April 28, 2017
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 28 April 2017
Video Doorbell
by Michael Barto
For my one bedroom condo, I decided to install a security video doorbell. Video doorbells work like any other doorbell, but are Wi-Fi enabled, include a video camera, speaker, microphone and a motion detector. The motion detector is triggered anytime someone is outside the door and starts recording video which is stored in the cloud. It also sends notification and streaming video to your mobile phone. You can interact with the doorbell remotely from a mobile phone. If someone rings your doorbell, you cantalk with them (e.g “sorry I am not interested”, “I am busy”, “leave the package on the door”, etc.).
I compared the two most popular brands: “Ring” and “Skybell HD”. Ring is easiest to purchase from the local Home Depot, Lowe’s or Best Buy, while Skybell HD has to be ordered on-line. Both have the same list price, but Skybell was cheaper from Amazon. Each one is available in two colors color (silver or bronze). But the Ring offers two other colors and a deluxe version for $50 with some other features. Here are differences that stood out:
  Skybell HD Ring
Style Round Elongated Rectangle
Video Quality Best Good
Not as good as Skybell, but very acceptance
Price $173.11
Video Storage Costs Free: 7 days cycle $30/year: 6 week cycle. Free first year
Motion Sensor Good
3 modes
Supports multiple zones
I selected the round Skybell HD because of it style and its free video storage. It took me ten minutes to install. The Skybell HD kit includes a stucco drill and screw driver. Our Condos electrical doorbell transformers are fully compatible with both.
Very Easy Installation
I only had to hook up two wires and it did not matter which wire went where. After it was installed, I download the mobile App to my phone (iPhone or Android) and it walked me though the internet set up. By the way, the Skybell has some additional features that the Ring does not. You can turn off all its light or have them glow red and green for Christmas (mistletoe not included). For both bands there are extensive videos on YouTube.
If Stolen?
Both bands offer free replacement if someone steals them from your door.
Note: See related article “Security Cameras Never Worked” ■
corrected 16 April 2017
March-April Maintenance Highlights
When the HOA authorized repair of plugged patio drainage system for a downstairs condo, Humburg & Associates was dispatch to make the repairs. The job required installation a new drain line. Unfortunately the work was not completed and creating a hazardous condition for persons crossing the lawn from any of the inside units. Persons might trip into the drainage hole.
Quick Thinking
A quick thinking homeowner took it upon herself to put plywood over the hole, then reported the problem to Action Property Management.
Two weeks later, it had still not been fixed when the HOA Landscaping Committee and the Property Management Peggy Shaw performed their walk thru. Peggy Shaw took a photos of the issue.
Another week later, it has still not been fixed. On March 26, Harbor Vista News decided to place orange cones to identify the safety hazard and Action was again notified. Action emailed back that the wrong vendor had been dispatch. It should not be the roof repair vendor, but the landscaping company Bemus. The hole would be fixed the next day. But as April 2, it was still open. On April 3, another email was sent and two phone calls were made. At 3pm Action informed that the area has beensecured. Investigating the repair, the landscapers had secure the area by covering the drain hole and pipe with dirt.
Where Does the Water Go?
Another call was made to asked where does the water go? After a discussion with Action's Help desk, the next day Bemus came out again. This time they installed a right elbow out of the hole and then capped it off. Some members though that is was just the same thing where4 a cap replaced the dirt. But this cap is special. If water builds up, it will popup discharging the water.■
posted 23 April 2017
March 2017 HOA Meeting Highlights
Dismiss Legal Counsel Petition
Use to Attic Space Approved
The March 27 monthly HOA meeting was held in the Cabana Club House. Board Members in attendance were Mike Mengel, Terri Piper-Johnson, Ted LaMantia and Mary Williams. Member at Large Mike Huma was absent. Action Property Manager Peggy Shaw was present along with sixteen HOA members.
Open Forum
  • A member complained that Bemus Landscaping was only watering the Grunion side of the complex (Phase II) and but not the Cabana, Lago and Blackbeard side (Phase I). This member was invited to participate in the Landscaping Committee weekly walk-throughs.
  • A member complained that the fiberglass in the Cabana Jacuzzi is in poor condition and is making the Jacuzzi unsafe. (See note below).
  • A patio drain issue at 4861 Lago building was discussed. Action said it would be fixed by next Monday. See: (Tripping Hazard Exposed)
  • Another member complained that it takes too long to get roofs repaired. She expressed that the vendor seems to be tripping over themselves and not accomplishing anything. The Board announced that they would be approving more roof repairs at this meeting.
  • Michael Barto presented a petition signed by 19 members requesting that the HOA dismiss their legal counsel Berding & Weil LLP for unethical practices and excess legal expense with nothing to show for it. See: (Who Got What)
  • On an unrelated issue, Michael Barto asked why he had not received any notification from the HOA with regards to removing the resident requirement restriction in the Election Rules. This restriction prevents him for running for the Board. He made this request two months ago. The Board was surprised that he had not received their rejection letter. Michael Barto feels that the Board could prevent other members from seeking office anytime they wanted by passing these type arbitrary rules. A member spoke out sying that no one would vote for him because no one likes him.
Financial Report
The Treasurer Mary Williams reported that the HOA finance this month is carrying an (operating accounts deficits) of approximately 9% of the HOA yearly assessments. This is a 2% rise from last month.
Committee Reports
  • Architecture Committee
    The Spokesperson/Chairman Michael Barto announced that the architectural committee (ARC) held a meeting to approval an attic space remodeling project for storage for a three bedroom upstairs unit. The ARC approved the piercing of an exterior wall for new vent systems. But the ARC denied permission to the homeowner to relocate the attic crawl entrance from the master bedroom walk-in closet to the laundry room. The ARC felt it would be too easy for owner to use the space as an illegal living space.

