October 15, 2017
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 22 September 2017
Budget Committee Meeting Highlights
Proposed 19% Increase
The HOA Budget Committee held its first meeting on September 20th. The spokesperson Helen Revalus stated that this was the first time such a committee meeting has been held in public. Six members attended plus two renter.
Information Transfer
This committee consists of only the Board members. This was not a working session but an information transfer. Candice Shultz provided a “Reserve Accounts” presentation. Announcements were made and audience questions were taken.
Proposed Budget
This new Board proposed a preliminary Budget to raise members’ assessments by approximately 19%. This is a proposal but “something” should be voted on at the next HOA meeting on September 24 to meet Civic Code requirements.
Questionable Reserve Study
Candice Shultz stated that the Reserver Study used as one of the criteria to develop this budget, may be bogus. Case and point, the Reserve Study was not performed on-site and it stated that Harbor Vista has eleven elevators. Harbor Vista only has nine elevators.
Other Points
Some of our HOA vendors have announced rate increases starting next year.

The Board is working with Action to obtain more information about our financial accounting.
Executive Session Meeting
The Board met with Action’s COO, our property manager and her supervisor on September 11 to discuss the HOA finances. The Board intends to provide some details this meeting at the next HOA open session on September 24th.■
  1. If any member want to see a copy of this preliminary budget, simply send the Newsletter an email and I will provide you an electronic copy. You must provide information to validate that you are a property owner such as your property address.
  2. HOA Committees can be held in closed session, but because there are more than two Board members are participating on this committee, this meeting falls under the Davis-Stirling Open Meeting Act.
  3. Assessments percent amounts vary because because they are calculated by square footage and by type of unit. One bedrooms pay more per square footage than three bedrooms.
posted 15 August 2017
August 2017 HOA Meeting Highlights
Mike Peduzzi Appointed Vice President
Petition Presented
Financial Discussed
The first open meeting of the new Board was held August 28th in the Cabana Clubhouse. It was called to order by our new President Helen Revalus. Other Board members in attendance were Secretary Teri Piper-Johnson, Treasurer Mary Williams and Member-at-Large Candice Shultz (new members). Action Property Manager Peggy Shaw was present along with 31 members.
Apology to the HOA
President Helen Revalus apologized to the membership saying that the removal of Michael Barto as an elected Board member was not handled properly. She stated that the current President Mike Mengel had inadvertently discussed closed session issues at the Open Meeting (Election) on July 24 and therefore when the new Board was elected, they were in an executive session. Executive Session requires that memberships be excluded form this meeting. Even though there is a requirement to immediately hold an organizational meeting to seat the new Board in open session after the election, the newly elected Board voted to remove Michael Barto from the Board in this closed session prior to the organizational meeting which they held in close session. To correct this, the new Board held another meeting on August 14 at Mary Williams’s condo as an open organizational meeting.
Financial Report
Both Board member Helen Revalus and Candice Shultz have experience in keeping financial record. Helen stated that the finance statements show an inaccurate view of the HOA. Helen wants to look at the finances in a simplified manner by combining the reserves and the operating funds into a single view. Peggy Shaw took issue with this stating a Civic code requires a separate reserve fund accounting system.

This new Board informed the members that even though checks had been written, they had not been mailed. Some check have been allowed to expire. Some vendors have not been paid for months. It was not clear why this practice is occurring. These lack of actions, have consequence to negatively distorting the HOA operating account.

Helen Revalus stated that something had occurred in 2012 (5 years ago) that had caused some other issues with the HOA financials.
Committee Reports
The new Board announced that they are reorganizing the exiting committees except the “Parking Committee” and creating three new ones. They announced the formation of the “Safety”, “Financial” and “Rules and Regulations” committees.

The President stated that all committees will work independently of the Board providing inputs and recommendations.

The Board asked for volunteers to for all the committees. All committees except for the Architectural Committee are open to any HOA member or resident of Harbor including renters. The Architectural Committee is restricted to HOA members only.

