April 13, 2015
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach

posted 2 April 2015
Focus on Your Neighbors
Look Like Fishing
by Michael Barto
The photos in this article might look like a fishing trip. But for longtime resident Michael Mengel it is really part of his job for the Orange County Sanitation District. Michael's history at Harbour Vista includes serving on the HOA Board as Board President from 1994-1997 and again from 2006-2011.
On the Board
A couple of years after Michael moved into his condo in 1992 he volunteered to serve on the HOA Board. His first position was Board Secretary. He tells that when he was first on the Board the HOA Reserve Account was at an all-time low of $14,000. The HOA could only meet its monthly expenses and only fund emergencies and safety issues. He was a member of the HOA Board when major balcony repairs and painting of the exterior of the buildings took place from 1998-2000. When he served as HOA President the Board replaced all the wooden bridges in the complex, re-routed half the building's plumbing pipes on the bottom floor units to prevent furture slab leaks and removed several over grown trees in the complex.
Residents who knew him during his tenure express he was always approachable. Michael is proud of the Boards he served on. He commented they used "common sense" to solve HOA problems instead of creating personal issues or being aloof to the membership.
On the Water
Michael, with his degree in Oceanography is on a boat during daylight hours offshore of Huntington Beach 3 to 15 days a month investigating water pollution and water quality. His job is to investigate the effects of water quality on marine plants, fish and mammals. The Water District closes the beaches if the water quality is unsafe. Michael's busiest time on the water is between January-February and July-August. His group investigates ocean water quality from Seal Beach down to Laguna Beach and goes out as far as 7 miles off shore. His group also extracts mud to investigate microscopic organisms. Michael is very proud of his organization stating his agency has set standards which are used all over the nation for off shore water quality.
Large Movie Collection
Michael confesses he has a movie collection of over 1500 movies. He is also an avid reader and has a very large collection of books.■

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posted 21 March 2014
Electricity Off for One Full Day
On Thursday March 19, Harbour Vista for the Lago,Blackbeard and Cabana buildings had their electricity turned off. The outage was scheduled from 8AM to 3:30 pm. But did not end until around 5:45pm. Edison sent out notices last weeks about this planned outage. Some residents complained they did not receive a notice. But the notice could have been confused as junk mail.
Not Fully Explained
Edison did not fully explain in their notice that this power outages would also affect parking and the garage access from Cabana Drive. Late on the day before, residents were surprises to see parking and access notices along the Cabana driveway.
No Phone, No Hot Water, Odor
Because of the outage, many residents did not have their land line phones working as the Verizon battery back failed shortly after the outage started. Hot water circulation was also off as well as the boilers. The Stream pumps stopped and water levels fell with bottom rocks and mud exposed. As the day went on and the temperature rose, the streams began to smell.
Heavy Equipment
The Edison contractor brought in a lot of heavy equipment to pull lines from two main distribution system on the phase I property. These lines were in very bad shape (approximately 40 years old). One workman stated that if they would had of broken, electricity for the Blackbeard, Cabana and Lago buildings could have been out power for 4 days for repairs.
No Hot Water
When power was restored, the stream started circulating. But at lease one of the hot water boilers failed to start up properly. This was not noticed till the next day with residents enduring cold showers in the morning. Scott English Plumbing was dispatched by Action Property Management after residents complained to reset one Boiler affecting the first Lago Building and the Cabana building off of Green Lane. ■
posted 2 April 2015
Become a Candidate for the Board

Soon Homeowners who reside at Harbour Vista will be receiving the Declaration of Candidacy materials from Action Property Management. The Election for new Directors for our HOA Board will take place in June.
All Five Seats are Open
There are five seats on our Board of Directors. One seat has been vacant since a Director moved from Harbour Vista last fall. All five seats will be up for election in June. The term of office is one year.
Harbour Vista is Your HOME
This is an opportunity for you as a Homeowner to contribute to our HOA. Because this is your HOME you can get involved in our HOA by running for a seat on the Board of Directors. As a Board Member you would be more involved with your community, its direction and policies. You would oversee the spending of our HOA funds (your monthly dues).
Governing Resources
As a Board Member you will have access to information such as why the General Legal expenses for the HOA been so high the last few years. The Board has stated that the Land Sub-Lease extension is deadlocked. As a Board Member you could direct more resources to this issue. You may have ideas on how to improve the common areas of the complex. All of these are good reasons for becoming a Candidate for the Board of Directors. This is your chance to help govern our HOA and provide a much appreciated service to the residents of Harbour Vista.
Make A Difference
We encourage you to "Make A Difference" by running for a seat on the Board of Directors.

Harbour Vista News will publish a "Candidate's Corner" where all candidates can submit their Candidate's statements for publication.