    This member’s architectural application had formally requested use of the attic space for storage. This attic space is classified as exclusive Use Common Area (EUCA) the same as garages. Even though the ARC felt this was acceptable under the new Civic Code 4775 (AB963), the committee felt that only the HOA could approve use of the EUCA for a storage space. The ARC requested that the Board vote for approval. The board voted to approve the ARC minutes and granted the homeowner the use of the EUCA as a storage space.
  • Parking Committee
    The parking committee spokesperson/chairman was not present and there was no report.
  • Landscaping Committee
    The landscaping committee spokesperson/chairman Terri Piper stated that committee continues to walk the property every week and notifying Bemus Landscape of their concerns.
Unfinished Business
  • Humburg & Associates proposal for repair of the roof structure gate kiosk was approved
  • Bemus landscaping proposal was tabled
  • The new Rules and Regulations were voted to be distributed to the membership for 30 day comment review.
New Business
  • The draft audit was approved.
  • Approval was granted to Island Pacific to repair roofs for 16531 Grunion, 4791 Lago, 16542 Blackbeard and 16542 Blackbeard buildings
  • Bemus landscaping was granted approval for tree trimming
No liens were issued in the Executive Session.

The next open session meeting of the HOA is scheduled for April 24th at 6:30pm in the Cabana clubhouse.■
  1. Because of the fiberglass issue in the Cabana Jacuzzi, the whole pool areas have been closed. This is similar to the problem with the Grunion Jacuzzi two years ago. See November 2015 MaintenanceHappening - Grunion Jacuzzi.
  2. Michael Barto served on the HOA Board in 2012-2013. He was followed by another nonresident Tim Jordanides who served the following term. The current election rules were approved during the 2014-2015 HOA term by a previous Board to disenfranchise Tim Jordanides because he complained that the HOA was spending too much money on legal. If the current election rules continue to stands, only three members board could pass other arbitrary rules such as not allowing a retired person to serve on the board,, not allowing a person with a degree to serve, not allowing our current legal resident Mike Huma a non US Citizen to serve on the board or any other convenient cherry picking method. Out of 180 members in the HOA, only 97, (53%) can hold office. 83 members cannot. In the last election, candidates run unopposed. For the election two years ago, there was only one candidate on the ballot.
  3. Michael Barto is at odds with three members of the current board. He has expressed that they foolishly pursued legal action by sequestering themselves from facts and giving a blank check: to our legal counsel. (Click this link to see his petition).

