June 26, 2022
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 26 May 2022
Community Garage Sale 2022 (Spring)
Spring Garage Sale 2022
Harbour Vista held a "start of summer garage sale" on Saturday May 21. Starting at 8am and lasting till 2pm, all vehicle gates were open along with the Grunion and Blackbeard fire gate. There were a lot of participants with many garages open for business. Many items were sold and buyers attending this event till its close.
Sellers had a lot of fun. Many asked for another Garage Sale - maybe at the start of winter say in November. This was a great time to meet your neighbors. Many thanks to Peter Rodrigue, who organized the event and posted signs. One seller stated she sold all her stuff, but her kids promptly use the money to buy other stuff from other neighbor's garages. She netted zero and now has all new stuff for the next garage sale.■
posted 21 April 2022
Pet of the Month
Bayla – My Wizard of Oz Dog
New Harbour Vista resident Bayla Lucy Smith is a crazy Cairn terrier. Cairn terriers are intelligent, loyal, family pets that adapt to most environments. However, terriers in general are extremely active. Cairn’s originated in the Scottish Highlands and are recognized as one of Scotland's earliest working dogs. The breed was given the name Cairn because the breed's function was to hunt and chase in the quarries (mining pits) between the cairns in the Scottish Highlands. Bayla digs quite incessantly, be it dirt or furniture.
Wizard of Oz
If you have seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, you've seen one of the most famous Cairn Terriers ever. But, they can be cream colored as well.
From the Pound
Bayla was acquired at 3 months & 6lbs from someone her mom worked with. Originally adopted from the pound, her owner decided Bayla was too much for her, so a new mom took over and we are still together, 9 years later.
Best Friend for Life
In spite of her independent nature, Bayla is a sensitive dog. Her feelings are easily hurt, and she doesn't respond well to scolding or corrections. However, just offer a treat and she’s your best friend for life!!
Cairn Terriers
Cairn Terriers are very affectionate, particularly with children, and love to run, jump & play with them. Bayla plays with her brother, Bixby, chasing him around the house. She is definitely high energy and relishes her long walks every day. A barker for sure, you can hear her from any direction. Her biggest joy is chasing squirrels. She gets so close but never quite close enough!! ■
posted 21 April 2022
EV Charging
Changes for EV Charging
At the Board Meeting on April 7, the Board adopted new Rules and Regulation and new Architectural Guidelines for 2022 that now allow members to charge their vehicles in their garage. These documents are being mailed out for comment and should be ratified at the May 26th HOA meeting.
EV Charging Now Allowed
Both the Rules and Regulations and Architectural Guidelines now state that electrical vehicles can be allowed to charge in the owner's garage, providing they have obtained permission from the HOA. That last part is important as there is discussion that members may be allowed to use the common area electricity, but must reimburse the HOA for its use. None of that has yet been defined as the Board is waiting for such a request from the membership to implement a policy (e.g., pilot).
Installing Garage Charging System (level2)
Members are allowed to install their own level 2 charging system with the HOA permission. The charging system must be independent of HOA-provided electricity. Power is run from the member's power panel where the electric meters are installed. Quotes from qualified electricians have been in the $3000 range including running the cabling inside the property. For garages on the outside perimeter, required boring under the roadways will increase the expense.
Using Level 1 (Trickle Charging)
Plugging a portable charging adapter into the 120 outlet can be allowed under the new changes and will also require permission from the HOA. This permission will probably come with an assessment for using the HOA electricity used. The monthly amount has yet to be determined. The 120 volt outlet in the garage is limited to use 15A with a charging adapter. This will provide level 1 charging which is 4 miles/hour. ■
posted 12 February 2022
The CC&R’s Section 2.08 Repair and Maintenance by Unit Owner state that:

“Each Unit Owner shall maintain, repair, replace, paint, paper, plaster, tile, finish and restore or cause to be so maintained, repaired, replaced and restored, at his sole cost and expense, all portions of his Unit, including the interior surfaces of the walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors and permanent fixtures, in a clean, sanitary and attractive condition, in accordance with the Condominium Plan and the original construction design of the Improvements in the Project. “

