March 13, 2018
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 14 February 2018 (update 17 February 2018)
by Michael Barto
Harbour Vista members received a “Survey” asking to grant permission to the HOA to negotiate a fifteen year extension to the sublease. The current sublease will expires in 2041. Harbour Vista News is endorsing a "yes" to this “Survey”. We consider this “yes” to be one of the most important issues facing this community. Without an extension, our property values will remain stagnant and future property purchases will be relegated to investments for off-site owners (more renters).
High Threshold
The Board has said that the Land Lease Owner William T. Dickey will not open negotiations with the HOA unless 80% of the members (or 144 members) grant permission to negotiate. Asking for 144 members to return this “Survey” with “yes" is a high threshold. Previous Elections in the last ten years have never met a quorum (90 votes) requiring additional meetings to complete the election. In 2014, that Board asked the members to vote to changes to the elections procedures also requiring 90 member to say "yes". This initiative died with with less 50% return of the ballots whether they were yes or no. But on the positive side, the Land Lease initiative has the most interest to all the members.
Many members express concernt that this “Survey” is vague about the consequences. Offsite property owners will most likely answer “Yes” to this “Survey”. They want the value of their property to be maintained-whether they use it for rentals or for their families. Younger owners want their property value to go up looking at their condo as a gateway for eventually buying a house. Old members consider the unspecified rate increase as a scary proposition after the recent near 20% raise in dues that started in January. The Newsletter and this editor want you to know, the adoption of any new Land sublease extension and expense must be voted on by the majority of the membership. You are not granting the Board the power to raise your sublease payments.
Previous History
In January 2012, William Dickey negotiated a land lease extension to 2056 from the Land Owner the Duc Family. To extend our sublease 15 years, Harbour Vista was to pay the negotiation expenses (e.g. approximately $900,000 [$5000 each member]). The extension would require a new Land Lease schedule. Many members think that this means he wanted to increase the current schedule. But our current schedule runs out in 2041. If we extend the schedule another 15 years, we have to create an extended schedule. This does not necessarily mean that any changes would be made to the existing schedule prior to the 2041.
What is the Outcome
Where one thinks there is an insidious purposes, if there is not 144 members who send in this “Survey with a “yes” within 30 days (deadline unclear), then real estate agents will have to tell prospective buyers that the Harbour Vista membership did not want to extend the land lease and that all building and the property will revert to the Lease Holder with no compensation in 2041. ■
posted 14 February 2018
Harbour Vista Lunch Report
Kitchen Republic
by Mike Borzi
Went to the Bella Terra today and had lunch at a nice little restaurant called Kitchen Republic. It is located across from The Cheesecake Factory, and despite the location parking was very easy.  There was very little crowd this day, so seating was not an issue. They have indoor, and outdoor seating. The service was pleasant and attentive.
Bacon Wrapped Dates
The menu is rather small, but has a wide variety of choices, and not just your standard fare. They also have soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails.  We started with an appetizer of bacon wrapped dates, if you have never had them, they are delicious! but they should use pitted dates. I had a cheeseburger that was very good, with a unique flavor, well above your standard burger. My lunch partner had shrimp scampi with pita bread that was also very tasty. Pricing is moderate, especially for the quality of the food.
Modern Motif
The restaurant has a very modern concrete motif, with very chic wooden tables. The place is clean and neat, somewhat spartan in decor. very much worth going again, they serve lunch and dinner. No televisions or background music to interfere with conversation.■

Kitchen Republic
7821 Edinger Ave. Suite 110
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 714-891-8890
Monday Closed
Tue, Wed,Thr, Sun 11:30am-9pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm
posted 20 February 2018
Assessments Comparisons
by Andrea Rolf
The Harbour Vista Association increased it Assessment fees by almost 20% stating at the beginning of the year. Some members believe that our Association fees are too high, whereas, a few feel that they were too low. I was asked to provide the following information; As a practicing real estate agent, I decided to provide the prevailing rates in the areas.
In comparing condos, one must consider the amenities that Harbour Vista provided over condo associates. One specific amenity is our free hot and cold water. With a hydronic heating systems in each unit, this converts to also free heating in each condo. Harbour Vista offers single car garages. Many condos only have carports. A few condo has free cable TV. Harbour Vista does not. We have a pools/spa, barbecues and a basketball/tennis court. Each of our condos enjoy large square footage from 885 to 1270. We have streams and ponds.

The following is a table of what I discovered:
Association HOA Amenities
Seabridge Lakes $520 garage, inside laundry, pool , spa,sauna, tennis, gym, clubhouse, guard gate $50/mon. 2bd
Harbour Vista $516-$559 Pool, Spa, Garage, Streams, ponds. 1,2.3 bdr
Pierhouse Condos $495 Includes water, hot water, trash, cable TV and heating per unit; boiler.. Subterranean Parking. Some Ocean Views,. elevators, pool, spa, clubhouse, gym
Seabridge $233-$492

2 pools ,spa, sauna ,tennis courts ,gyms, clubhouse, $50/month for guard gate. Studios and 2bd.