The President stated that there was only one submission to the Architectural Committee. It was being re-submitted as the requested retrofit windows have to slide in the same direction to resemble the original windows.
Unfinished Business
The HOA restoration policy was again reiterated. Members need to report any slab leaks immediately. It is the HOA policy that all homeowners must carry property insurance (CC&R’s Section 9.03). The HOA will only pay for repairs of the common area systems and not any damages associated with these system failures.
New Business
  • Board member Candice Shultz asked Mike Peduzzi to become the Vice President of the HOA and he was seated.
  • The Board announced that reserve, investments, and assessments would be discussed in the meeting of the Budget Committee on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Cabana Clubhouse. This is an open meeting.
Open Forum
  • A member complained that the HOA vendors seem clueless about how they do work around Harbour Vista.
  • A member expressed concern that some trees were dying. It is expensive to remove or replace these trees and they need to be maintained.
  • The Board answered questions about the land sub lease that expires in 2041 (23 years). The Board is intending to open negotiations. These discussions have been on hold since 2013. They stopped after the sublease holder expressed that the HOA was was acting unprofessional in the negotiations. See Note 2 below.
  • A petition was submitted with 33 member names requesting that the Election Rule that prevents non-resident property owners from serving on the Board be removed.

    President Helen Revalus stated that even though more than 49% of the members are offsite owners, she felt that that this group of property owners already have a say in how Harbour Vista is managed. They speak at the open forums and participate in the committees. An offsite owner asked it the Board would think the same thing, if the roles were reversed. Only offsite owners were only allowed to server on the Board and residents were excluded.

    Board member Terri Piper-Johnson expressed supported to removal of this restriction.
The next Open Session meeting of the HOA is scheduled for August 28th at 6:30pm in the Cabana Clubhouse.■
  1. Action Property Management posted the HOA Financial Statement ending July 31, 2017 after the meeting. It shows a financial deficit of approximately 14% of the HOA yearly assessment income. This is a 1% increase from last month or approximate $63 per homeowner per month for one year.
  2. At a recent committee meeting, it was mentioned that the Land Sub Lease holder has been contacted. Originally it was thought he wanted a petition signed by 150 members to proceed with negotiations. It is has been clarified that he only a letter from the HOA is now required.
posted 18 September 2017
(updated 21 September 2017)
Committees Meeting Highlights
New Committees
New Spokepersons
Four organizational committee meetings were recently held back to back. When the new Board took over the HOA, the old committees were dissolve except for the Parking Committee. The new Board decided to reorganized all the Committees and establish three new one. Committees reorganized were:
  • Architectural Committee
  • Landscaping Committee

Three new Committees were established:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Public Safety and Budget
  • Budget Committee
Reorganization meetings were held from September 8th to the September 13. This Article discribes highlights of these meetings. The new Budget Committee will hold its organizational meeting on Wednesday September 20th.
The President Helen Revalus stated at the August HOA Meeting that the committees will work independently of the Board providing inputs and recommendations.
Landscaping Committee
The Landscaping Committee organizational meeting was held September 8. The committee was subdivided into two subcommittee: Board members Candice Shultz assumed the role of spokesperson for the Phase I committee (Blackbeard, Cabana and Lago Buildings) and Board member Teri Piper-Johnson assumed the role of spokesperson for the Grunion committee (Grunion Buildings). Eight members were in attendance for the meeting. The function of these committees is to make recommendation, monitor the landscaping vendor and perform "walk-thru’s" of the properties.