Early last year there were lukewarm water problems with the 16521 Grunion Building and the north half of the 16551 Grunion Building. The Board was told that crossover was contributing to this problem, caused by the old Mixet valves that were installed when the property was built in 1980. A survey was taken by the HOA and units were identified.
Root Cause
The Board continued to investigate root cause of the problem, and as part of the investigation, they set a period where the HOA would pay for the labor to replace the old valves, and charge cost of the pressure balance valves that replaced them to the homeowner. This was during the boiler problem discovery period, starting in June and ending in August 2021.
About 20 units had their valves replaced under this program at an average labor cost of $600 per unit. The cost of the material varied based on what hardware was chosen, and was charged back or will be charged back to the home owner. The Board is continuing to research the boiler water delivery problem and will continue to do so until the problem is solved, but is no longer paying for swapping out Mixet valves.
Recently some Mixet valves have been indentified in the 4831 Lago Building and the 16551 and 16581 Grunion building. The owners asked if the HOA will pay for the labor again. Currently the answer is NO. The Board is in a different phase of solving the boiler problem and continuing such a program would require increasing the assessment for all members. Also, many residents over many years have replaced their 40 year old Mixet valves at their expense. Should they be reimbursed?
Accept Responsibility
As a member of the association, property owners accept this responsibility to maintain the plumbing fixtures in proper order. By maintaining the old valves, owners impose lukewarm water issues on their neightbors. At this point, if they are not replaced (which is different from being repaired), the HOA can fine the member for not maintaining their property. This can lead to legal costs and assessments if the member does not comply. ■
posted 27 April 2022 ()
April Maintenance Happenings
New Dressing Bench
Volunteer Edwards Fernandez spent last Sunday, April 24, 2022, building and installing a dressing bench in the woman’s Cabana pool Restroom. Materials were supplied by the HOA. Volunteers like Edward are unsung heroes who contributions to the community are many times over look. Edward has been done many things for the HOA, such as fixing locks, building a landscaping drain and so forth. As Edward has stated he feel all of Harbour Vista belongs to all of us and want to take care of his property. He plans to build and install the same type bench in the men’s restroom shortly.
Cabana BBQ Gas Line Restored
On Saturday, April 2, ASP installed two new gas lines at the Cabana Pool area. One to the Cabana barbecues and the other one to the Clubhouse heater. This entailed digging several trenches. The trench to the barbecues required cutting cement. On the outside of the Cabana pool new trenches were dig to run the other line to the clubhouse heater in the back. This was all completed in one day and during cold weather to not interfere with the use of the pool. All the Cabana barbecues are now working and there is heat for the clubhouse. ■
posted 7 March 2022
Rules and Regulations Update
by Robin Smith
At the beginning of the year, the HOA will issue updates to the Harbour Vista Rules and Regulations.
Reporting a Violation
Any member or resident may report a violation to the property management company, Powerstone. If it is appropriate, a violation letter will be issued to the homeowner, but not necessarily the resident of the unit. Records are maintained by property manager. When a violation is reported, the reporting person will remain anonymous to the violator unless a hearing is required. At that time, the violator has the right to know who reported them.
Neighbor to Neighbor
The HOA is more interested in enforcing common area issues. HOA members submitted a total of 71 ballots concerning issues with neighbors. A neighbor is expected to contact their neighbor to directly complain prior to asking the HOA to intervene. Disturbing another neighbor is considered a dispute between neighbors and does not carry much weight to be enforced.
Courtesy/Compliance Notice
The Enforcement Policy under the new Rules and Regulations will be remain the same as follows:
an optional courtesy notice or personal contact to the violator.
a violation letter is sent to the Property Owner usually with a thirty-day compliance time.
If the member does not comply, a hearing is scheduled with the Board and the violator (which is always the homeowner). Normally another 30-day compliance is issued after a hearing.
If that time period is not met, a $200 fine is levied to the homeowner.
If the violation is still not corrected in the next 30 days, a $300 fine is levied. Each subsequent fine after that is $500 till the violation is corrected.
The Board can also go to court to obtain a judgement or accelerate the compliance period. Any of these actions will cost additional assessments to the homeowner.
Balcony/Patio Violations
The HOA is responsible for maintaining the uniformity of the property. Property values could be reduced when a neighbor has an unsightly patio or balcony. For example, one patio had shelving installed to hold diaper boxes. The Rules and Regulations state:
“No visible storage of any unsightly nature is permitted on balconies and patios, including but not limited to clothes, diapers, hampers, mops, boxes, cleaning items, excess furniture, toys (that extend above or beyond the height of the patio or balcony railing), exercise equipment, bicycles, or any other item not intended for outdoor use.”
Two balconies were seen using cloth to cover the inside or wrap around the balcony. Another balcony installed horizontal lattice against the railing. These cases created an unsightly appearance to the buildings as they do not match the architecture. The HOA allows 45 degree lattice railing to be installed at the owner’s expense that must matchthe color of the balcony. The rules states:
"Wood lattice is permitted to be attached to the inside of the patio fencing. The wood lattice boards are to be at least 1/8” thick and the lattice itself is not to extend above the patio fencing. Painting on both sides that matches the railing color."
Using cloth to prevent small toys from falling impacts the look, there has been a compromise.