Pier Colony $479 nside laundry, full gym, guard gate, pool, spa, clubhouse, underground parking, elevators
Mill Stream $465 pool, spa, ponds, garage
Pacific Ranch $425 guard gate, pool, spa, greenbelts, garage, lots of guest parking
Broadmoor $409 guard gate, pool, spa, tennis, club house, dog park, 2 car garage
Beachwalk $399 garage,pool,clubhouse
Huntington Bayshore $395 underground parking, pool, spa, rec room, dog park, onsite HOA office. 1 bdr
Huntington Township $382 no pool or amenities. 1,2.3 bdr
Mariners Cove $370 no garage ,pool, tennis courts
Huntington Pacific $359 no amenities. Studio only
The Gables $316 Complex maintains and repairs full yearly termite per unit, paint, roof, trash, landscape, exterior paint, roof; no water or hot water
Villa Warner $295 pool, spa, weight room, clubhouse, no garage. 1bd
Land Lease Comparisons
I also check some local land lease information for two of the condos:
Association Lease Expires
Harbour Vista $220 ending 2041
The Gables $737 ending 2059. The land lease owner pays the guard and the guard gate and sewer, HOA pays a small fee for use of guard
Pierhouse Condos $247 ending 2082
If any of you would like to contact for real estate information about Harbour Vista property, you may call on my cell phone at (714) 318-7323.■
posted 23 February 2018
Maintenance Happenings (February 2018)
The Pilot

The creeks surrounding the Cabana and the 4861 Lago Buildings and its ponds were recently allowed to dry out. The landscapers then manually removed the muck, and power washed the rocks and creek beds. Completed on February 22, residents are now astounded that they can actually see the rocks and creek bed through the water-it is so clear.
S A  Landscape Proposal
For many years, the HOA has had proposals for pond-creek cleanup ranging $50,000 or more for one pond-creek system (Harbour Vista has several). These proposals always included expensive draining and waste removal. This year, S A Landscape suggested that if a pond-creek system were allowed to dry out by turning off the pump and water, they would provide a crew to remove the muck and power wash the rocks and creek beds. The HOA agreed to start the cleanup with an initial cost $7,500 starting w ith the Cabana/Logo pond-creek system. The other two ponds-creaks will be the same price each.
Not Without Some Bumps
During the drying out process of the pond-creeks, some residents complained about the mild smell. A couple members complained to the City. The City issued the HOA a warning for not informing them of this work.
Muck Problem
Another problem arose with disposal of the muck from the pond-creeks. It was originally intended to be used as fertilizer for the grass and plants. Unfortunately the material was too hard to be exhorted into the existing landscaping. Additionally, the HOA funded approximately another $1000for the landscapers to transport the material tothe citydump.
Continuing Effort
The HOA wants to wait a few months before tackling anther pond-creek system. Cleaning each system one at a time will make better use of the HOA cash flow. But it seems the Blackbeard Building pond-creek system will be the next candidate for this new “Stream Cleaning”.■
posted 10 March 2018
January 2018 HOA Meeting Highlights
Drones Banned
Pool Referbish
End of Year 17.5% Surplus
The January 22 HOA meeting was called to order by President Helen Revalus. Board members in attendance were Vice PresidentMike Peduzzi , Secretary Candice Shultz, Treasurer Mary Williams and Member-at-Large Teri Piper-Johnson.. Action Property Lanese King and her supervisor Rhonda Hart from Action Property Management were in attendance along with 14 members.
  • It was announced that both pool areas were be close for refurbishment starting January 25. The announced closure affect the use of the Jacuzzis, showers, bathrooms, barbecues and the Cabana Clubhouse.
  • The HOA did not hold a February Open HOA meeting because of the Cabana Clubhouse closure. The next meeting of the HOA will be in March 26th on the fourth Monday of the month.
  • A New boiler system for buildings 4831 and 4791 Lago was scheduled to be installed on Thursday January 25. This boiler will be three times the capacity of the previous system. On January 26, one of the boilers removed from 4831 and 4791 Lago buildings will be installed for 4861 Lago and 4852 Cabana which will enhance their capacity. On January 30th, 16581 and 16551 Grunion Buildings will have installed a new boiler system.
  • Clearing of roofs and gutter will start the week of January 29th. 
Financial Report
The HOA enjoyed an operating funds surplus increase from 13% from last month to 17.5% at the close of the year at the end of December 2017. This is before the increase in dues that started January 1, 2018. The Treasurer announce that 24 accounts were over budget in the December 31st statement. This include 16 slab leaks since the beginning of last year. These values may change with the required audit HOA.
Committee Reports
  • Landscaping Committee
    Secretary Candice Shultz announced that the Cabana-Lago creaks-pond are being drained to be clean. All sprinkler were turned off due to maintenance issues with the controllers. They are being repaired. Additional trees are being trimmed.
  • Public Safety Committee
    The Safety Committee announced two new Building monitors. The Safety Committee will not hold a meeting in February due to the Clubhouse closure for the pool refurbishing.
Unfinished Business
  • President Helen Revalus announced the Board is reviewing a Land Lease Survey prepare by the HOA attorney that would be sent out to the property owners. She stated that this four paragraphs documented is too legalize. She is rewording it to make easier for the average person to understand it. She did not read the original letter to the members present.
  • Discussion of Roll-Up Shades was tabled. 
  • The Wrought fences at the pools were approved to be painted using two part paint which will extend the life of the painting by 10 years.
  • New additions to the rules and regulations were approved unanimously by the Board. Two items included were:
    • Frying of Drones is prohibited. A member did sent in a letter asking for clarification of this proposed rules and why he was opposing it. One member of the Board asked that this letter be read, Helen Ruvelas stated that their had been taking too long to get this approved and she did not want to read even though it was in the time frame for comments.
    • Offsite owners are required to provide tenant information to the property management company and provide information to they tenants including a copy of the "Rules and Regulations”.
  • The proposal for Asphalt Patching and Slurry Seal was tabled. The HOA did received one estimate for approximately $367K to repave the entire parking spaces and roads instead of Slurry Seal.
New Business
  • Discussion of Community Dumpsters was tabled. The board complained that residents should not throw construction materials in the dumpsters.
  • Five Leans were approved.
  • The pond and creak cleaning proposal was discussed by the Board. S. A. Landscapers propose to cleaning all three pond-creaks system for $22,500 (Blackbeard, Cabana-Lago and Grunion). There proposal was approved. Cleaning of the Cabana-Lago pond-creaks system will start first.
  • Replacement of one a Blackbeard pond pump and motor was approved.
  • Wood and Termite Repair was approved. 
  • Fire Panel installation was approved. Under City ordinance, the new system will include remote monitoring system. A member was concern about the aesthetics of the current installation and its replacement.
Architectural Board Report
The Board has assumed responsibility for the Architectural Committee. Three Architectural requests were approved. The Board discuss their concern about a new property owner who contracted had cause flooding of the unit and the unit below during the renovation. Fortunately this owner has made good on this damage to the owner below, putting them into a hotel for a week and returning their unit “to whole” at his expense. 
Open Forum
One member asked about the trimming of a tree near his condo on Blackbeard that he uses for shade in the summer. Secretary Candice Shultz said the shade would return when the leaves grow back in the spring and summer.
The next open meeting of the HOA will be held Monday March 26th in the Cabana Clubhouse starting at 6:30pm.

