Front Door
              14. Windows and French and Sliding Doors
              15. Air Conditioning Units
              16. Pre Approved Exterior Paint Colors
              17. In-Wall Electrical Space Heaters
              18. Exterior Video Door Bells and Cameras
              19. Satellite Dish (antenna)
              20. In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers
              21. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Harbour Vista HOA
Architectural Guidelines

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