May 23, 2023
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 23 May 2023

As per Civil Code §4045.

Providing General Delivery or Notice,

  1. The HAO has posted by mail for Comments the Architectural Guidelines to become effective in 2023 for comment. Changes are designated in RED. These new Architectural Guidelines will become effective at the next Board for June 29, 2023.
See Architectural Guideline 2023 ()(184K)
  1. The HAO has posted by mail for Comments the Assessment Billing Collection Policy to become effective in 2023 for comment. Changes are designated in RED. These revised Assessment Billing Collection Policy will become effective at the next Board for June 29, 2023.
See Assessment Billing Collection Policy ()(29K)

Civil Code §4360.

Notice and Approval of Rule Change by Board.

The board shall provide general notice pursuant to Section 4045 of a proposed rule change at least 28 days before making the rule change. The notice shall include the text of the proposed rule change.

Please submit any comments to this email:
Email: (Harbour Vista Property Manager)

posted 2 April 2023
Pet of the Month
Camilla the Thrilla
New to the neighborhood is Camilla. She is a Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd crossbreed and is five months old. She was born on a small farm with five siblings in the litter exposed to cats and other animals . Although sweet and affectionate, she can be a challenge with an abundance of energy. She loves meal time and will do anything for a treat. Now that she is getting older, we are looking forward to going hiking and to dog beach. If there were sheep or cattle to herd, that would be great.
Camilla Loves People and Playing with Dogs
She loves snuggling with excitement to see anyone. She can be a pest to some dogs with her constant playing, but with the right playmate, she is as happy as can be.
Dog Parks are Her Big Hangout
She can be seen running around in our dog park at Harbour Vista and more playmates at Wieder Park. ■
posted 22 April 2023
Message from the President
Dear Harbour Vista HOA members,

I want to make you aware that the Harbour Vista HOA board has selected Professional Community Management (PCM) as our new community management company, starting May 1st.

You will receive, or may have received already, and email from PCM allowing them to introduce themselves. In the email they provide pertinent information such as the 1-800 number you will need to contact them and instructions for how to set up a future payments that will go through them.

The announcement will also be sent to you via US mail, so look for it in your mailbox.

The email will be coming from Pro_transitionsteam, and it explains that you will receive a new account number, which you need to switch your electronic payments from Progressive to PCM. The account number may also go on the checks you mail to them. Your May 1st payment is the first one that is going to be processed through the new company.

It is important to note that only the HOA payments are going through this change. The landlease payments that you send to Harbour Vista LLC. will continue as usual, so continue to make those payments as you normally do.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions you may have about this process.


Mariette van den Bersselaar
Harbour Vista HOA President
714-606-3491 mobile ■
posted 11 December 2022
Lukewarm Water
December Crossover Invesigation (part 1)
On Monday December 5, 2022, members of the Architectural Committee Michael Barto and Dave Schubert, and Board member Mike Borzi performed a plumbing crossover evaluation on three and a half buildings. This entailed turning the water off for 70 units. We concluded that twelve units had crossover issues. Seven on the Grunion side and five in the two Lago Buildings. This effort did not fix anything, but was solely performed to isolate the problem. In the coming weeks we will bring in a specialized plumber to track down and repair the issues discovered. 
More Units Added
Originally the team was only to evaluate 16521 Grunion and the north half of 16551 Grunion, which utilize the same boiler. But just before Monday, residents from the 4791 Lago building started reporting similar lukewarm water issues. It was decided at the last minute to also include that building in the evaluation plus the 4831 Lago building as it uses the same boiler. This may have been a mistake as manpower resources were really strained during this evaluation. There was just too much work. If it was not for the last minute volunteering of resident Dave Schubert, the team would have been sunk. 
Boilers Showed Crossover
Hot water was turned off to the buildings and the hot return line spigot was turned on to drain the hot water from the buildings. Cold water remained on. Residents were asked to turn on all their hot water faucets to speed up the draining of the pipes in the building. If everything worked right, the hot water drain would stop to a trickle at the boiler drain spigot. But this did not happen as the return spigot continued to flow. This indicated that crossover was occurring where the cold water line was mixing with the hot water line. Both boilers demonstrated this same result.
Stack Cold Water Shutoffs
Cold water to each buildings can be turned off by stack. A stack consist of two or three units vertically. The cold water turnoffs for the three bedroom stacks are located near the gas meters enclosures, whereas the cold water shutoff for the one and two bedroom units are located inside the bottom floor unit patio for that stack. 
3bd shutoff
1-2 bd shutoff
Isolating the Crossover
The evaluation team proceeded to turn off the cold water in each stack to see if the boiler return spigot drain would stop. If so, then that stack was identified as having a crossover. This would narrow down the results to only two or three units in a stack instead of a whole building. With three and half building involved, the team had to turn on and turn off a potential of 28 valves and check back with two boilers.
Nobody Home
The team was able to complete the evaluation for the two Lago buildings. The 16521 Grunion two bedroom stacks were not evaluated because no one was home to allow us access to their patio. This may have been an oversight in planning and communications will be improved next time.
Next Step
Identifying the stacks with this method does not necessarily mean there is a bad valve in a member's unit. There may be other issues with fixtures such as incorrectly installed, a bad washing machine valve or even the hydronic heater. But somehow cold water is getting into the hot water lines. The HOA has contracted a specialized plumbing service to traces the lines to where this crossover is occurring. When this happens, members will again be asked to have their water turned off and the plumbers will need access to the suspected units. ■