Candice Shultz discussed how she and her helpers has been planting flowers, foliage and mulch. She funds this effort with donations from the residents and property owners. Typical donations are about $10. If anyone would like to contribute, they may contact her by email at candiceshultz49@gmail.com.
Rules and Regulations
This new committee makes recommendation for updates. revision and maintenance of the rules and regulation. Its organizational meeting was held on Monday September 11. Board member Helen Revalus assumed the role of spokesperson for this new committee. Board member Mary Williams along with one homeowner became members. At the previous Board Meeting held in June, new “Rules and Regulations” were adopted, but submitted comments by members were not integrated. Spokesperson Helen Revalus used this meeting to incorporate the comments for an update to the “Rules and Regulations”. Highlights of items added or modified were:
  • Use of common areas will eliminate the restriction where residents and pets are not allowed“within one foot from the waterways”. This restriction was impractical.
  • The rule will be relaxed allowing residents to hang items on their doors such as wreaths and holiday decoration.
  • The committee discussed removing the restriction for parking of commercial vehicles and vehicles with advertising on the property. Spokesperson Helen Revalus proposed an update to allow the vehicles to be parked in the owner’s assigned parking space, but parking of such vehicles is still prohibited in visitor spaces.
  • The rules for installing Satellite disks are being rewritten to support technical issues with their placement.
Safety Committee
This new committee will concentrate on safety issues, awareness and earthquake/disaster preparations. Four members were in attendance along with three Board members. Board Terri Piper-Johnson assumed the role of spokesperson along with Board Member Mike Peduzzi as co chair. President Helen Revalus was in attendance as an observer and did not participate in the meeting See “Exception to the Open Meeting Act”. Terri provided a preliminary charter with goals to develop a safety knowledge base, provide community education and improve safety.

The new committee created some action items as follows:

  • Establish one resident in each building as a point of contact for safety issue. These individuals will have keys and training to turn off electricity in an emergency or open the power panels for vendors. An action item was taken by a member to locate and identify these residents.
  • Because of speeding vehicles and small children, an Action item was taken to install signs and issue flyers to make residents more aware.
  • An action item was taken to have interested committee members training by a qualified HOA plumber in the procedures for boiler and water shutoff in case of an emergency.
Architectural Committee
The Architectural Committee was held but was immediately cancelled because of no attendance. This was contributed to the invitation for volunteers on at the Bulletin Boards not being clear to everyone. The abbreviation ARC used in the posting may not have been understood to mean Architectural Committee. For the time being, the Board will assume responsibilities for the Architectural Committee for the next month until a new Architectural can be formed. ■

Editor Notes:

  1. The Architectural Committee is the most important Committee in the HOA. It needs to be supported. Previous Board pursued a policies where Board members were the Architectural Committee. This isolated the Board from the membership and allowed them to pursued unnecessary legal action which wasted HOA funds. I cannot make it clearer to those reading this article to support and participate in this committee.
  2. I was informed at the Budget Committee on September 20th that Mike Peduzzi will now be the only spokesperson for the Safety Committee.

posted 15 Ocotber 2017
Harbour Vista Lunch Report
Fred's Mexican Cafe”
by Mike Borzi
Had lunch at Fred's mexican restaurant at Main st. and PCH. It is located on the second floor of the building and looks out at the pier and the Pacific ocean.
Great View
Parking to get to the restaurant can be tricky, but there is a public parking structure. Very nice location and great ambiance. We sat outside on the patio to enjoy the view.

No Refried Beans
The service was good, and the seating was ok. The restaurant is clean and modern beach setting with Mexican flair. The food was fair, but nothing special. I had a very pedestrian quesadilla and pinto beans, not bad. My favorite refried beans were not on the menu. My lunch partner had the Fajitas with very tasty chilis. Food was well presented, and served in a timely manner with no errors.
Medium Price
Price is medium for the location and atmosphere. Worth a visit for the view, but I would look for a more authentic spot for true Mexican cuisine. It has a bar, and variety of drinks, I only had soda. ■
Fred's Mexican Cafe
300 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 200
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-5113
Web: https://www.fredsmexicancafe.com
Mon, Wed, 11am to 11pm
Tue, Fri, Sat 11am to 2pm
Thr, Sun 11am to midnight
Fri 11am to 12am
Sat 10am to 12am
Sun 10am to 11pm
posted 21 September 2017
Recipe of the Month
by Eden Hommes
'Tis the season of apples! Using coconut oil instead of butter or other vegetable oils in cooking enables you to enjoy desert without exposing yourself to high levels of cholesterol or toxic fats (heating transforms most vegetable oils into inflammatory trans-fats). Only buy organic apples, since apples are on the "dirty dozen" list of fruits and vegetables often highly contaminated with pesticide residue.

