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Section 2.08. Repair and Maintenance by Unit Owner. Each Unit Owner shall maintain, repair, replace, paint, paper, plaster, tile, finish and restore or cause to be so maintained, repaired, replaced and restored, at his sole cost and expense, all portions of his Unit, including the interior surfaces of the walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors and permanent fixtures, in a clean, sanitary and attractive condition, in accordance with the Condominium Plan and the original construction design of the Improvements in the Project. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no interior walls, ceilings, floors or other structural or utility bearing portions of the building housing the units shall be pierced or otherwise altered or repaired, without the prior written approval of the plans for such alteration or repair by the Architectural Committee. It shall further be the duty of each unit Owner, at his sole cost and expense, to keep free from debris and in a reasonably good state of repair subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee, any patio deck or parking area which constitutes a portion of the Restricted Common Areas subject to his exclusive control, provided, however, that no Unit Owner shall be responsible for any periodic structural repair, painting, resurfacing or replacement of such patio, deck or parking area so long as such repair, painting, resurfacing or replacement sent is not caused by the willful or negligent acts of the Unit Owner or his Family, guests, tenants, or invitees. It shall further the duty of each Unit owner to pay when due any and all charges for all utility services which services are not centrally metered but are separately metered to his Unit.

Section 2.09. Use of Agent. The Board of Directors, on behalf of the Association, may contract with a professional management agent for the performance of maintenance and repair and for conducting other activities on half of the Association. The term of such contract, or any contract with Grantor for the furnishing of services to the Association, shall not exceed one (1) year, renewable by agreement of the parties for successive one-year periods, and such contract shall be terminable by the Association, acting through the Board, at any time (1) for cause upon thirty (30) days' written notice thereof, and (2) without cause or the payment of a termination fee upon ninety (90) days written notice.

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