August 26, 2014
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 16 August 2014
by Diane Pannone
Donna is a beautiful 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (Am Staff). She was adopted by her human family when the was 8 weeks old and came to live with them at Harbour Vista.
She is a beautiful fawn color with a white star on her chest. She weighs about 50 lbs now.

She likes to go for walks in the wetlands and at the beach or running alongside her owner for a bike ride. Her favorite food is chicken. She also likes to chase and try to catch flies.

She is very friendly towards peoples and loves to give kisses when she is greeted.

According to the American Kennel Club the Am Staff is a people oriented dog that thrives when they are a part of a family and given a job to do. Although friendly the breed is loyal to their own family.■

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posted 15 August 2014
The Shabby Clubhouse
by Michael Barto
Our Clubhouse has been deteriorating for many years. The biggest problem is the floor covering with its holes and cracks in the linoleum. Another problem is the old and mismatched furniture. It would be a fairly simple and not too expensive to do the replacement of the flooring and furniture. It would greatly improve the aesthetics of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is part of every homeowner's property value and should be well maintained.
Floor Covering
The linoleum floor covering was installed about 15 years ago and is now worn and cracking exposing the undercover beneath.
The Clubhouse furniture consists of one large board table, one folding table, about 12 upholstered chairs, a desk and file/credenza. The desk and file/credenza have served very little purpose for many years. Talking with some of the longtime residents the furniture has been there since at least 1992 and possibly longer. The file/credenza is basically empty with a broken lock. The desk basically has nothing but junk in it. Plastic bottles with questionable contents are stored under the desk and should be thrown out.
The window coverings/blind have broken slates and should be replaced.
HOA Meeting Place
The Clubhouse is used primarily as the meeting place for our HOA and can be rented by residents for private events. See new Clubhouse Reservation Form and R&R's. Perhaps more residents would want to use the Clubhouse for private parties if it is refurbished and in better condition. In its current condition it is an embarrassment and some residents have said they willnot use it in its present condition.
Time to Refurbish
Now that our HOA finances are in better shape the time has come to allocate the funds to refurbish our Clubhouse.
Put It On the List
If you agree ask the HOA Board to put it on their list of things to do this year. ■
posted 5 August 2014
August Maintenance Happenings
The Last Hive Removed
On Friday August 1st.Newport Exterminators removed the last Bee Hive from the ceiling of the stairwell in the 4861 Lago building. The other hives were removed on July 11th, however the last hive continued to leak honey down onto the stairway landing.
In the Meantime
A small bucket along with warning cones was placed on the 3rd floor landing to catch the honey. The removal of the hive had been scheduled for July 25th but that didn't happen.
Some Urgency
On Friday August 1st a homeowner noticed bees around the one remaining hive and honey still
leaking. A call was placed to Action expressing the urgency of getting the hive removed. Around 4PM Newport Exterminators arrived. They closed off all threefloors of the stairwell. Wearing protective gearthey erected scaffolding and brokeaway the stucco ceiling to reach the remaining hive and remove it.
The Next Step
All that needs to be done now is the re-plastering and painting of the ceiling on the 3rd floor. This may require approval of a quote from the vendor that will do the job.

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posted 5 July 2014
You may have noticed the "For Rent" sign displayed on the top of a parked car on Green. It seems a property owner in Harbour Vista has one of their condos available for rent. This owner first placed a sign on the grass area just outside of the Lago gate. The sign was gone by the next day. So, they next placed another sign in front of the City sign post near the Lago Gate. That sign also disappeared the next day.