The next meeting of the HOA is scheduled for March 26, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Cabana Clubhouse. ■
  1. The pools have been repaired and are open. 
  2. Painting of the Wrought Iron pool fencing has been completed.
  3. The Boiler work has been completed.
  4. See Land Lease Survey Click Here
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posted 20 January 2018 (update 3/13/18)

The Cabana and Grunion pools and spas will be closed for re-plastering starting:
Thursday, January 25th
While these are closed they will be considered a construction site with NO unauthorized persons allowed.
It should take 5 or 6 weeks for the work to be completed.

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Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
(subject to change without notice)

There is no HOA Meeting In February (Clubhouse Closed-Construction Area)
Date Location Time Agenda
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
March 26, 2018
March 26, 2018 (after open Session
23 April 2018 Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
April 23, 2018
April 23, 2018 (after open Session)
This is not the official HOA meeting schedule. It is only a shortform boiler plate. The official agenda will be posts by the HOA and on the Action's Vivo Web site 4 days prior to the meeting.
Real Estate Summary
(as of March 3, 2018)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
16521 Grunion Lane #204 2BD/2BA $349,000 (02/28/18)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #205 1BD/1BA $275,000 (02/13/18)
Address Type Information
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
4861 Lago Lane #100 3BD/2BA $359,000 (02/19/18)
Address Type Information
Closed Sales 2017
Address Type Closed
16521 Grunion Lane #101 3BD/2BA $365,000 (02/26/18)
16581 Grunion Lane #100 3BD/2BA $312,000 (01/05/18)
16581 Grunion Lane #103 2BD/2BA $280,000 (8/29)
4791 Lago Drive #305 1BD/1BA $227, 000 (9/22)
16551 Grunion Lane #105 2BD/2BA $285,000 (9/8)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #205 1BD/1BA $192,000 (8/10)
16521 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $269,900 (5/31)
4861 Lago Drive #202 3BD/2BA $310,000 (4/24) (private sale)
4791 Lago Drive #102 3BD/2BA $297,000 (4/6)
4831 Lago Drive #103 2BD/2BA $295,000 (1/26)
16542 Blackbeard Lane #100 3BD/2BA $230,000 (1/17)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
indicates that the listing agreement concluded without a sale
Rental Corner
The following rental information was provided (15 February 2018)
Address Type Price Info/Ref status
16581 Grunion Ln #305 2BD/2BA $2200/mon Delight Sittman

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