July 18, 2014
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 17 July 2014
by Diane Pannone
Jenny and Hailey are Lhasa Poos. They are sisters from a litter of 9 puppies born in Clanskanie Oregon six years ago. Their owners flew with them on Alaska Airlines to their new happy home on Grunion.
Lhasa Apso and a Poodle
The Lhasa Poos are a crossbred of a Lhasa Apso and a Poodle (usually a miniature poodle). They tend to be smart and learn quickly. They are family companion dogs who are loyal and protective of their human family. They require only moderate exercise and are indoor dogs making them ideal for condo living.■

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posted 7 July 2014
Focus on Your Neighbors
The Good Neighbor
Brenda Richardson is a long time resident of Harbour Vista since 1989. She is well known by many residents as the "Good Neighbor". Her philosophy is that she treats people the same way she wants to be treated.
Comes to Their Aid
Many residents will tell you stories where Brenda had come to their aid. A typical example, a single resident was going through chemo therapy and could not get around easily. Brenda made sure that this person always had bottled water when frequently unscheduled emergency water shutoffs occurred. For plumbing leak emergencies, Brenda was the person to call to turn off the water-even at night.
In Case of Emergency
Because Brenda is retired and is home most weekdays, several residents have relied on her to open their condo for deliveries or to provide access for a repairman. Many residents provide her a set of keys to their condo and their phone numbers for emergencies. If you want to know a good painter or maintenance man, Brenda maintains a recommendation list.
Asked to Continue
Brenda's husband Bruce was the official HOA resident handyman until his untimely death in 2008. The HOA asked Brenda to continue some of his work. Authorized by the HOA, she met with vendors, maintained supplies, cleaned both pool areas, opened gates, replaced light fixtures and reported problems. Brenda was the person to obtain an extra gate or pool key, and programed resident access gate codes. Our previous property managers depended on her to watch the property and verify that repairs were completed.
A New Board
When a new Board was elected in 2012, they decided they no longer wanted Brenda to continue her services. Many homeowners were unhappy about this decision. Some residents organized a "Thank You" party for her to show their appreciation and recognize her dedication to the Harbour Vista community.
Welcomes New Residents
Brenda still continues to meet and welcome new residents to Harbour Vista and is happy to answer questions about the community. She still watches the property and many residents still depend on her as their "Good Neighbor". Her personal value is that she wakes up every morning to see if she can help someone,.
In Memorial
At the south side Grunion building facing Green, is plaque and a crape myrtle tree honoring Brenda's late husband Bruce Richardson who passed away from cancer. When people ask her about the tree, she says "Bruce's Tree is getting stronger every day."■
posted 30 May 2014
June Maintenance
June Maintenance Happenings
Four New Umbrellas
Our Association has installed four new blue umbrellas for the Pool Recreation Areas. Two of these Umbrellas have been placed at each area. They can be tilted to follow the Sun and collaspse if wind gets disruptive. These four umbrellas will provide some needed shade at each pool location. ■
Another Underground Water Leak!
Again the 4831 and 4791 Lago buildings had the water shut off for repairs on June 20th. This time
it was a leak and problem at the water shut off box between the 2 buildings. The plumbing company worked all day on the problem but couldn't finish the job that day. So, water was turned back on to the 2 buildings for the weekend. The plumbing company returned on Tuesday of the following week to finish the job. Once again the water to the 2 buildings had to be off for a second day so the repairs could be finished. The repairs were completed and water to the 2 buildings turned back on around 6PM.
Honey In the Attic?
A strange sticky substance started appearing in the stairwell of the 4861 Lago building on June 19th. Action was notified with a series of photos
June 13
June 19
june 21
showing the spot growing larger and larger. At first it was thought it might be oil leaking from the elevator but it was determined that it was HONEY
from a Bee Hive up by the rain gutter on the roof. According to the Pest control company, the hive does not have currently active bees, but is leaking honey from prior use. To correct this problem, may require to cut into the stucco and remove the old hive. This will require Board approval.

Note: This column is an on going. Its contents will be updated during the month.
posted 17 July 2014
Maintenance Happenings:
A strange sticky substance started appearing in the stairwell of the 4861 Lago building on June 19th. Action was notified with a series of photos
June 13
June 19
june 21
showing the spot growing larger and larger. At first it was thought it might be oil leaking from the elevator but it was determined that it was HONEY
from a Bee Hive up by the rain gutter on the roof. According to the Pest control company, the hive does not have currently active bees, but is leaking honey from prior use.
Bee Hive Dripping Honey
A Bee Hive in the wall of the stairwell in the 4861 Lago building was dripping honey from the roof down onto the landing of the stairwell. A bucket was placed to collect the dripping, sticky honey and red cones were placed around the bucket.
Bird Nest, Too
Newport Exterminators were sent out to remove the Bee Hive on Friday July 11th. Holes were punched in the stucco of the 3rd floor stairwell ceiling. Beside two bee hives – one small and one large, an abandoned bird nest fell with the rubble. There was a good amount of bee hive and honey. The exterminators decided they could not remove the
bee hives from the holes in the ceiling without first putting up scaffolding for the safe removal.
For Board Approval
The HOA Board will have to approve the quote for the removal and repair to the stucco at the July HOA meeting. Since the bees have left the hive it is not an emergency to remove the hives and make the repairs.

