7 April 2022


Architectural Guidelines 2022

These Architectural Guidelines are in compliance with the Association's CC&Rs (including but not limited to Article IV and Article VIII, Section 8.05) and governing law.

    1. Architectural Approval Required - Pursuant to Section 4.02 of the CC&Rs, no construction alteration, addition, modification, decoration, redecoration or reconstruction of any Improvement shall be commenced or maintained until plans and specifications therefore showing the nature, kind, shape, height, width, elevation, color, materials and location of same have been approved in writing by the Association's Architectural Review Committee (“ARC").
    2. Purpose - The general purpose of the Architectural Committee is to ensure compliance with architectural standards established by the association. In condominium developments, the architectural committee is primarily focused on internal (i) alterations and improvements that impact the common areas (ii) window treatments that are visible from the outside, and (iii) balcony and patio issues. In planned developments, an architectural committee is primarily concerned with exterior aesthetics. Examples of proposed improvements requiring prior Architectural Committee approval include, but are not limited to, the following:
      • All exterior additions, changes and alterations to a Residence
      • Installation of patio or balcony covers or flooring
      • Installation of air conditioning units, water softeners or other equipment/machines on the exterior of the buildings or that protrude through the walls or roof of the buildings
      • Interior but exposed window coverings
      • Interior unit additions, changes or alterations that may impact the structural integrity of the building, the soundproofing of the units, or the firewall protection between the units, including but not limited to the installation or alteration of new recessed lighting, electric wiring, cabling, drains, pipes and shutoff valves
    3. Aesthetic Standards - One of the functions of an architectural committee is to make subjective decisions about aesthetics. This is a recognized function of the committee and their decisions on such issues control even where an owner may strongly disagree.
    4. Exterior Standards - No perimeter or interior wall of a unit may be moved or such wall, ceiling or floor be pierced or punctured in any manner without first obtaining written Architectural Committee approval.
    5. Exterior Modifications Exemptions - Exterior modifications to a unit that do not require Architectural approval include doorbells, lock hardware and porch lights with the reservation that they do not create an “eye sore”.
    6. Inside Modifications - Work performed inside a condo that is not major construction in most cases does not require Architectural Committee approval.
    7. Approval Required - The Architectural Committee approval is required for major remodeling projects inside a condo. Some examples are:
    8. Architectural Review Committee - The Harbour Vista ARC shall be comprised of at least three (3) members appointed by the Board, all of whom shall be members of the Association. The ARC shall review all proposed works of improvements to ensure compliance with Article IV of the Harbour Vista CC&Rs and any other applicable architectural guidelines or rules, as may be amended from time to time.
      • replacement of flooring in upper floor units (sound proofing undercoat
        required). This is not a requirement for ground floor units,
      • installation of in-wall or ceiling heaters,
      • installation of air conditioning,
      • updating or remodeling attic space (top floor units, only),
      • any impact of structural integrity (e.g., load bearing walls),
      • non electrical piercing of floor or ceiling joist,
      • major relocation of plumbing such as adding a drain to an island or counter or adding a pot filler
      • installation of any item such as recessed lighting and or in wall speakers, that affect the sound proofing with adjoining units,
      • relocation or modification of plumbing
      • relocation or addition of vent duct or water pipes.
      • any project that may pierce the outside building wall.
      • installation of in-wall speakers that are installed in peripheral walls or in ceiling/floors.
      • relocation or removal of walls or cutting openings
      • electrical panel upgrades and wiring
    9. Scope of Review - The Architectural Committee review and approval or disapproval of proposed plans shall be based solely on aesthetic considerations and the overall benefit or detriment to the community. The Architectural Committee review and approval or disapproval of proposed plans shall not be made from the standpoint of structural safety or conformance with building or other codes or requirements.
    10. Procedure for Architectural Committee Review -To begin the review process, Owners are required to submit a completed Architectural Application form (see Attachment 1 hereto) along with the applicable review fee and refundable security deposit (if any), one set of plans and specifications showing all details of the proposed improvement, and a completed Neighbor Awareness form (see Attachment 2). Once a complete
      submittal package is received (as determined by the Architectural Committee), the Architectural Committee shall transmit its decision to the owner within forty-five (45) days after receipt thereof.
      (CC&Rs Section 4.02)
    11. Fees - All architectural submittals shall be accompanied by the applicable review fee and refundable security deposit. The current review fee is $0.00 for all submittals and the refundable security deposit is $0.00, both of which are subject to change in the discretion of the Board.
    12. City Approval - Certain improvements may require approval by the City of Huntington
      Beach, which the owner is responsible to obtain, if applicable, after approval by the Architectural Committee.
    13. Variances - The Architectural Committee may grant reasonable variances to the architectural provisions of the CC&Rs or Rules, and these Guidelines, as allowed in Section 4.02 of the CC&Rs.
    14. Appeals - A decision of the Architectural Committee may be appealed to the Harbour
      Vista Board of Directors by submitting a written request to the Board within thirty (30) days following the final decision of the Architectural Committee. The Board is required to render its decision on the appeal within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the request for appeal.
    15. Notice of Completion - Within ten (10) days of completion of a work of improvement that requires prior Architectural Committee approval, a completed Notice of Completion form (see Attachment 3) shall be submitted to the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee may inspect the work of improvement, once completed, to ensure compliance with the approved plans.

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Architectural Guidelines

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