First, install the 45 degree lattice to the inside of the balcony and then attach the cloth inside of the lattice. The lattice reduces the visible impact and eliminates the outside wrapping.
Updates to Rules and Regulations
The Rules and Regulations committee" chaired by Mike Peduzzi is proposing some new changes to the rules.
  1. No longer issuing parking notices for expired license plates.
  2. Age limit for unaccompanied minors in the pool areas has been reduced to 14.
Towing Vehicles
Parking violations can’t be ignored. If they are not corrected immediately, the vehicle will be towed, at the owner’s expense to an impound yard. This is a last resort. Photographs of the violating vehicles have been posted on which will result in immediate action. Please note: Vehicles parked in unassigned spaces, loading zones or the wash space are only allowed to park for 72 hours. After that time they will be subject to towing. Parking in the loading zone space will also be subject to towing along with parking in wash space outside the designated hour.■
posted 24 June 2022
June 2022 Maintenance Happenings
Tree Removal
On June 16th six trees at Harbour Vista (Blackbeard, Cabana and Lago) were removed. Trees were not touched at the Grunion setting. The majority of trees were removed for safety reasons. This particular group produces a hard-spiny ball that falls on our walkways potentially causing serious tripping hazards. In addition, they have strong, aggressive root systems that have been responsible for leaks in our irrigation structures as well as uprooting many grass areas. One tree was removed because it was a nuisance, growing into the buildings and blocking patios. One was removed near the car wash space because it was rotting away from the inside. The Landscaping Committee will replant new trees once they decide what trees respond the best to each vacant area. ■
posted 25 May 2022
Mail Box Security
The Cabana Mailboxes over the last couple of months were twice vandalized. This prompted the HOA to installed a security camera in the mail kiosk. Several members have volunteered tom monitor the camera. Our postal working has noted that several of the resident's boxes have loose latches which is the homeowner's responsibility to repair. This is true for mailboxes that are not broken.
Repairing Mail Box
The perpetrator basically open the mailbox by breaking or bending the latch with a shim. Since only the latch and possibly the lock are broken, members are responsible for replacing their own mailbox latch or lock. Parts may be purchased at Home Depot. The latch is easily screwed on and there is a shim to secure the lock.
Preventing Vandalism
The latch of the box must close tight when the mailbox is locked, or a vandal can easily push a shim in to pop the box. A correctly maintained box must close tightly.■
posted 21 April 2022
April 2022 Safety Meeting Summary
The first meeting of the Harbour Vista Safety Committee was held on April 4, 2022 on Saturday morning starting at 9:30am with four in attendance. The new membership consist of Robin Smith, the Chairperson, Edward Fernandez, Rick Manning and Keith Levin. Both Robin Smith and Rick Manning are new members of Harbour Vista.
Property Safety Issue
It was pointed out that there are several walking hazards at Harbour Vista with uprooted sidewalks and tree roots. It was suggested that a list be made of these issues and provide to the Board to take action. In this same issue, the Safety Committee has identified issues some trees that are posing a hazard and wil pass this information along to the Landscaping Committee to resolve the issues.
Stair Railings and Woodwork Need Repair
The Safety Committee tasked themselves to identify stair railing that need repairs. The Board is in the process of obtain a handyman to repair these items.
Building Signs
The nine buildings at Harbour Vista only have signs on one or two sides. This confuse delivery person who many time leave the packages at the wrong address. This was identified as an issue several months ago by the Board and the HOA had purchased additional signs which have been delivered. For some reason when Powerstone order them, they did not provided someone to install them. It was pointed out that Powerstone and our new Property Manager Progressive are in the process of obtaining quotes for installation which will be approved at the next HOA meeting
Trash Control
The Safety Committee wants to manage Trask pick up more efficiently at Harbour Vista. A suggestion was to provide recycling bin. There was a discussion about the logistics for such a move as all trash bins are for all types of trash. Discussion of this will continue at the next meeting. At the same time, the Committee would like to post the schedule dates for trash pick and large item trash pickup at the bins or bin enclosure. Currently such notice is only at the Mailbox bulletin boards
Landscaping Fertilizer And Spraying
There is an issue that some of the landscapers fertilizer may be harmful to pets until it is exhorted by the ground. It was suggest that the landscapers post notices when they lay fertilizer or perform spraying. This will be passed to the Landscaping Committee.
Gates Left Open
The Safety Committee would like to improve the entrances gate closing by reversing the springs on many of them the other way so they will spring back to close better.
More Lighting
The Safety Committee would like more lighting of the grounds. The HAO has already installed two low voltage transformer in daRK areas as a pilot. But the purchase of low voltage lights and their placement has yet to be defined. It is suggest that this Committee take over this project and coordinate it with the Landscaping Committee.
Fire Extinguishers
Many of the Fire Extinguishers seem to have not been inspected and are out of date. They Safety Committee will ask the Board to have inspection perform on the Extinguishers.
Cameras at Harbour
There was discussion about adding cameras to at least monitor the Parking areas for vandalism. Safety Committee member Rich Manning has background in IT and was asked to lead such a project and will report back to the committee. Current there is one video Camera as a pilot at the Cabana Pool.
Stone Walkway
The Safety Committee will imitate a project to lay a stone walkway between the Cabana Clubhouse and the Garage.
The Safety Committee with Committee member Keith Levin will create new signs and have them posted. This includes the hours for the basketball court and more “no skateboarding” as well as refurbishing the current signs at Harbour Vista.
Grunion Pool Restrooms
The Safety Committee wants to take on a project to refurbish the Grunion Pool Restrooms. The HOA is in the process of funding and employing a handy man to perform this project. ■
posted 19 April 2022
Land Lease Committee March Status
Land Lease Will Run Into Issues
by Eric Bonholtzer
This is a summary of a report provided to the Board at the March 28, 2022 General Session HOA Meeting from the Land Lease Committee spokesperson Eric Bonholtzer.

