May 23, 2015
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 3 May 2015
April HOA Meeting Highlights
Complaints About Speeding
There were 23 residents/homeowners along with the four board members and the new HOA Community Manager, Peggy Shaw in attendance. Julie Carter from Action was also in attendance.
The board announced that the repair of a pipe and the filling in of the hole by the 16512 Blackbeard building has been delayed due to problems gaining access to the condo the pipe is under.
Open Forum
Many residents in attendance addressed the board with objections to the board's strict enforcement policy regarding no resident parking in the visitor parking places.

Some of the objections and points raised were:
  • Their vehicle is too large to fit in their garage
  • They have a family member staying with them while recuperating from surgery and are using a visitor parking space for their car to let the family member's car use their assigned space
  • Some homeowners think the homeowners should be allowed to use the visitor parking spaces first before visitors who do not pay HOA dues.
  • The number (56) of visitor parking spaces should be reduced allowing more parking spaces for residents.
  • One mother stated she has to park several blocks down on Green and walk with her young daughter back to the complex. One evening they were followed and harassed by a man.
  • Sell parking permits for some of the visitor parking spaces to residents.
  • Another resident asked if the basketball court and grass area could be turned into additional parking.
The board took notes of the concerns and suggestions and will reconsider the matter.

In the meantime the board is giving a "FREE PASS" to residents who park in the visitor parking spaces. They will not issue the green violation notices or have cars towed from the visitor parking spaces while they reconsider the matter.
Speeding Vehicles
A resident said there are cars speeding on Lago and Blackbeard and parents are concerned their children might get hit by a car when they are going to and from their car.
Committee Reports
  • Architectural Committee- no new requests for Architectural review.
  • Landscape Committee – Mike Peduzzi has a scheduled walk through with landscapers.
New Business
  • Board approved preventative maintenance on the Jacuzzis. A board member stated that the jets in the Cabana Jacuzzi are not working properly.
  • Approved repair of a sewage backup due to tree root intrusion.
  • Approved repair of a pipe in a 2nd floor unit that is leaking down into the unit below.
  • A patio slab is being pushed up by tree roots. Homeowner asked the board to remove the tree roots and repair the patio slab. The board wants more information before they make a decision.
  • Approved boiler maintenance by Scott English plumbing.
  • Approved water leaks, mold and threshold repairs to two units.
  • Issue with removal of bees in the 4861 Lago building was tabled. Board wants more information. Bees had a large hive in this same area a few months ago. The hive was removed but a hole where the bees gained access was not plugged up properly.
  • Tree trimming of 23 fichus trees began this week. The board stated the tree trimming vendor must give residents a 24 hour notice to move their cars when trees by cars are going to be trimmed.
Water Conservation Issues
The board asked Peggy Shaw how the Governor's statewide water restrictions would impact Harbour Vista. Peggy Shaw said there is a 25% mandatory reduction in water usage statewide and for those who do not make the required reduction they will be charged extra for water they use over the required reduction. ■
Editor's Note: Visit "" for suggestions for water conservation.
posted 22 April 2015
April Maintenance Happenings
Recently a group of baby ducks fell into the large hole and exposed pipe by the 16512 Blackbeard building. Some residents were able to get the baby ducks out and reunited them with their mother duck. Another resident then placed a piece of plywood over the hole so other baby ducks don't fall in – again!.

In the March Maintenance article we wrote about this hole and the attempted pipe repair that started in February. It has been over 2 months and the hole remains and the repairs has not been completed.

There is a work order on the Action Vivo web site for the repair of this sewage line for the 16512 building dated 3/18/2015. It is necessary to open up the cement slab in the unit next door to the hole to access the broken pipe and make repairs. Action is attempting to contact the unit owner to gain access.
A patio railing on a ground floor unit in the 4831 Lago building has been replaced using the original design for patio and balcony railings in the complex. While a new design was used when replacing railings on 4 balconies earlier this year the board decided to go back to the original design for future replacement of railings in the complex. One homeowner whose balcony railing was replaced with the new design does not like the design and would like the board to approve having his balcony railing restored to the original design. This homeowner is waiting to see if the board will approve having his balcony railing retuned to the original design.■
posted 5 May 2015
There has been a vacant seat on the Board for 6-7 months now. Our HOA Board should consist of five (5) members however there has only been four (4) members for the past 6 months. When the fifth member moved from Harbour Vista the remaining four (4) members chose not to appoint someone to the vacant seat.

With the upcoming election for new Board of Directors we should see five people elected to serve on the Board once again.

Perhaps you are considering running for a seat on the Board. You may want to see the Board be more transparent and responsive to the homeowners/residents. Perhaps you have concerns about how long it takes to get things done in the complex. By serving on the Board you would be in a position to influence these issues. ■
posted 3 May 2015
Dining Around Harbour Vista
by Mary Williams

Ritter's is a "Cajun" style restaurant. Seafood, PO'Boy Sandwiches, Gumbo, Jamalaya, Etouffee etc., Address is deceiving. The restaurant itself is on Walnut St. just off 5th. Faces the side of the Huntington Beach police substation. No reservations and can get very busy after 6:00 and weekends. Acoustics are non-existent.