To be continued.....■

Note: This column is an on going. Its contents will be updated during the month.
posted 27 June 2014
Annual HOA Meeting
to be "RECONVENED" ???

The Annual Meeting of the HOA was scheduled for Monday, June 23rd. HOA Members had been mailed their Election for Board of Directors packet informing them of the meeting along with a Ballot and instructions for voting and given the Date and Time for the annual meeting. A Notice was posted by the Board at the mailboxes reminding Homeowners to Vote and that the Annual Meeting would be on June 23rd.
Postponed Announced
Then on the Friday before June 23rd another Notice with an Agenda, was posted at the mailboxes stating the Annual Meeting was "Postponed" to June 30th due to lack of Quorum. Harbour Vista News posted that Agenda on the Harbour Vista News web site that evening to help communicate to Homeowners there would not be a meeting on the 23rd.
People Showed Up, Anyway
Well, not everyone saw the notice at the Mailboxes or saw the notice on the web site. So, several Homeowners showed up at the Clubhouse at 7:30 on the 23rd, only to find it closed and locked and NO Board Members were there and no one from Action either. One Homeowner was there because they had received a letter from Action informing them that the Board would have a Hearing regarding an issue about a violation and he needed to attend the meeting. The letter said this homeowner needed to be at the meeting at 7:30 PM on the 23rd. Needless to say the homeowner was upset that no one from the Board or Action had informed them the meeting was "postponed".
So, Harbour Vista News contacted Action to ask for clarification. According to Action the Election Inspector determined there were only 60 ballots and valid proxies combined so the meeting was "Adjourned" to June 30th when quorum requirement drops to 25% (45 ballots/valid proxies plus 1). Confusion, there was no "meeting" on June 23rd and so no "adjournment" of the meeting to June 30th???
50% Still in Effect?
According to our HOA Bylaws Section 3.06 a meeting of HOA Members is needed in order to "Adjourn" the meeting to "Reconvene". Because there was no meeting to adjourn when the Annual meeting was "Postponed", it appears that quorum should remain at 50% (90 ballots/valid) for the "postponed" meeting on Monday June 30th. ■
Editor Note: This is really a mute point since the canidates running for the Board are running unopposed. See Election Results.
posted 18 July 2014
New Community Manager Assigned to HOA

Julie Carter

email: jcarter@actionlife.com
posted 17 July 2014
Dinning Around Harbour Vista
Walking Distance for a
"Mediterranean Meal"

by Mary Williams
Most people consider the Olive Pit to be Greek but in reality it is Mediterranean which includes coastal Italy, The menu reflects that with a variety of dishes. Walking distance of Harbour Vista it is one of the most popular and busy places around. The outdoor seating is perfect during the summer for late afternoon and evening dining.
Never Had a Bad Meal
I have never had a bad meal here. I have tasted almost everything on the menu and have not been disappointed. Being able to assemble you own plate from the choices listed is another plus. Everyone can have exactly what they want. Portions are good size.
Lamb Chops
I am partial to some items, including the lamb chops, the wrap made with Pita instead of flatbread. The Rocka salad does rock. Look out for the "octopus" special. Very tender with a nice citrus bite to it. My favorite dip is the Taramosalata.( Cavier dip) . Their Hummus is excellent and some of the best Pita bread around. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) are another favorite and I have been known to order the Spanakopita for taking to get togethers. The Flat Iron steak is worth a try.
Real Tiramisu
Small dessert menu. The Tiramisu is made with shredded phyllo dough instead of the traditional sponge cake. Good flavor but I prefer the old Italian traditional version. And you can ever go wrong with Baklava.
Wine List OK
A wine list that is OK. I would recommend bringing your own bottle and paying the $5 corkage.
A Place to Walk To
Since parking is a really big issue in this shopping complex if you can I would advise walking. Otherwise go early, before 5:00 to get one of those elusive parking spots. They open for lunch and close after the dinner hour around 10PM. Also have take out. Order ahead and it will be waiting for you.■

Olive Pit
16265 Bolsa Chica St.
Huntington Beach 92649
(714) 316-5000

posted 1 June 2014
Letters to the Editor
From Unit Owner with Repairs,
I want to share with you my story with the BUGMAN. I have to say I love their blue trucks but I can't say I agree with their pricing and billing.