“We Are All In This Together™”.
---Harbour Vista News
posted 30 March 2015
Dining Around Harbour Vista
by Mary Williams

A great find. Small place with a 5 table dining area in the front. Very casual, plastic chairs etc., But in the back they have made a patio area with lights, heaters, landscape painting on the walls to remind you of being in Cancun. Great place for the summer casual eating.
Loads of Seafood
Loads of seafood on the menu but they did have a couple of beef and chicken dishes available. Medium price but the quality was good. I had the carne asada and shrimp burrito. Good flavors, served with black beans and white rice. A nice change from normal Mexican beans and rice. Another dish ordered was the bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp. Served with beans rice and salad. Also had a fish taco plate, choice of fried or grilled with beans and rice. Excellent guacamole. Made fresh.
Beer and Soft Drinks
Beer and soft drinks are available. Wine was also but I do not recommend it. I would go for the beer.■

The Seafood Zone
6441 McFadden
Huntington Beach 92647
(714) 891-1981
Web: www.theseafoodzone.com
Hours: M - T 11:00 to 8:00
F - S 11:00 to 9:00
Sun 12:00 to 8:00
Happy Hours M-F 2:30 to 6:00
Credit cards
Take out or dine in
Corkage $7

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posted 3 March 2014
For Your Information
The Board announced at their February meeting they will be more strictly enforcing the HOA Parking Rules.

Residents who are in violation of the Parking Rules will get a green warning notice of the violation. The Board can have cars towed at the owner's expense if the resident continues to violate the Parking Rules.

A notice has been posted at the mailbox kiosk letting residents know the Board will be taking action on enforcement of the rules.

The notice reminds residents that the Visitor Parking spaces are not for Resident use. Residents have one assigned space and one assigned garage for their use. If a resident needs additional parking they have to park outside the complex on the street not in the Visitor Parking spaces. The Board members will be taking down the license plate numbers of the vehicles parked in the Visitor Parking spaces and identifying violations and issuing warning notices.

You can review the Parking Rules here on theAction Vivo Web Site as a PDF■
posted 23 March 2015
Action Property Management has assigned our new Community Manager. Her name is Peggy Shaw. Her email is pshaw@actionlife.com. Peggy Shaw comes to Harbour Vista with over eight years of experience in Property Management. You may contact her by phone at 949-450-0202 or by calling Action Community Care at 800-400-2284. Harbour Vista News Welcome Peggy Shaw.
posted 30 March 2015
March HOA Meeting Highlights
More on Parking Violations
Three homeowners, all four Board Members and the acting Community Manager, Julie Carter were in attendance along with Peggy Shaw our new Community Manager. The open meeting started 25 minutes late due to a lengthy executive session.
New Community Manager
The Board introduced our new Community Manager Peggy Shaw. Peggy Shaw stated she has over eight years of property management experience in California. She is also a new hire to Action Property Management.
The Board discussed the Parking Notice mailed to residents and property owners. Residents are still parking in the Visitor Parking spaces in violation of the parking rules. The Board will start putting the green parking violation notice on cars and if the car is not moved within 24 hrs. the car will be towed. The Board will monitor the license plate numbers of the cars parked in visitor parking to identify repeat offenders and those cars will be towed. Only board members have the green parking violation notices and only they can place them on cars.
Homeowners Responsibility
The reserved parking spaces assigned to each condo are the responsibility of individual homeowners. If a car is parked in a homeowners reserved space the homeowner can put a note on the car informing them the space is reserved and not to park in it. Or a homeowner can call the HB Police Department and ask for the car to be towed. A board member may advise a homeowner but they cannot have a car towed from a reserved parking space.
Open Forum
A homeowner asked how much advance notice was needed for the monthly water shut off. The board stated the water shut off notices need to be posted at least 24hrs prior to the water shut off on the first Monday of each month.

A homeowner said they are having a problem with the neighbor below their condo. This neighbor barbeques often and there is an excessive amount of smoke that comes into their condo. Also this neighbor smokes often and the smoke comes into their condo. Julie Carter said she would attempt to contact the owner to ask if they would be willing to discuss the issue with the homeowner.
It was announced the brick wall at the Grunion entrance gate will be repaired soon.

One board member stated they had observed the landscapers blowing leaves into the streams. Julie Carter said she would advise Tierre Verde.
New Business

  • The board received a proposal for major repairs on balconies. Julie Carter informed the board that funds from the reserve account can be used for these repairs and that the balcony repairs will not include any balcony re-design. Action is obtaining additional proposals so no action was taken.
  • Roof leak repairs for a garage were approved
  • Roof repair for a unit was repaired
  • Patio fence repair for ground unit was approved
  • A roof and patio repairs for two units were deferred until more clarification and bids are obtained
  • Tree trimming was approved
  • The Audit draft was approved
Three liens on accounts were approved. It was mentioned that liens on accounts are not filed until the account is 2 months delinquent.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 PM. The board went back into Executive Session.

