February 4, 2016
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 19 January 2016
Huxley is a 6 years old blue noise pit bull mix who was rescue from the local veterinary in Calistoga, California. Huxley was a favorite at the local veterinary clinic which rescued Huxsley after being found with part of a large chain link leash still attached to his spiked collar.

“Hux’s” as their loving owner calls him was scavenging in the wild for some time living off the wild life. But with loving helpers from the local veterinary, he was transformed into a great dog who loves little kids and dogs (except those who don’t like him).
It took a couple of trial homes before Hux’s decided he was exactly the right dog for his owner at Harbour Vista. He loves walking around with his owner at Harbour Vista meeting other dogs and residents. ■
posted 28 November 2015
Things Your Should Know
About Condo Remodeling

Michael Barto
Remodeling your Condo is something every homeowner considers at one time. Even something as simple as installing a new facet or a more ambitious projects like redoing your entire kitchen, owners should note that each unit at Harbour Vista is part of a complex building system. Because it is a condo, even simple remodeling projects have restriction beyond that of remodeling a house. This article is intended to provide some unofficial guidelines as to what you can do and what problems you might unintentionally create.
Talk First
Our CC&R has very few restrictions in what you can do to the inside of your condo. The inside restrictions fall under three concerns: safety, structural and sound proofing. For outside remodeling such as replacing windows, installing a screen door, our CC&R’s have restrictions. Anything that is visual from the outside of the Building, must be approved by the HOA. It is best to discuss your intention with the Board before embarking on any type of modification where it is visible from the outside. That includes your balcony or patio.
By law, our HOA must establish an Architectural Committee to oversee and grant remodeling approvals. The Architectural Committee may require the homeowner to obtain a City building permit. The City Inspectors have the expertise and the authority to protect the community from creating safety issues. Requirement for a City inspection depends on the complexity of your project. The HOA will provide you guidance and it is best not to assume.
City Permits
Many construction contractors offer you a choice to have your work performed with or without a City Permit. It must be noted that by Law there cannot be any difference in the cost of the work by the contractor whether you have a permit or not. Only the additional cost is that of the permit or permits. But if you get caught by the City performing work without a permit, you will be fined and required to obtain the required permits. Please note that Permits may be required for preliminary demolition or tear down before you even start the construction phase of your project.
Must Disclose
When you sell your unit, by law you must disclose to the buyer any project that was performed without a permit. This may affect your selling price. Since permits are public information any address can be looked up on the city website to see if a permit was finalized, cancelled or is still in progress.
The City Will Work With You
Though contractors may encourage a homeowner to NOT get involved with the Cit inspections, our City of Huntington Beach works with a property owner to meet California Building Code and will provide them advise and help. Members of the Association who have gone through the City inspections will give you glowing reports about how nice it is to worked with City.
A Permit May not Be Required.
If your are just replacing a facet or an old toilet, you probably do not need a permit. If you decide to replace all you kitchen cabinets you probably still do not need a permit as long as you are not moving you kitchen sink, the plumbing, electrical or replacing you garbage disposal. If you are swapping out an existing light fixture with a similar type or a wall socket, you probably do not need a permit. Checking with the City is free. They even have a telephone number (714-536-5271) where you can talk with them without going in person.
Plumbing Issues
If your remodeling affects the plumbing, take caution, Harbor Vista uses a common plumbing system. If you are replacing a tub with the same type tube, you probably do not need a permit (but I would check that with the City to be safe). Also, any type of rerouting of plumbing WILL always require a City inspection.
Electrical Issue
If you are replacing an old fluorescent light fixture with the same type fixture, you do not need a permit. But if you decide to replace the fluorescent light fixture with new recess can lighting system, you will need a permit because you are rewiring the electrical system. The The State of California Tile 24 energy standards requires that you use LED lights. Any type of electrical change except simple replacement of the same type requires a permit.
Garbage Disposal
Because the California Building code requires that Garbage disposals be on separate circuits, if may seem ridiculous, but the City requires a permit to even replace a broken Garbage Disposal (Electrical Permit is approximately $62) that is the law. But you will find that most plumbers will tell you a different story. Your insurance company will not provide insurance if they find out that you did something incorrectly and something happens. See note Below:
Structural Issues
If you want to remove an inside load bearing wall or even punch a hole in it, you MUST get a permit. You may be required to submit architecture drawings and provide a structural engineering study. As long as removal of the wall is structural sound by increasing the framing and you have the proper supporting documents, your project will go forward with the City. It is also obvious that you also must submit a request to the HOA Architecture Committee.
Sound Proofing
We have shared walls and floors in the condos. Many homeowner have installed tile and wood floors without understanding the sound proofing ramifications. Tile and wood floors carry sound, if you do not take certain precautions your downstairs neighbor will have increased noise because of your remodeling. It is best to install a cork type sound proofing sheeting or similar material over the subfloor for an upstairs unit before installing tile or wood flooring.
If you replace the drywall of a shared wall between units, you might consider adding sound deadening material like Sound Choice Insulation Sheathing Board or a similar products.
Sound deadening materials are also very useful for downstairs units because they can be easily installed through the ceiling. Reports of where an upper unit owner has installed cork sound proofing sheeting with the downstairs unit installing ceiling sound deading sheets has had spectacular results
Unofficial Guidelines
These are so many things to be consider with remodeling and this article could go on forever. Harbour Vista News has prepared an Unofficial Architecture Guidelines Page. These suggestion are our own. They have not been approved or sanctioned by our HOA Architecture Committee. They are just something that homeowners have discovered over the years. They are designed to give you some insight before you start a remodeling project. This will be a growing document. Additions and comments are always welcome—and letters to the editor as always appreciated. Email: mbarto@logiqwest.com or call 714-883-1949 ■