updated 27 April 2017
Both the Grunion and the Cabana Pools are closed. The Cabana was closed because the fiber glass flaking in the jacuzzi which is a health hazard. The Grunion pool is closed because it is leaking. The water level is down about a foot when this picture was taken.
No Swimming!
The Cabana pool single gate entrance has been secured with the a chain because someone was swimming at night. This is not true for the Grunion pool. You canstill enter through the gates.
The Grunion pool repair has been approved. The Cabana pool is waiting for approval. ■
Update - Leak Found
The Leak in the Grunion Pool has been found!! Repairs are going forward. If all holds true, at least the Grunion Pool will be open this weekend (April 28th). All members are welcome to use it.
posted 26 April 2017
Dinning Around Harbour Vista
Harry’s Grill, Rooftop Dinning
by Jim Gregg
Quirky and fun best describes this Harry's Grill nestled near PCH and Sunset beach where there is no objection accommodating every creature in existence from the locals who hangout on a regular basis, to the out of towners pursuing unusual experiences, this place has it all!
The Upstairs is Another World
Purchases are made on the ground floor of this establishment where you can enjoy your meal in relative peaceful environment, but travel upstairs and you enter another world.
Dogs are Allowed
That’s where the view is, and that’s where the bar is, and defiantly where the people are congregated. Theupstairs dining has its own set of rules like: DOGS are allowed! I was about to point this out to a patron when I saw that the dog was a Pitbull, and I thought better of it.
Basic Menu
I had the cheeseburger and french fries from the menu and it was very good and well prepared. We also had the club sandwich and some of the best onion rings that were the best I’ve ever tasted, and along with this had a delicious barbequed hot dog on a bun with barbeque sauce, that was excellent.

Harry’s Grill was “dog gone good” to get away for some fun and food! ■

Harry’s Grill
16685 Pacific Coast Hwy
Sunset Beach, CA 90742
Phone: 562-592-9500
Web: http://www.kathymayslakeviewcafe.com
Business Hours: Daily 7:00am to 9:00pm

posted 22 March 2017
Recipe of the Month
by Eden Hommes
This is a great cold salad, filled with protein, fiber, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and enzymes from the raw vegetables. You can use either canned beans (but beware the BPH exposure), or soak and boil your own. If you used canned beans, rinse them first. If boiling your own beans, simply soak 3 cups mixed beans with 6 cups water overnight, drain, cover with fresh water, and simmer until beans are soft, about 45 minutes. Add salt and a bay leaf to the water 30 minutes into simmering. Drain and cool.