Editor Notes:
  1. A three bedroom unit stack did not show up as a crossover issue from the boiler spigot drain when their cold water was turn off. But inside their units with the cold turned off, cold water still continued to flow in their units from thier fixtures. It is theorized that the plumbing in this stack has two cold water sources.
  2. Members who experience lukewarm water or lack of pressure, should make sure the cartridge in their mixing type fixtures are clean and in proper working order. 
  3. Member might consider doing their own cross over research. They can turn off their sinks with the valves located under their cabinets of their fixtures and also turn off the washing machine hoses and to see if they now get hot water to their shower. This would identify these fixtures as the problem.
  4. The evaluation on this Monday was for crossover only. Southern California Gas identified that the gas lines to the boilers are undersized and recommended an upgrade to an MSA 85 m/r meter. The first installation will be scheduled for the 16521 Grunion Boiler (16521 and north side 16551 Grunion Buildings).
posted 27 December 2022
Lukewarm Water
Not Giving Up (Part 2)
On December 21, 2022, a technician from Southern California Gas Company arrived to replace the gas meter and update the gas line for the 16521 Grunion Boiler. Board and architectural committee members present had thought they would start the work at once, however he was there to survey as to what preparations were required, and left before noon. That same day plumbing company Elite Leak Detection was scheduled to come in at 1:30 to perform thermal imaging on several units in the 4831 and 4791 Lago buildings and the 16521 Grunion and 16551 N. Grunion buildings for lukewarm water issues. The actual inspection did not start till 3 pm, and therefore only an abbreviated evaluation was performed on the Lago Buildings. Inspections on the Grunion buildings were deferred. The Elite Leak plumber was able to verify some crossover issues that we had previously identified, and also concluded that there is a boiler demand that is not being met. This is the same conclusion that the Southern California Gas company had arrived at, which is why they recommended the gas meter upgrade.
Grunion Boiler Impact
Emergency notices had been posted on thirty Grunion unit doors stating there would be an emergency hot water interruption while Southern California Gas updated the gas line to the 16521 Boiler. HOA members working on this effort thought the upgrade would happen on December 21, however it was not to be. Even though the Gas Company was on site at 8 pm on that day, the technician left soon after and later reported they had trouble locating the underground gas line. The next day a crew came in who after much digging, found the gas line and installed a new, larger gas line. As of this writing, this line and its associated meter has not connect to the boiler.
Plumber Specialist
The thermo-imaging plumbing service was originally schedule to meet with the Architectural Committee on December 14th. But because of a emergency leak, this was rescheduled to December 21 at 1:30pm with Architectural Chair Michael Barto and HOA Treasurer Chat Tran. Unfortunately, Elite Leak Detection plumbers did not arrive until 3 pm. After a briefing, it was decided that there was only enough time to evaluate the 4791 and 4831 Lago buildings with Grunion inspection to be rescheduled. Using an infrared camera system, Elite Leak Detection inspected two stacks consisting of four individual units which had been previously identified with crossover (See December Crossover Investigation). They also inspected the outside cold water shutoff valves where they found two that need to be serviced.
Hot Water Returned
Lukewarm water issues has been persistent for since early December for the two Lago buildings. But just prior to the meeting, hot water returned to one of the two unit stacks. This occurred in the morning after ProStar, our boiler company, cleaned the boiler screen. Since the issue had disappeared for this two unit stack, nothing could be investigated for this stack. For the other two unit stack cold water crossover was still present. But only for certain fixtures. The plumbers said that the only way to resolve this issue would be to trace the lines in the two units which might require removing the drywall. This will be for a future follow on.
Gas Detected