Editor Note: The Garbage Disposal paragraph was deleted from this artilce after visiting the Huntington Beach City Planning Department. If you are doing a direct replacement of an existing garbage disposal, you do not need to obtain a permit.

posted 11 January 2016
Dinning Around Harbour Vista
by Jim Gregg
Established in 1939 in Sunset Beach, Harbour House Café has been continuously doing business under the Quick family since 1970 satisfying the diverse residents of Huntington Beach and Huntington Harbour areas. This restaurant, located on PCH near the huge water tower (now Condo) across from Peters Landing, this humble looking red and white trim eatery defies all the goodness that lies inside.
The antiquish inside, it’s hard not to notice all the movie stars and posters that crowed the walls, even the ceiling the restrooms are well represented with little pleasant surprises. I could go on and on, but you don’t visit this place for its décor.
Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner
The menu is fully stocked with many pages of great temptations and delights:

For Breakfast, they have all the traditional plates, like pancakes and waffles, eggs and Bacon or Sausage, but the omelet section is gigantic enough to take your breath away! You must be hungry if you want to be able to consume one, but most people don’t, and their breakfast Quesadillas was quite a surprise as well as many other desirable Mexican dishes.

Lunch time
is ripe for discovery too with several combinations you can build to suit, and they have many side dishes to compliment anyone’s taste. Burgers and chicken and pork are high on the list and offer many various styles and toping’s for a variety of flavors, it will be fun looking through all the selections offered on the menu. Specialty eating is found on a large appetizers list, giving everyone a chance to find something that they want.

Dinner time
presents an expanded menu in which you have many great selections, but my absolute favorites are the Roast Beef or Turkey dinners which I’ve had many times over the years.
Can’t Do Justice
Honestly, I can’t do this place justice listing only a few great items, it would take up the whole Newsletter, my best advice is to hop on down to this fantastic place and capture your own experience.

Harbour House Café
16341 Pacific Coast Hwy,
Sunset Beach, CA 90742
Tel: 562-592-5404
Web: http://www.harborhousecafe.com
Open 24 hours, they take all credit cards,
posted 31 January 2016
January HOA Meeting Highlights
Water Shutoff Issues
Landscaping Concerns
The January HOA monthly meeting was held in the Cabana Clubhouse with all Board Members present: Mike Mengel, Ted LaMantia, Cynthia Lee, Mike Peduzzi, and Mary Williams. Also in attendance were Peggy Shaw from Action Property Management and nine residents.
Architecture Committee Established
The Board announced that the HOA Architecture Committee had been formed as required by the CC&R's and Davis-Sterling. Three members have been appointed: Michael Barto, Ray Koagel and Brenda Richardson. Ray Koagel and Brenda Richardson are part of the original Parking Committee created a couple of months ago. In reviewing the CC&R's, the HOA had discovered that Parking Committee was part of the Architecture Committee and therefore Ray and Brenda were appointed to the Architecture Committee.
Parking Committee
The Parking Committee announced that they have been at work painting the words “Fire Lane” and “No Parking” on red marked curves around the complex. The Police department will not ticket or tow vehicle from our red areas unless they are clearly marked.
Landscaping Committee
Volunteers for the Landscaping Committee will meet inside the Cabana Gate for a walk-through of both sides of the property starting at 9AM on Monday February 8th.
Emergency Water Shutoff
The HOA Plumbing company Scott English was called on the weekend for an emergency sidewalk water leak repair. Although water was restored quickly, hot water service was not fully restored until Sunday. The plumbing Company needed to locate someone who could provide instruction to the weekend crew as to how to restart the boiler.

Another related issue, a local plumber turned off the main water line without any notification to the residents or the Property Management Company. Scott English Plumbing was again called in to restore services.