  • 1 can (2 cups) chickpeas
  • 1 can (2 cups) kidney beans
  • 1 can (2 cups) black beans
  • 1 cup diced, steamed green beans (optional)or additional cup of above beans
  • 2 medium diced tomatoes
  • 1/2-3/4 cup diced red onion, OR scallions
  • 1 diced green bell pepper
  • Hanadful chopped parsely
  • 1 can whole black olives
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Red wine vinegar (as much as you want)
  • Salt and pepper (as needed)
  • 3 cloves crushed garlic
  • Diced fresh basil and oregano (or dried)
Mix all ingredients together and serve at room temp or chilled. Serves 6. ■
Footnote: "A resident of Harbour Vista, Eden Hommes is an ER nurse with a passion for preventative medicine and natural health. She is working on a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, and teaches classes on Essential Oils. She can be reached at NurseInTheKitchen@hotmail.com."
posted 26 December 2016
Private Social Media Site
For Harbour Vista
Nextdoor is a private social network for our neighborhood. Neighbors register by their location (street name) and then become part of group. For Harbour Vista residents, our group is called Harbour Pines. There is no charge to be a member. To start go to (https://nextdoor.com/), you will find and meet your neighbors there.■
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posted 30 March 2017
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Notification: The fireplaces in each Harbour Vista Condo are not designed to burn wood, paper or any other combustible material. Only "gas logs" are allowed to burn in fireplaces. Burning other material such as pressed logs or wood in these fireplaces is NOT allowed and can create a fire hazards to the complex.
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posted 15 March 2017
Focus on Your Neighbors
My Green Thumb
A new resident to Harbor Vista, Candice Shultz has volunteered to plant flowers and foliage around the building where her condo resides (the 4861 Lago Building). Candice Shultz has purchased at her own expense, plants and mulch to landscape around her building. For the plantings under the stairway, she is watering them herself since the sprinkler system is broken. Members living in her building have expressed how much she has improved the aesthetics of the area and she is not done yet. Irritated by the use of “Round Up" (a carcinogen), which not only kills the weeds in the green areas around her building, but also the grass, she is now considering seeding the botched grass area around her building.
Candice Shultz is quite knowledgeable in landscaping and gardening having maintained a large property for many years. If other member would want advice to pursue such a volunteered undertaking, contact the Newsletter and we will put you in contact with her. Maybe the HOA should start sponsoring homeowners’ gardening club or somethings. ■
Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
(subject to change without notice)
Date Location Time Agenda
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
    The Board of Directors will hold an Executive Session on April 24, 2017, immediately following this meeting, to discuss matters related to member discipline and collections.
    Open Forum and Board Meeting Conduct
    The items on the Consent Calendar are routine or items that have been discussed with the Board, approved verbally or electronically, and action taken, and the motion is stated in order to incorporate the action into the Association's corporate documents.
    1. Approval of the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of March 27, 2017.
    2. Acceptance of the Financial Statement for the period ending March 31, 2017.
    1. Architectural Committee
    2. Landscaping Committee
    3. Parking Committee
    1. Bemus Lanscaping Proposal - Enhancements
    2. Adoption of Rules and Regulations
    1. Deck Repair 4852 Cabana #306
    2. Island Pacific Proposals
      1. 16551 Grunion #205/305
      2. 16512 Blackbeard #202
      3. 4791 Lago #106
      4. 4861 Lago #101
    3. Kone Elevator Proposal - 5 year Load Test
    4. Annual Meeting Disclosure Checklist
    5. Clubhouse Enhancements - Discussion
    6. Investments
    7. Delinquency Report/Liens
  9. SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING (May 22, 2017)
April 24, 2017 at 7:30 PM
    1. Hearings
    2. Delinquency Review
    3. Approval of Minutes from March 27, 2017
22 May
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Real Estate Summary
(as of April 24, 2017)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
4861 Lago Drive #104 1BD/1BA $243,000 (3/6)
4831 Lago Drive #103 2BD/2BA $295,000
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
16521 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $269,900 (3/6)
Address Type Information
16512 Blackbeard Lane #205 1BD/1BA $196,300 (1/17)
Address Type Information
4852 Cabana Drive #106 2BD/2BA $488,000
Closed Sales 2017
Address Type Closed
4861 Lago Drive #202 3BD/2BA $310,000 (4/24) (private sale)
4791 Lago Drive #102 3BD/2BA $297,000 (4/6)
16542 Blackbeard Lane #100 3BD/2BA $230,000 (1/17)
Closed Sales 2016
Address Type Closed
4861 Lago Drive #200 3BD/2BA $292,000
4861 Lago Drive #104 1BD/1BA $218,900
16512 Blackbeard Lane #105 1BD/1BA $180,000 (8/1/16)
4861 Lago Drive #203 3BD/2BA $296,000 (8/1/16)(private sale)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #101 3BD/2BA $312,750 (7/30/16)
4831 Lago Drive #201 3BD/2BA $291,000 (7/6/16)
4852 Cabana Drive #206 2BD/2BA $265,000 (7/1/16)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #106 1BD/1BA $229,500 (5/26/16)
16551 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $264,000 (04/12/16)
4861 Lago Drive #304 1BD/1BA $220,000 (04/07/16)
16521 Grunion Lane #204 2BD/2BA $270,000 (3/31/16)
16521 Grunion Lane #304 2BD/2BA $260,000 (3/18/16)
16521 Grunion Lane #105 2BD/2BA $283,000 (2/25/16)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #106 1BD/1BA $177,500 (1/19/16)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
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