The dishes we selected tonight were the Fried Catfish PO'Boy sandwich which came with fries, Cajun or plain. Very large sandwich, good flavor.
Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp Scampi. Came in a large bowl, needed a lot more garlic. Shrimp seemed to be slightly overcooked and the butter sauce seemed weak and watery. But it did have 10 good size shrimp.
New England Calm Chowder
New England Calm Chowder. Good clam flavor but very thick and I suspect that it was thickened with flour which to me is a no no.
Ritters's Famous Pan Roast.
Ritters's Famous Pan Roast. A tomato cream based creole sauce, with cajun trinity and a choice of protein. I ordered the "House" that had lobster, shrimp, clams and crab. Sauce had excellent flavor. Lots of crab but the other seafood was skimpy. Next time I would order only one seafood or the chicken and sausage.. Came with a large scoop of rice in the middle of the bowl. You have a choice of spice level, 0 to 10. Ordered 4 which was perfect for me.

Dinners came with a basket of rolls, which were very good.
Small beer and wine list.
Corkage is $20 which I consider high because of the small wine list with low end wines. They also have take out. ■

180 - 5th St., # 130
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 536-7733

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posted 28 April 2015
For Your Information
The CC&R's for our HOA call for an Architectural Committee to consist of at least 3 members. The Board has the power to appoint and remove homeowner/volunteers to the committee.

At the August 25, 2014 Board meeting the board appointed board member Ron Wolewicz to chair the committee.

Then at the
January 26, 2015 Board meeting the Board appointed three of the board members to serve as the Architectural Committee members. The members of the committee are: Gayle Poynter, Ron Wolewicz and Adele Shiffman. The Board also reviewed and re-adopted the Charter for the Committee.

The Board did not ask for homeowner/volunteers to serve on the committee. Many HOA's have volunteers serving on their architectural committee. Having more homeowners participating in the HOA is desirable and healthy for the HOA. Our Board decided instead to serve in both capacities.

Note: The Harbour Vista News web site has copies of the CC&R's (Unit), CC&R's (Committee), CC&R's (Installation), Rules & Regulations, Comittee Charter and the Application for Architectural Review for your convenience. If you are considering remodeling/renovating your condo you should be familiar with these requirements.
posted 19 April 2015
SLOW DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!
Harbour Vista Residents are expressing concern about cars driving too fast on Lago and Blackbeard. The speed limit (per our Rules and Regulations) is 10 MPH inside the complex.

The concern is that cars speeding might injure a child, adult or pet that is in the parking areas. Extreme caution should be used when driving through the parking lots where children might be exiting a car and may be in the driving area.

Residents need to be cautious and observe the 10 MPH SPEED LIMIT INSIDE HARBOUR VISTA. We don't want to see a child or adult injured because someone was speeding through the parking lots. LET'S ALL SLOW DOWN!
posted 2 April 2015
Focus on Your Neighbors
Look Like Fishing
by Michael Barto
The photos in this article might look like a fishing trip. But for longtime resident Michael Mengel it is really part of his job for the Orange County Sanitation District. Michael's history at Harbour Vista includes serving on the HOA Board as Board President from 1994-1997 and again from 2006-2011.
On the Board
A couple of years after Michael moved into his condo in 1992 he volunteered to serve on the HOA Board. His first position was Board Secretary. He tells that when he was first on the Board the HOA Reserve Account was at an all-time low of $14,000. The HOA could only meet its monthly expenses and only fund emergencies and safety issues. He was a member of the HOA Board when major balcony repairs and painting of the exterior of the buildings took place from 1998-2000. When he served as HOA President the Board replaced all the wooden bridges in the complex, re-routed half the building's plumbing pipes on the bottom floor units to prevent furture slab leaks and removed several over grown trees in the complex.
Residents who knew him during his tenure express he was always approachable. Michael is proud of the Boards he served on. He commented they used "common sense" to solve HOA problems instead of creating personal issues or being aloof to the membership.
On the Water
Michael, with his degree in Oceanography is on a boat during daylight hours offshore of Huntington Beach 3 to 15 days a month investigating water pollution and water quality. His job is to investigate the effects of water quality on marine plants, fish and mammals. The Water District closes the beaches if the water quality is unsafe. Michael's busiest time on the water is between January-February and July-August. His group investigates ocean water quality from Seal Beach down to Laguna Beach and goes out as far as 7 miles off shore. His group also extracts mud to investigate microscopic organisms. Michael is very proud of his organization stating his agency has set standards which are used all over the nation for off shore water quality.
Large Movie Collection
Michael confesses he has a movie collection of over 1500 movies. He is also an avid reader and has a very large collection of books.■

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Letter to the Editor
From Heartbroken Homeowner:
My husband and I became the proud new owners of a 3 bedroom condo in October 2014(actually closed escrow on my birthday, so exciting).