So, knowing they needed to have a sign that the public driving or walking by the complex could see from the street, they came up with another way to display the sign.
Car Parked with Sign
They parked their car on Green with the sign attached to the car's roof! The sign is very visible and it's getting results. They started getting phone calls inquiring about the condo, and several people scheduled appointments to see the condo. The owner thinks it will be rented very soon.
Policy was Announced
The HOA Board made a decission to not replace the real estate sign posts that were at the corners of the complex at Heil and Green when they were removed for dry rot. This was where real estate signs were posted. The Board announced at the January 2014 HOA meeting that a new policy would not allow real estate sign posts in common areas as part of the beautification project for the complex. Owners are allowed to place one real estate sign only in the window of their unit as stated in the CC&R’s which may or may not be visible from the street. ■
Editor Note: A couple of days after the "For Rent" signs were removed, Action Property Manager contact the owner and told him that he could pick up his property at their offic in Invine.
posted 27 July 2014
New Grunion Outgoing Mailbox
A new outgoing mailbox has been installed on the Grunion side of the complex. There is now daily mail pick-up for the residents on Grunion. The mailbox is located on the outside wall of the bulletin board area facing the parking lot.■
posted 7 July 2014
Focus on Your Neighbors
The Good Neighbor
Brenda Richardson is a long time resident of Harbour Vista since 1989. She is well known by many residents as the "Good Neighbor". Her philosophy is that she treats people the same way she wants to be treated.
Comes to Their Aid
Many residents will tell you stories where Brenda had come to their aid. A typical example, a single resident was going through chemo therapy and could not get around easily. Brenda made sure that this person always had bottled water when frequently unscheduled emergency water shutoffs occurred. For plumbing leak emergencies, Brenda was the person to call to turn off the water-even at night.
In Case of Emergency
Because Brenda is retired and is home most weekdays, several residents have relied on her to open their condo for deliveries or to provide access for a repairman. Many residents provide her a set of keys to their condo and their phone numbers for emergencies. If you want to know a good painter or maintenance man, Brenda maintains a recommendation list.
Asked to Continue
Brenda's husband Bruce was the official HOA resident handyman until his untimely death in 2008. The HOA asked Brenda to continue some of his work. Authorized by the HOA, she met with vendors, maintained supplies, cleaned both pool areas, opened gates, replaced light fixtures and reported problems. Brenda was the person to obtain an extra gate or pool key, and programed resident access gate codes. Our previous property managers depended on her to watch the property and verify that repairs were completed.
A New Board
When a new Board was elected in 2012, they decided they no longer wanted Brenda to continue her services. Many homeowners were unhappy about this decision. Some residents organized a "Thank You" party for her to show their appreciation and recognize her dedication to the Harbour Vista community.
Welcomes New Residents
Brenda still continues to meet and welcome new residents to Harbour Vista and is happy to answer questions about the community. She still watches the property and many residents still depend on her as their "Good Neighbor". Her personal value is that she wakes up every morning to see if she can help someone,.
In Memorial
At the south side Grunion building facing Green, is plaque and a crape myrtle tree honoring Brenda's late husband Bruce Richardson who passed away from cancer. When people ask her about the tree, she says "Bruce's Tree is getting stronger every day."■
posted 25 August 2014
USE CAUTION: Pedestrian Bridges
Recently, it has been brought to the Board's attention that the wooden pedestrian bridges around the community streams are in need of maintenance. The Board of Directors is in the process of having the bridges evaluated. In the meantime, please utilize care when using the bridges.
* from posting from the Action Property Manager at
posted 24 August 2014
Action Property Management has assigned our new Community Manager. His name is Michael Sukey. His email is You may contact him by phone by calling Action Community Care at 800-400-2284. Harbour Vista News Welcome Michael Sukey.
posted 16 August 2014
Dinning Around Harbour Vista
A Little Mexican Place
by Mary Williams
El Chile Frito is very small with only 7 tables. Chips and salsa were given, gratis. Salsa was freshly
made and had a small kick to it. Spicy salsa was offered but we declined.
Chicken Mole
A Chile Relleno was ordered, it came with red sauce, also a plate of Enchiladas Ranchero. Both had good flavor. I ordered the Chicken Mole and was quite happy with it. Chicken was tender and the mole was good. I do not think they make the mole themselves because it is a time consuming sauce and only one dish on the menu featured it.
Thicker Version
All plates came with refried beans and rice. Just standard rice and the beans were a little too loose for my taste. I like a thicker version of refried beans.
Coca Cola Bottle in Mexico
They do have Coca Cola by the bottle and it is bottled in Mexico which gives it a whole different taste. They use cane sugar in Mexico and you can tell the difference, No beer or wine.
Large, Varied Menu
They featured a very large, varied menu with several authentic Mexican dishes that you usually do not see on menus unless you are in East LA.
Trying Hard To Please
El Chile Frito would be a good place for take out. Ambiance is lacking but they are attentive and trying hard to please you. They do take credit cards. Located in a strip mall near McFadden with adequate parking.■