The appraiser has been diligently researching the value of the land lease held by Mr. Dickey and Harbour Vista including the 15-year extension between 2041 and 2056 to create a valuation which Harbour Vista can use as a basis for a loan and potential purchase negotiations.  In particular, the well-regarded appraiser has indicated that Mr. Dickey will run into several substantial issues if he wishes to convert the properties into rentals for the term between 2041 and 2056.  
The Issues
These issues include, but are not limited to, Huntington Beach’s strict rules and regulations regarding requirements for low-income housing, change in use fees and rehabilitation costs, as well as language included in the original lease agreements.  While the appraiser’s valuation is not complete, he has plans to meet with Huntington Beach city officials in the upcoming week or so to discuss specific restrictions regarding the Harbour Vista property.  The end goal is to create a fair valuation which can be used in negotiations.   
Once a valuation has been obtained, the HOA will approach lending institutions to see the cost of funding such a loan and what the financial implications would be, if any, to the residents of Harbour Vista.  
Currently, Mr. Dickey has a substantial markup over his lease agreement with the Duc Family who owns the title to the land.  If the loan purchase is successful, instead of paying a monthly land lease payment to Mr. Dickey, the money would instead go towards paying the loan and paying the Duc Family directly.  The full financial implications will be divulged to HOA members in advance of any final negotiation as member approval is necessary.  
Buyout of the lease is necessary to prevent the Harbour Vista property from reverting to Mr. Dickey in 2041.  If successful, negotiations for purchase of the land from the Duc family can be explored. ■
For any question about the Land Lease or its status, contact the Land Lease Committee at:
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posted 12 February 2022
HOA Special Meeting Summary
New Landscaping Service Approved
The HOA Board held a general meeting on February 3 in the Cabana Clubhouse starting at 6:30 pm for the purpose of approving a new Landscaping service. Board members in attendance were President Michael Barto, Treasurer Yolanda Angel (via Zoom) and Member at Large Mary Williams. Five members of the HOA attended the open meeting.
Proposals and Results
Our current landscaping service S&A Landscaping is retiring from the account on February 15th. There were three proposals:
  • Andre Landscaping
  • Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance
  • Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc
After discussion, the vote was two for Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance and on vote for Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc. Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance was selected.
Inspection and Review
The Landscaping Committee physically inspected properties served by the three vendors and reviewed the contracts. Andre Landscaping seemed to not meet our requirement. The Committee had mixed suggestion with the remaining two vendors. It was also stated that none of the properties looks like Barbour Vista.
It was disclosed that member of the Landscaping Committee Jill Perez husband’s partner wife’s father is the owner of Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance.
Member at Large Mary Williams said she preferred the larger company Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc whereas the President Michael Bart preferred the smaller company Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance. The Treasure Yolanda Angel said she preferred the less expensive vendor Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance.
Finance Committee
The Financial Committee reported that both remaining vendors were basically equivalent. Harvest Landscaping Enterprises, Inc costs are $1839 more per mouth than Ever Green Landscaping Maintenance. For the first year, Harvest would provided some free plants, but the cost to the HOA would still be $1214 per month more than Ever Green.
Legal Council Additions
The HOA Legal Council provided a review of the contracts for both the remaining vendors and minor changes and clarification were requested. ■


Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
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Posted Agenda ()
Date Location Time Agenda
Cabana Clubhouse or via GoTo Meeting Telecom 6:30PM

Thursday, June 30, 2022
Mary Williams Resigned from the Board (supplement) See Notice Below
It will be noted, to the owners present and documented in the General Session Minutes, that the Board did meet in Executive Session after the General Session Meeting held on May 26, 2022.
HOMEOWNER FORUM (3 min per member)
Civil Code §4930 The board of directors of the association shall permit any member of the association to speak at any meeting of the association or the board of directors, except for meetings of the board held in executive session. A reasonable time limit for all members of the association to speak to the board of directors or before a meeting of the association shall be established by the board of directors.
  1. Approve General Session Minutes dates May 26th, 2022
  2. Financial Report as of May 31th, 2022
  3. Work Order Report
    • Landlease Committee
    • Landscape Committee
    • Safety Committee
    • Architectural Committee
      • 16551 Grunion #204 EV Charging
      • 16581 Grunion #100 EV Charging
    • Parking Committee
    • Special Projects
  2. Drymaster Invoices for Approval
    1. 1. nvoice #2022-1254 - 16512 Blackbeard #106 $1,712.50
    2. Invoice #2022-1233 - 16542 Blackbeard #102 $2,004.24
    3. Invoice #2022-1033 - 16542 Blackbeard #102 $1,068.12
    4. Invoice #2022-1158 - 4831 Boiler $1,557.69
      5. Invoice #2022-0789 - 4861 Lago #104 $1,016.37
    5. Invoice #2022-0808- 16581 Grunion #104 $4,530.50
  3. Electronic Door and Gate Pedestrian Gates cut, weld adsjust $1,300.00
  4. Prostar Mechanical
    1. Invoice #98956 - 16521 Boiler Recirculating Pump $1,029.69
  5. Ever Green Landscape Irrigation System Upgrades $7,125.00
  6. Show & Tell 4852 Cabana #200 Deck Repairs $6,500.00
  7. Newport Exterminating, 4852 Cabana Drive #305 $5,575.00
  8. Lago Garages 71-80- Re-Roof Proposals
    1. Custom Roof Company - Replace $10,325.00
    2. Custom Roof Company - Repair Only $3,825.00
    3. Antis - Replace #A23199 $27,288.00
  9. Grunion Mens Bathroom Remodel Proposal
    1. G&G Construction $5,160.00
  10. KONE Elevators 5 Year Load Test $19,170.00
  11. ADT Commerical Proposals annual repair and maintenance $1,570.00
  12. Show & Tell Property Services Proposal
    1. 4831 Lago #105 Report/Repair Request
    2. Balcony Repair 4831 #105 (#$9094) $1,680.00
  13. Pool Lock Replacements and New Keys Proposals
    1. Ken Locksmithery #184582 - (rekey Medeco) $9,531.85
    2. Ken Locksmithery #184582 - (Mul-T-Lock) $10,155.33
    3. A-ABOUT Locksmith - (Mul-T-Lock) (supplement) $5491.16
  14. AMDM Tree Trimming Proposal (8 Trees)
  15. Bugman Annual Termite Coverage Proposal
  16. Flood Reports and Estimates 16542 Blackbeard #102
    1. DryMaster 16542 Blackbeard #102 22-1025-STR $2,861.31
    2. DryMaster 16542 Blackbeard #102 22-1025-WTR $2,688.99
    3. Home Owner Reimbursement $365.00
    4. DryMaster 16542 Blackbeard #102 22-1025-WTR-FIN $2,004.24
    5. Patriot Environmentatl Testing OC155996zzz
  17. Evergreen Landscaping Proposals
  18. GAS Line Update and meter Replacment Proposal (Supplement)
  1. Mail out of write in candidates proposal to membership
  2. Board Member Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct
  3. 4861 Lago #101 Pilot Shower Valve Replacement
  4. Update to Rules and Regulations for Commerical Vehicle Definition
  5. Edison Pilot for Harbour Vista to Insrtall EV Charging Stations.
  6. Legal Class held June 21, 2022 (supplement)
  7. Rules and Regs Sec. I #1, revision needed
  8. Netting of Basket Ball Court (supplement)
  9. Adotption of Water Leak Policy (supplement)
  10. Assessment Adoption for Charging Vehicles using HOA Electricity (supplement)
  1. 16551 Grunion, #204 EV Garage Charging
  2. 16581 Grunion, #100 EV Charging Permission