The next Board meeting will be on April 27th at 6:30 PM. ■
posted 5 April 2015
March Maintenance Happenings
Brick Wall Repaired
In last year's December Maintenance Happenings, we reported that the Brick wall at the entrance to the Grunion Gate had fallen down due to folliage issues. This month it has finally been repaired.
Clubhouse Repair
For more than a couple of years the supporting beams to the entrance to the Cabana clubhouse
have been deteriorating due to dry rot. This month the old bean was removed and a new beam installed.
Electricity Never Shut Off
Residents received a post card notice from SCE regarding a turn off of electricity for the Cabana side of the complex. However, due to rain that day the shut off was postponed. SCE will notify residents when the shut off is re-scheduled.
Umbrella in the Stream
Wind lifted and blew one of the umbrellas at the Cabana pool into the stream. The umbrella blew over the fence around the pool into the stream. A worker from Diversified retrieved the umbrella from the stream and placed it on the bridge leading to the pool to dry out. The umbrellas at the pools should probably be bolted to the stand/bases so they don't fly off.
When Will the Hole Be Filled In?
Scott English plumbing had to dig a rather large hole to reach pipes that needed to be repaired by the 16512 Blackbeard building. This was weeks ago and the repair seems to be completed but the hole has not been filled in. In checking with Action we were told they didn't have a work order for this so they would check on it and get back to us. Haven't heard from them yet. ■
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posted 23 March 2015
Letter to the Editor
From Laundry Flooding Homeowner,
We live in a bottom floor unit with two units above us. Last month we had again a laundry room flood from the drain line from our washing machine.This has been going on for a couple of months. I called the Action management and explained the problem. Next day they sent out Scott English to asses the problem. They said this problem was the homeowners responsibility and would cost us $185 to have them clean it out. I told them to talk to Julie Carter at Action and clear this up. She wasn't in, so nothing was done to fix it.

The next day, I called Julie Carter and explained what happened and then said to her " I thought if it was in the wall, its the responsibility of the HOA to fix it". Julie said that to her understanding, this was true. She would bring this subject up at the next board meeting.

After the board meeting in January, she replied by email, that the board considered the laundry drain to be an "exclusive drain", and is solely my responsibility. I shot back in reply, " if this is a exclusive drain, then why do we get flooded when we aren't using our washing machine?

I question the HOA point that this an "exclusive drain". This seems to be an exception to the "in the wall" rule. Where does this ruling appear in the C,C,& R's, or does it? I have had many floods from this drain, one time in the middle of the night, water came gushing out of this drain. Where do I find the " blue prints" for the plumbing and piping structure in order to find the proof?

To Laundry Flooding Homeowner,
"Section 1.42 Unit" of Harbour Vista CC&R's describes the condominium boundaries.These documents are posted on Harbour Vista News under "HOA Documents" tab. Under the "Maps" tab is a set of "Builder Plans" in PDF format.

Why Scott English Plumbing and the HOA Board decided the flooding in your laundry room was caused by an "exclusive use drain" for your wash machine and therefore not a HOA responsibility, deserves a better explanation why they came to that conclusion. Since you are on the bottom floor and the 2 units along with your unit have a common drain pipe it would seem it is a HOA responsibility to pay for the cleaning of the drain.

Since you have left numerous messages asking Julie Carter (Community Manager) to call you and give a more detailed explanation why this drain is an "exclusive use" drain and you have not had a call from her, you may want to write to the Board requesting an explanation of why they concluded the drain pipe is an "exclusive use" for your unit.

It would be helpful to all homeowners to have a clear understanding of what is the homeowner's responsibility (exclusive use) and what is the HOA's responsibility. It has been past policy that if the pipe is inside the wall and is a common drain it is the HOA's responsibility. More clarification from the current Board would be good for homeowners to know.
-----Michael Barto

To Ask a Question of Harbour Vista News: Simply email, call (714-883-1949) or send a letter. Remember: "We are all in this together™".
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Harbour Vista ARCHIVES
posted 8 March 2015
Photo Opt
The above photo is of a boat parked behind a garage in the Cabana parking area. It is also parked next to a red painted curb (fire lane). The boat has been parked there for 3 days (maybe longer). This is clearly a violation of the HOA Parking Rules. See Notice (this link).
Update (03/11/15): The Boat was "Green" ticketed by the HOA and has since been removed.
Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
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37 April 2015 Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
April 27, 2015 at 6:30 PM
27 April 2015 Cabana Clubhouse 7:30PM
April 27, 2015
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    (following Adjournment of Executive Session)
May 25, 2015
25 May 2015 Cabana Clubhouse 7:30PM
May 25, 2015 at 6:30 PM
May 25, 2015
Note: These Agendas are now Posted at the Action Vivo Web Site four days prior to the meetings. They can be found as a PDF under "Documents". A property owner user id and password is required to access this site.
Real Estate Summary
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Active Real Estate Listing
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16521 Grunion Lane #202 2 BD $189,900 (short sale)
Pending Sales
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Closed Sales (2015)
Address Type Closed
4831 Lago Drive #104
2 BD $205,000
4831 Lago Drive #103
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