El Chile Frito
15491 Edwards
Huntington Beach
(714) 893-7380
posted 1 August 2014
July HOA Meeting
New Board Seated
Community Manager Resigned
There were 14 community members, all 5 Board Members and the Action Community Manager in attendance. The Board elected Gayle Poytner to serve as President, Ron Rolewicz as Vice President, Cheryl Boyd as Secretary, new Board Member Mike Peduzzi as Treasuer and new Board Member Adele Shiffman as Member at Large.
Action Community Manager Resigned
It was announced that Taylor DeLauder had resigned his position as Community Manager. He has accepted a position as a Commercial Property Manager. Julie Carter from Action will be the interim Community Manager until a new person is hired to replace Taylor.
Financial Statements
The Community Manager gave the financial report. The HOA has a positive cash flow and the Reserves have increased to over $300,000.
Community Forum
A homeowner asked about his request for the approval from the Board to install a screen door on his front door. He said he had filled out and returned the forms for the Architectural Review but has heard nothing further. He started the process 3 months ago and still is waiting to be able to install the screen door. Julie Carter from Action took his phone number and said she would follow up with him.
Delinquency Rate
A resident asked what the current delinquency rate is (the number of units with past due HOA fees). The Community Manager said there are currently 16 delinquent accounts. Some are Banks and others are homeowners who are delinquent in paying their monthly HOA dues. This is an improvement of the HOA delinquency rate and takes it down to under the 15% that Lenders like to see for approval of loans.
Stapple and Nails
Another resident pointed out that there are staples and nails sticking up on the hand rails on the stairs in her building and they need to be removed so people using the stairs don't hurt themselves when they use the handrails. The Board didn't respond as to what they might do about this request.
Loose Wooden Bridges
There was discussion from the floor about the condition of the wooden bridges in the complex. An owner explained that he found numerous boards on the bridges that were loose with no screws holding them down. He and another homeowner purchased deck screws and volunteered to screw down many of the loose boards. However more boards are loose and need attention. It was suggested the Board ask volunteers to check all the bridges and do any additional work needed. See note 1.
Liens and Foreclosures
The Board decided to table 3 Liens because the Homeowners had made partial payments on the past due amounts. The Board approved recording the Foreclosure of Liens on a property.
New Business
The Board President stated the Board was not satisfied with the service of the current pool janitorial company and had invited a representative from another janitorial service to give them a proposal to include: coming twice a week during the summer on Mondays and Fridays to clean the restrooms, barbeques, pool areas, empty trash cans, clean elevators, clean hall ways on 2nd and 3rd floors, and the possible installation of doggie bag stations.

The Board approved the Reserve Study proposal, and the Sunwest Bank Reserve Balance.
Association Insurance Renewal
The Community Manager explained the reason there was only one quote from the current insurance carrier (Farmers Insurance) for the HOA insurance renewal. The Insurance Brokerage firm Action requested quotes from said that because of the HOA's claims from the previous year no other companies wanted to submit a quote for coverage. However the quote from Farmers was a good quote and only had an increase in the premium of a little over $1,700 for the year. The Board approved Farmers quote for coverage.
Water Damage Restoration
The Board approved a Bid from Drymaster Restoration for the repair of a unit that had water damage from a leak in a water pipe.
Cleaning of the Streams
The Community Manager gave a report on the cleaning of the streams. There is new equipment and method for sucking the sludge from the bottom of the streams. The process would recycle the water and remove the sludge from the streams, returning the clean water to the streams. The Board expressed concerns about one of the companies because they had mislead the Board in the past by testing the water and telling the Board there was toxic material in the streams and therefore gave the Board a very expensive proposal for the removal of the sludge. The Board asked Action to get more information and a proposal from the other company.