The next General Session meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 6:30PM, via teleconference call and at the Association Clubhouse, 4832 Cabana Dr, Huntington Beach, California 92649.

NOTICE: The Board President received a text message on Friday June 24, 2022 from HOA DIrector Mary Williams submitting her resignation from the Harbour Vista Board of Directors.

Mary Williams was in a car accident on June 14 on Warner Avenue. She sustained a broken ankle, a broken kneecap, broken ribs and fractures to her neck. It was very serious and she could have died.

The Board will announce her resignation, decide to accept her resignation, and if accepted, ask for volunteers from the attendees at the meeting for an appointment in her place. The replacement must be supported by the majority of the Board of Directors to be accepted. After the appointment, the Board will then convene an Organizational Meeting with the new member where Board positions will again be decided by the Directors as elected, shuffled or re-elected. The Board meeting will then continue as before but with the new member.
7:30PM or after open meeting
Thursday June 30, 2022
  2. Approval of Executive Minutes dated May 26th, 2022
  3. Delinquency Report
  4. Collections Report
  5. Violations
    1. Mixet Valve Courtesy Notices -16551 and 16581 Grunion
  6. Legal
  7. Adjournment of Executive Session
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
Thursday July 28, 2022
(after open Session)
General Notice
New Owner’s Quick Information
The following is to provide to new homeowners at Harbor Vista.

Initial Contacts:

The first thing you should do is contact Powerstone Property Management to obtain access to your account, provide contact information in case of emergency, report problems or request maintenance services:
Property Owner Registration:https://progressiveam.vmsclientonline.com.
Property Manager: Brad Crocker
Email: brad@progressive-am.com
Rules and Regulations

Make sure you have the latest copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations. You may obtain them from Powerstone Property Management. They are also posted at Harbour Vista News at:


The first thing that many new homeowners do is replace appliances, flooring and cabinets and even plumbing. Each Harbour Vista Condo shares common walls, floors and ceilings. Remodeling project may impact your neighbors or the outside of the building (screens, windows, doors) which pierces the firewalls. Simple installing new flooring or recess lights impacts sound proofing and firewall bariers with your neighbors. The inside of your unit’s walls may have plumbing and electrical that service other units. You should contact the property manager to obtain a copy of the latest Architectural Guidelines which is also posted at Harbour Vista News at:

Architectural Request

You may be required to submit an Architectural Request prior to starting a remodeling project. You can also contact the HOA Architectural Committee to simply ask questions. Installing an air conditioning/heating system will require a building permit and approval of an HOA Architecture Request. The large attic space in the three bedroom is not constructed as a living space when the units were build. Only storage of light weight items is permitted.

Construction Noise

Construction noise for remodeling is only allowed between 7am to 5pm on the weekdays. If your remodeling project is going to make excessive noise, it is a good idea to inform your neighbors prior to the start of the work.

Trash Bins

Normal trash bin pickup is scheduled every week for Tuesday and Friday. Do not over stuff the trash bin particularly when moving in. Disposal of large items which including furniture that do not fit in the trash bin is allowed but only the day before the HOA scheduled large item pick up. Large item pick dates are posted at the mail boxes bulletin boards.