A suggestion was made that even the HOA plumbers have need to have readily available procedures for turning the water and boilers off and on.
Landscaping Concerns
A homeowner expressed concern that the Landscaper is cutting the grass too short which prevents it from retaining water. It therefore turns brown. The Grass should be allowed to be 3 inches high during the once a week grass watering because of the California drought.
No Hedge Removal, Please
Several homeowners were very concerned that the HOA might want to cut down the hedges attached to garage walls on the Grunion side of Harbour Vista because they are encroaching on the walkways. This would negatively affect the esthetic of their view from their units. It was suggested that they need to be more properly trimmed as they were in the past and not allowed to grow so high.
Unfinished Business
Eight items were approved from last meeting
  • Slider Balcony Door repair was approved.
  • One Patio Deck Repair because of Dry Rot.
  • Three deck handrail repairs.
  • Roof gutter repair for all buildings.
  • A dryer vent clean out.
  • Stucco Repair.
New Business
All news proposals were defered including a tree removal.

No new lien was publicly announced. The next meeting of the HOA will be Monday February 22nd at 6:30pm in the Cabana Clubhouse. ■
Editor Note:
  1. Harbour Vista News for many years has had posted a Water Shutoff Procedure which was written by a former HOA Board member and the current plumbing company at the time.
  2. The history of the Emergency Water Shutoff, has several conflicting reports. Needless to say this is what was implied at the Board meeting and may not be the actual history behine it.
posted 27 August 2015
The newly elected Board of Directors is asking for homeowners who would like to volunteer for either the Architectural or the Landscape Committees. Those people interested can either email or phone the the Action Property Manager Peggy Shaw at:
(tel: 800-400-2284) or email the Board of Directors directly at: The HOA Bylaws and Davis-Sterling require that there be an Architectural Committee. The previous Architecture Committee as well as the Landscaping Committee were dissolved with the recent election.
Architectural Committee
The Architectural Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving individual unit remodeling projects as well as the general HOA projects. Knowledge of construction and architectural practices is a plus.
Landscape Committee
Duties of Landscape Committee are to accompany the Property Management Company and Landscape vendors (including the stream and pool vendors) during regularly scheduled walk throughs and to identify services needed. Knowledge of landscaping practices is a plus.

Both Committees will provide recommendations to
the Board and will monitor work in progress. ■
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posted 30 January 2016
Friday Feburary 5 2016
A non emergency Water Shutoff has been scheduled for Monday February 1st for:
  • 16542 Blackbeard Lane
  • 16512 Blackbeard Lane
Residents who unit is in these buildings will be without water from 10AM to 4pm. Both hot and cold water. Contact Action Property Management if you have any issues or concerns (Tel: 800-400-2284).
posted 26 January 2016
The Chairman and Board Member Mary Williams has asked the HOA Landscaping Committee members to participate in a walk-thru of Harbour VIsta on Monday February 8, 2016. Members will meet behind Cabana Gate at 9AM. Accompanying the walk-thru will be Peggy Shaw from Action Property Management and the supervisor for the HOA landscape vendor Artistic.
Notification: The fireplaces in each Harbour Vista Condo are not designed to burn wood, paper or any other combustible material. Only "gas logs" are allowed to burn in fireplaces. Burning other material such as pressed logs or wood in these fireplaces is NOT allowed and can create a fire hazards to the complex.
Property Management
Action Property
Management Company

2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: 800-400-2284
Web: http://www.actionlife.com
Community Manager: Peggy Shaw
Email: pshaw@actionlife.com
Direct Line: 949-450-0202
Community Care: communitycare@actionlife.com
Community Portal: http://www.vivoportal.com/
Harbour Vista HOA
HOA Board Email contact: hvboard@harborvistahoa.com
HOA Board of Directors
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Cynthia Lee
Mike Peduzzi
Mary Williams
Member at Large
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Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
(subject to change without notice)
Date Location Time Agenda
22 February 2016 Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
February 22, 2016





February 22, 2016 (after open Session
28 March
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
March 28, 2016
March 28, 2015 (after open Session)
Real Estate Summary
(as of February 1, 2016)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
16521 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $275,500
16512 Blackbeard Lane #105 1BD/1BA $220,000
4861 Lago Drive #203 3BD/2BA $344,900
16521 Grunion Lane #304 2BD/2BA $274,500
4861 Lago Drive #200 3BD/2BA $325,000
16542 Blackbeard Lane #100 3BD/2BA $319,000
4861 Lago Drive #304 1BD/1BA $239,900
16551 Grunion Lane #205 2BD/2BA $269,000
Address Type Information
16521 Grunion Lane #105 2BD/2BA $289,000
Closed Sales (2015)
Address Type Closed
16512 Blackbeard Lane #106 1BD/1BA $177,500
4861 Lago Drive #203 3BD/2BA $246,919
4831 Lago Drive #200 3BD/2BA $305,000
4831 Lago Drive #104
1BD/1BA $205,000
4791 Lago Drive #104 1BD/1BA $230,000
16512 Blackbeard Lane #202 3BD/2BA $240,000
4831 Lago Drive #103
2BD/2BA $265,000

For Rent
Address Type Information
4852 Cabana Drive #201 3BD/2BA $2250/mon.
Call 714-625-6482
16551 Grunion Lane #203 2BD/2BA $2,000/mon.
Call 626-705-5151
Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick ( ) means sold for less than asking price.
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