Next scheduled meeting August 25, 2014■
  1. August 4, 2014: Action Community Manager Julie Carter placed a work Order to have the bridges in the complex inspected by a vendor.
  2. August 6, 2014: The Board of Directors is in the process of having the bridges evaluated and three competitive bids are being sought out. See:
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ByLaw Changes Dissolved (6/19/14)
posted 19 June 2014
ByLaws Amendements Ballot Measure The Election to change the HOA Bylaws did not receive the required number of returned Ballots to meet the majority quorum. Therefore, the election will simply dissolve.

As it stands, the current Bylaws still call for Cumulative voting in HOA Board of Directors Elections and One Year terms for elected Board members.

Because the needed quorum was not met the Ballots were not opened and will not be counted. There was not enough interest for these changes despite the original mailing of the ballots to homeowners and a second mailing to those homeowners who did not return the first ballot. Only 83 Ballots were received and that does not meet the needed quorum. ■
Property Management
Action Property
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2603 Main Street, Suite 500
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Adele Shiffman
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Harbour Vista News ARCHIVES
posted 15 August 2014
For Your Information
In June of this year the Board and Action Property Management adopted new requirements and changes for the Clubhouse rental for private use. The new "Clubhouse Reservation Agreement" and "Clubhouse Rules and Regulations" are posted on the Action Property Management's Vivo web site or on the Harbour Vista News web site.

Here are a few of the new rules/requirements: Available Hours: Sunday through Thursday 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. and Friday and Saturday 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Security deposit: $100.00 or ( $200.00) if alcoholic beverages are provided and a $25.00 processing fee.

Beer, wine and champagne are permitted under the following conditions:
  1. Host provides adult (21 years old or above) bartender who remains sober throughout the event.
  2. Bartender must insure that no minor or intoxicated person will be served.
  3. The bartender's service employer must carry insurance of $1,000,000 and name the Association, its members and the Board of Directors as additional insured on such policy.
You may obtain the key to the Clubhouse the day before your event or on Friday if your event is on the weekend, at Action Property Management at 2603 Main St., Suite 500, Irvine CA 92614.

These are just a few of the changes to the Reservation form and the Rules and Regulations. If you are planning an event and want to rent the Clubhouse you may want to take a look at the new complete Clubhouse Reservation Agreement and the Clubhouse Rules and Regulations enacted by the HOA Board.■
Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
Date Location Time Agenda
22 September 2014 Community Center 7:30PM
September 22, 2014
(Open Meeting)
    (following Adjournment of Executive Session)
September 22, 2014
(Closed to members)
  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Lein Review
  3. Review of Collection Account
  4. Non-Compliance and Correspondence
    Call to Order :6:30PM
Real Estate Summary
(as of 26 August 2014)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
16581 Grunion Lane #104 2BD $199,900 (Bank owned)
16581 Grunion Lane #100 3BD $290,000
On Hold
Address Type Asking
Contingent/Backup Offers
Address Type Asking
Pending Sales
Address Type Asking
16542 Blackbeard Lane #202 2BD $328,000
(on the market for a week)
4852 Cabana Drive #201 3 BD $175,000 (Bank Own sold "as is")
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
4861 Lago Drive #306 1BD $182,862
16512 Blackbeard Lane #101 3 BD $235,424
4831 Lago Drive #205 2 BD $216,100
4831 Lago Drive #305 2 BD $250,000
16551 Grunion Lane #204 2 BD $185,000
16542 Blackbeard Lane #203 2 BD $201,000
4861 Lago Drive #103 3 BD $230,000
4861 Lago Drive #202 3 BD $227,000
16521 Grunion Lane #103 2 BD $188,500
16551 Grunion Lane #203 2 BD $134,000
16521 Grunion Lane #101 3 BD $200,000 (asked $195,000)
For Lease/Rent
Address Type Description Monthly Contact
none at presen
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