Common Water System

Your condo shares a common water supply with all units with both hot and cold water paid for by the your HOA dues. Your condo does not have master water shutoff supply valves. Your sinks do have individual shutoff valves, but the shower/tubs do not unless they have been upgraded (a good suggestion). You should contact Powerstone to schedule them to perform any full water turn off to your unit that may affect your neighbors.

Hydronic Heaters

Each condo has a forced air Hydronic hot water coil heater system install in the ceiling the hallway. These system may leak. These heaters have shutoff valves which are located behind the ceiling vent cover. Two ball valves (intake and outage) are behind a pulldown metal plate on the opposite side of the coil when the vent cover is removed (4 screws). Maintaining and repair of the hydronic heater is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Electrical/Cable TV Lines

Each unit when built has an inside 70 amp circuit panel. But sometimes the master breaker for a unit can be tripped. You cannot turn the power back on from your inside breakers. The master breaker is located in a locked cabinet in each building. If you accidentally have this breaker trip, contact the Powerstone, a Board member or a building monitor. These cabinets also have the electrical boxes for land line phones, internet and TV. Though each vendor is supposed to have keys to these cabinet, some new vendors may not. Please have then contact Powerstone for access.

Electronic Gate System

You can ask the Property Management Company to add your name to the Electronic Gate Kiosk at your assigned entrance gate with you phone number enabled. This phone number can be a cell phone. When a visitor or delivery person comes to the Kiosk, they can press a button by your name to call your number. You can then open the Gate from your phone.


The one electrical outlet in your garage is temporarily power small device. The power to each garage is on a common circuit and is paid by the HOA. Powering heavy electrical equipment such as refrigerators or charging an electric vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Homeowners' Insurance

A unit owner is required to carry Homeowners' insurance (CC&R's Section 9.03).


As new Harbour Vista Condo owner, you are a member of the Harbour Vista Home Owners Association (e.g., HOA). The HOA is the caretaker of the property and consist of elected member just like you. The HOA meetings are open to all members to attend to voice their issues and to observe the proceedings of the representatives. Meeting notices are posted at each Mailbox Bulletin Board. The HOA normally meets on the last Thursday of the Month. You may attend in person or via teleconferencing.
Real Estate Summary
(as of June 24, 2022)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
4852 Cabana Drive #106 2BR/2BA $440,000 (06/21/22)
Address Type Information
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
16551 Grunion Drive #203 2BR/2BA $399,000 (05/03/22)
Address Type Information
4831 Lago Drive #201 3BR/2BA $499,999 (06/19/22)
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
4791 Lago Drive #107 1BR/1BA $301,000(06/23/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #305 2BR/2BA $460,000 (05/13/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #204 2BR/2BA $405,000 (04/01/22)
4831 Lago Drive #101 3BR/2BA $383,000 (03/21/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #102 2BR/2BA $365,000 (03/07/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln # 104 2BR/2BA $411,000 (02/08/22)
16581 Grunion Ln #100 3BR/2BA $385,000 (01/31/22)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #201 3BR/2BA #385,000 (01/27/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #303 2BR/2BA $397,000 (01/05/21)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #305 2BR/2BA $395,000 (01/05/21)
16521 Grunion Ln #207 3BR/2BA $415,000 (121/01/21)
4861 Lago Dr #204 1BR/1BA $295,000 (11/20/21)
16551 Grunion Ln #204 2BR/2BA $400,000 (11/04/21)
16551 Grunion Ln #101 3BR/2BA $383,000 (10/01/21)
4831 Lago Dr #101 3BD/2BA $383,000 (10/08/21)
4861 Lago Dr #106 1BR/1BA $306,000 (09/22/21)
4831 Lago Dr #103 2BR/2BA $379,999 (08/05/21)
4831 Lago Dr #200 3BD/2BA $380,000 (03/25/21)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #201 3BR/2BA $389,000 (02/26/21)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
indicates that the listing agreement concluded without a sale
Property Information
Property Information
Harbour Vista Condos conist of 180 multi story condo units of callssified as 1, 2 and 2 bedromm and a den/guest room. The complex is located at the corner of Heil Avenue and Green Street in Huntington Beach. The property is divided by Green Street into two land parcels. The Blackbeard-Cabana-Logo parcels consist of six builings and the Grunion parcels consists of three buildings. Each Building contains 20 units, one elevator and one stairwell for inside unit access.
Unit Descriptions
Harbour Vista Condos are large units. Each unit includes one master bedroom walk-in closet and one laundry room.
sq ft
Each unit is provided with one patio/balcony except the three bedroom units which are provided with two patios/balconies. Three bedroom units are classified as two bedrooms and a den or guest bedroom.
Parking and Garage
Each units is assigned one enclosed single car garage and one assign parking space. Each Garage has a vehicle height limit entrance 7 feet. Harbour Vista highly discourages any owner purchasing a unit to accomodate more than two vehicles.
Water and Heating
Both hot and cold water is provided from a shared water and boiler systems as part of the HOA monthly dues. Monthly dues also include Unit heating via individual hydronic forced air system.
Harbour Vista landscaping consist multiple streams, ponds with trees and garden areas.
Harbour Vista provides two pools and spas, one tennis/basketball court, and one clubhouse. Harbour Vista is a gated community with three electronic gates.
Land Lease
Harbour Vista is on lease land. Each unit owner pays in addition to monthly HOA dues, a monthly sublease. The sublease will expire in 2041 at which time, all the units willl revert to the lease holder with no compensation. The land lease will expire in 2056. ■
General Notice
Gate Keys
Remote Gate Controllers