So the HOA decided to a termite treatment and wood repair and actually I didn't even ask for it so I was quite happy. I wasn't so happy with the events that unfolded on Saturday May 15th. At about 8 am, the young gentleman from the bugman came by and treated my garage and unit. He only treated 2 or 3 areas above my window and my sliding door and a few areas in my garage. I asked about the balcony, rafters, etc and apparently this wasn't aproved by the HOA. I am in the process of obtaining this now. After about 30 minutes of work, he presented me with a bill for $375 and asked me to sign. Since I wasn't paying for it, I signed it but I would have been quite upset if I was paying for it. I still feel bad that the HOA is paying such ridiculous prices for a 30 minute service.

Then in the afternoon, two gentleman from bugman came to repair the closet frame and they finished the job in about an hour and half but they went to home depot for about 30 minutes and talked and joked and listened to music most of the time. The closet frame fixed was only about 10 inches long and they didn't even match the paint to my closet and just left it white. I was then presented with a bill for $475 and signed this also. So apparently for about 1.5 hours of work total from the bugman, I was charged $850 and this was happily paid by the HOA.

I think we have take some fiscal responsibility as homeowners and report that the BUGMAN is seriously overcharging the HOA and we should find a better contractor to do the work. I personally have paid licensed contractors much less or even a fraction for similar work. Hopefully the other homeowners will let the HOA know about how the BUGMAN is seriously overcharging us.

To Unit Owner with Repairs,
Thank you for your letter. You are absolutely correct, homeowners should pay attention to the HOA finances. Every homeowner has a vested interest in how our HOA dues are spent by the HOA Board and the management company. If a homeowner thinks the HOA is being over charged for services from a vendor, Homeowners can send an email to Taylor DeLauder advising him of the issue, or they can always send a Letter to the Editor and Harbour Vista News will publish it on the web site.

Thank you being a concerned Homeowner and bringing this issue to the HOA membership.
-----Michael Barto

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posted 30 June 2014
Election Results
There were 50 ballots cast in this election as certified by the ballot inspector Nichole Ganz. Quorum was reduced to 25% to proceed with the meeting at the reschedule June 30 Annual Meeting. The Results are as follows:
Candidate Vote Count
Cheryl Boyd
Mike Peduzi
Gayle Poytner
Ron Rolewicz
Adele Shiffman
The candidates ran unopposed.

The ballot measure past by 44 votes in favor and 1 against.

Eleven members were present plus two Board members, the ballot inspector and the property manager.
ballot inspector

Next Board meeting will be held Monday July 28, 2014 at the Cabana Clubhouse at 7:30pm.
posted 19 June 2014
ByLaws Amendements Ballot Measure The Election to change the HOA Bylaws did not receive the required number of returned Ballots to meet the majority quorum. Therefore, the election will simply dissolve.

As it stands, the current Bylaws still call for Cumulative voting in HOA Board of Directors Elections and One Year terms for elected Board members.

Because the needed quorum was not met the Ballots were not opened and will not be counted. There was not enough interest for these changes despite the original mailing of the ballots to homeowners and a second mailing to those homeowners who did not return the first ballot. Only 83 Ballots were received and that does not meet the needed quorum. ■
Property Management
Action Property
Management Company

2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 800-400-2284
Web: http://www.actionlife.com
Community Manager.: Julie Carter
Email: jcarter@actionlife.com
Community Care: communitycare@actionlife.com
Homeowner's Portal: www.vivoportal.com
HOA Official Web Site: harbourvistahoa.com
HOA Email: hvboard@harbourvistahoa.com
2014-2015 HOA
Board of Directors
Title Name
Cheryl Boyd
Mike Peduzi
Gayle Poytner
Ron Rolewicz
Adele Shiffman
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Harbour Vista News ARCHIVES
Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
Date Location Time Agenda
28 July 2014 Community Center 7:30PM
July 28, 2014
(Open Meeting)
    (following Adjournment of Executive Session)
July 28, 2014
(closed meeting)
  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Lein Review for Approval
  3. Violations Follow Up
  4. Review of Collection Account
    Call to Order 6:30PM
Real Estate Summary
(as of 18 July 2014)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
On Hold
Address Type Asking
Contingent/Backup Offers
Address Type Asking
Pending Sales
Address Type Asking
4852 Cabana Drive #201 3 BD $175,000 (Bank Own sold "as is")
16512 Blackbeard Lane #101 3 BD $200,000
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
4831 Lago Drive #205 2 BD $216,100
4831 Lago Drive #305 2 BD $250,000
16551 Grunion Lane #204 2 BD $185,000
16542 Blackbeard Lane #203 2 BD $201,000
4861 Lago Drive #103 3 BD $230,000
4861 Lago Drive #202 3 BD $227,000
16521 Grunion Lane #103 2 BD $188,500
16551 Grunion Lane #203 2 BD $134,000
16521 Grunion Lane #101 3 BD $200,000 (asked $195,000)
For Lease/Rent
Address Type Description Monthly Contact
On Lago Side 2nd Floor Unit 2BD two master bedrooms with own baths, laundry $1,900/month 562-596-3415
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