We had been looking to buy here for a very long time. Such a lovely hidden gem in Huntington Beach. Unfortunately for us, this has become the nightmare of our lives.

Our new home was very original, so we began the remodeling process. We gutted everything and redesigned our layout to have an open kitchen and large family area, taking away the third bedroom. In early December, after all the messy work was done, we received a stop work order from the City Inspector. Evidently someone had complained; looking back I completely understand. None of our neighbors have any idea that we know what we are doing (we install marble and granite in bathrooms and kitchens for a living and have a ton of building experience). A few days later we received a Cease and Desist from the Board of Directors. No big deal. So we fill out the architectural application and multiple emails go back and forth and we meet with the city inspector and apply for our permits. We were irresponsible by starting prior to taking the necessary steps and for that we can only apologize, but we are doing it right now.

Then on January 5th we receive a letter from the Architectural Committee stamped DENIED. And we are told we have to "return EVERYTHING back to its original condition". I can only cry and my husband promises me that I will still get the modern I have always dreamed of. This must be a misunderstanding. So we begin the appeals process and on January 26th meet with the board in executive session and they tell us that "the associations lawyer says there is nowhere in the CC&R's that allow us to do what we are doing". WHAT????? So we show them other unit modifications and point out section 2.08 and 8.05 in the CC&R's. More emails and pictures go back and forth and then we receive another letter from the Lawyer saying "do not send future communications to any of the board members". So how are we going to resolve this???

We continue working under the supervision of the city and upgrade our electrical panel and install our own shut off valves to ALL OUR pipes, and new water saving toilets. We rewire the entire condo for more efficient LED lights, smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors, etc. Just before things start to get exciting with color, design and character, we are hand delivered a NEW cease and desist from the lawyer threatening to place a temporary restraining order on us and pursue legal proceedings. What is going on, this is OUR home.

The city has been extremely helpful and the homeowners we have spoken with have offered nothing but support. We can not be the only ones interested in remodeling. Are we not ALL members of this association? Could something like this prevent me from running for the board? Wont a lengthy legal lawsuit cost our association money it does not have? Who is on our architectural committee anyways?

Any help, advice, or suggestions you can offer would be wonderful. Desperate for design change We can not wait to call this place home, even though we may never have the opportunity to remodel and move in.

To Heartbroken Homeowner:
It seems your renovation/remodel of your condo has been elevated to a legal battle with the HOA Board and the HOA General Legal Counsel. The board's decision to have an attorney involved in this matter will cost our HOA money and time. You may want to seek legal counsel yourself.

As your letter states you have corrected the original problem of not first going to the HOA Architectural Committee for approval of your plans and then obtaining the proper permits from the City of Huntington Beach. Now you have received a denial of your remodel plans from the HOA board and at this point you are appealing the decision and hope to go forward with making renovations and improvements so you can move into and enjoy your new home in Harbour Vista.

While the Davis-Sterling Act, our CC&R's and our HOA Rules & Regulations all require homeowners to have approval from the Architectural Committee and the Board along with the proper City permits and inspections, the Board also has a responsibility to work with the homeowner to assist them in obtaining the needed approval. This may mean compromise from both the Board and the homeowner. Once the Board gives their approval the expertise of the City staff/inspectors will make sure the remodel/renovations are done to current codes and regulations, thus protecting the HOA's interests.
-----Harbour Vista News
Note: The Harbour Vista News web site has copies of the CC&R's (Unit), CC&R's (Committee), CC&R's (Installation), Rules & Regulations, Comittee Charter and the Application for Architectural Review for your convenience. If you are considering remodeling/renovating your condo you should be familiar with these requirements.
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May 2015
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  1. Approval of the Executive Session Minutes dated 04/27/15.
  2. Legal issues.
  3. Litigation Matters related to collection of assessments.
May 2015
Cabana Clubhouse 7:30PM
May 26, 2015
    The Board of Directors held and Executive Session on May 26, 2015, immediately proceding this meeting to discuss matters related to member discipline and collections.
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    2. Acceptance of Financial Statement for period ending April 30, 2015
    1. Architecture Committee
    2. Landscape Committee
    1. Pro Pilot Proposal
    2. Empire Works Proposal
    3. Newport Exterminating Proposal
    4. Diversified Waterscape Proposal
    5. Encore Fire Extinguish Proposal
    6. Scott English Plumbling Proposal
    7. Island Pacific Proposal
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June 22, 2015
22 June 2015 Cabana Clubhouse 7:30PM
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June 22, 2015
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4791 Lago Drive #103 3BD/2BA $329,000
16521 Grunion Lane #202 2BD/2BA $189,900 (short sale)
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16521 Grunion Lane #207 3BD/2BA $349,900
4861 Lago Drive #203 3BD/2BA $220,500 (On-line Auction-Hubzu)
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4831 Lago Drive #104
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4831 Lago Drive #103
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