  • 6 sliced organic Granny Smith apples (no peeling necessary)
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 2/3 cups sugar
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • Coconut milk vanilla icecream
Slice apples, discarding seeds and stems. Place apple slices in a bowl and squeeze lemon juice over them. Toss thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix together the sugar, flour, oats, spices, salt, and coconut oil until crumbly. Place the apples in a greased baking dish, and sprinkle the crumb mixture over them evenly. Bake at 375 F for 30 minutes until apples are bubbling and tender, and the crumb mixture is browning. Top with coconut milk ice cream. Serves 4-5.■
Footnote: "A resident of Harbour Vista, Eden Hommes is an ER nurse with a passion for preventative medicine and natural health. She is working on a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, and teaches classes on Essential Oils. She can be reached at NurseInTheKitchen@hotmail.com."
posted 26 December 2016
Private Social Media Site
For Harbour Vista
Nextdoor is a private social network for our neighborhood. Neighbors register by their location (street name) and then become part of group. For Harbour Vista residents, our group is called Harbour Pines. There is no charge to be a member. To start go to (https://nextdoor.com/), you will find and meet your neighbors there.■
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updated 14 September 2017
The City of Huntington Beach has posted notices announcing a "Pavement and Rehabilitation" project to improve the appearance and lengthen the life of the streets surrounding Harbour Vista. Green Street and Heil Avenue will be affected and partial closed during this renovation.
48 Hour Notice
Door Hanger Notices will be placed on each unit 48 hours prior to the start of the work. This work will require:
  • No Parking on the Street
  • Street closed to through traffic
Street closures will be from 7AM to 5PM. Residents who need access to their vehicles must removed them fromHarbour Vista prior to the start of the scheduled work. See Notice HERE.
Three Day Process
To repave the streets is usual a three day process.Two days for repaving and one day to paint the lines.Residents will be allowed into Harbour Vista after 5PM each day during the project. ■
Property Management
Action Property
Management Company

2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 800-400-2284
Community Care: 800-400-2284
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Email: pshaw@actionlife.com
Direct Line: 949-450-0202
Community Care: communitycare@actionlife.com
Community Portal: http://www.vivoportal.com/
Harbour Vista HOA
HOA Board Email contact: hvboard@harborvistahoa.com
HOA Board of Directors
Name/Title Individual Emails/Cells
Helen Revalus
Mike Peduzzi
Vice President
Terri Piper-Johnson
cell: (707) 477-9044 (txt also)
Mary Williams
Candice Shultz
Member at Large
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Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
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Date Location Time Agenda
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
October 23, 2017
Ocotber 23, 2017 (after open Session
27 November
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
November 27, 2017
November 27, 2017 (after open Session)

Real Estate Summary
(as of Septembe 29, 2017)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
Address Type Information
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
Address Type Information
Closed Sales 2017
Address Type Closed
16581 Grunion Lane #103 2BD/2BA $280,000 (8/29)
4791 Lago Drive #305 1BD/1BA $227, 000 (9/22)
16551 Grunion Lane #105 2BD/2BA $285,000 (9/8)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #205 1BD/1BA $192,000 (8/10)
16521 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $269,900 (5/31)
4861 Lago Drive #202 3BD/2BA $310,000 (4/24) (private sale)
4791 Lago Drive #102 3BD/2BA $297,000 (4/6)
4831 Lago Drive #103 2BD/2BA $295,000 (1/26)
16542 Blackbeard Lane #100 3BD/2BA $230,000 (1/17)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
indicates that the listing agreement concluded without a sale
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