To obtain either a replacement or extra key or remote gate controller, HOA members can contact Board Member Brenda Richardson at 714) 501-7018 (text message OK) or email to ldybug1997@gmail.com.
Gate Key
Remote Gate Controller

Fill Out Key Entry Form
In the current HOA Rules and Regulations, it states:
No electric charging
of automobiles
allowed in
garage outlets without HOA Permission.
Members must be aware that using electricity from the garage is provided by the HOA as part of the monthly dues shared with all members.
Violation of this rule is subject to fines with the HOA. See: EV Charging ■
Join HOA Discussion
Harbour Vista News hosts an HOA discussion mailing list. To become part of this list, simply send your contact information which must included your email, unit and telephone number to:
The list allows for ideas and opinions to be discussed freely with feedback with HOA members.
  • You can asked question and obtain advice from your neighbors.
  • Upcoming HOA meetings
  • HOA rules updates and discussion.
  • Meeting summaries.
  • Maintenance Concerns.
  • Repair issues.
  • Real Estate updates.
  • General notification.

As a member of this list, you are automatically grant you access to Harbour Vista News web site protective areas such as Land Lease Buyout Proposal.

Harbour Vista News contains archives that go back to 2013 when it was first published.

Trash (2022)
Large Items Trash Pickup
Disposal of mattresses, appliances, furniture, water heaters, etc. at the trash bin enclosed area is permitted on the night before pickup from the Association's disposal company for these specified dates.
Every Other Friday
January January 7
January 21
June June 10
June 24
July July 8
July 22
August August 5
August 19
September September 2
September 16
September 30
October October 14
October 28
November November 11
November 25
December December 9
December 23
Large trash items should only be place inside the gated trash bin enclosure the night before. Doing so earlier will interfere with the normal function of the trash bins. Remember large items pickups are done on Friday very early in morning before regular trash pickup. Be courteous of the community.
Regular Trash Pickup
Normal trash bin pickup is schedule every week for Tuesday and Friday except when holidays may interfere.
Renter's Criteria
FOR RENT Criteria?
This is list of question that is recommended for owners when evaluating prospective renters. These questions must answer before the unit is shown
  • What is your credit rating?
  • How many persons will live in the unit.
  • How many vehicles will park at Harbour Vista?
  • Does any occupant smoke?
It is recommend that landloards will not allow multiple person families to rent their units. This would put a hardship on the community facilities. Landlords will not rent to persons who have more than two vehicles. Landlords do not want smokers in the unit. Any renter must carry "Renter's Insurance".
Enforcement of Ruloes and Regulations
Landlords are responsible for the enforcement of the Harbour Vista Rules and Regulations. if their tenant is in violation, fines and legal fees are their resposibility.
Fire Safety Notification
Fireplace Restriction
Wood, paper and Duraflame logs are not permitted inyour unit’s fireplace. Our fireplaces run on a gas burner and only gas cement logs are allowed. Any damage to the commonly shared stack, will be the unit owner’s responsibility.
Smoke Detectors Requirements
in addition to the as built living space smoke detector that are pre wired in each unit, per California law 310.9, each unit is required to have an additional workable smoke detector in each sleeping area. The 3-bedroom units are also required to have a workable smoke detector in the hallway.
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