During one of the boiler cycles, the plumbers observed a gas smell. After investigating for leaks with a sniffer, they identified a small amount of gas was released during a cycle from the Boiler. They concluded, that was caused by insufficient flow related to the restricted gas lines and there was no danger involved. This will be addressed by the SoCalGas gas line upgrades currently being scheduled.
Plumbers Conclusions and Plan
There were many suggestions, the most immediate one being to increase the gas lines to these boiler. After that, the identified crossover issues will be addressed along with some maintenance to some water shutoff valves. The Board approved the 16521 Boiler gas line and meter update a couple of months ago and this upgrade in the process. Once that is completed, other boiler gas line upgrades are up for Board approval. ■
posted 18 April 2023
The comedian John Oliver recently discussed HOA’s on his show “This Week Tonight”. The video of this is posted on YouTube. See It is REALLY funny or is it?. ■
posted 9 April 2023
Lukewarm Water
Lukewarm Water Meeting
On April 4, 2023, the Architectural Committee held an open meeting for the owners and residents of the 4791 and 4831 Lago Buildings who were experiencing lukewarm water. The meeting was held in the Cabana Clubhouse and 10 people attended.
Over the past 12 months we have received a number of reports about lack of hot water in the 4791 and 4831 Lago Buildings. There have also been many statements, often not substantiated, as to the reason. The purpose of the meeting was to provide information, define responsibilities of the home owner vs. HOA and to set up a plan of action to solve the problem.
This meeting was held under the auspices of the HOA Architectural Committee and was called to order by its Chair Michael Barto. The Architectural committee is a volunteer committee and no one on a committee or holding a position in the HOA gets paid to perform work.
Not an Apartment Complex
Harbour Vista is not an apartment complex. There is no landlord to report to or a separate ownership. All owners of the property are members of the HOA, they elect the members of the Board and contribute assessments to maintain the property.
Governing Documents
The HOA is operated by its governing documents and by the David-Stirling Act. As a condo owner a member get equity from their unit and are share holders of the common areas. Members are fully responsible for the interiors of their unit and all plumbing fixtures which include shower valves, faucets, heater and washing machine hookups. Asking the HOA to replace any of these items inside the members condo would be be reflected in an increase of assessments.
Michael Barto showed a video from “This Old House” explaining why a “pressure balance” valve fails (See He also provide other links to similar videos:
Mixet Valves
He explained that the HOA had performed an extensive survey to have all old Mixet shower valves replaced, as they have shown to have severe technically issues. Membership was asked to replace them under threat of legal action. The assumption is that all the old Mixet valves have been replaced for the 4791 and 4831 Lago Buildings.
Pressure Balance Valves
When plumbers recommend you replace old Mixet valves with new “pressure balance” valves, they sometimes forget to mention that “pressure balance” cartridges need to replaced every 3 to 5 years. Also, if you do not use your shower on a regular basis, they may fail under those conditions. It is recommended that “pressure balance” cartridges be replaced every two to three years, especially with the high sediment that is present in the Huntington Beach water supply.
Laars Boiler History
Members have suggested that it is the Laars Boiler system serving this building that is the problem.This is unlikely as the current Boiler has almost been completely rebuilt.
No Sediment Strainer
Michael Barto pointed out that the Laars Boiler was purchased in 2018, but appears to have been installed improperly by the then maintenance vendor Benrich. They were installed using an undersized gas line and with no sediment strainer to protect the Boiler. In 2020, the HOA had sediment screens installed and start an effort to improve the boiler with a larger pump, an air bleed valve and monitoring thermometers.
Ignitor Failure to Leak
In January of this year, the boiler igniters started failing. Finally the boiler itself started leaking. The HOA quickly approved the $10,000 needed to replace the Laars Boiler heat exchanger. When removed, the heat exchanger revealed high sediment in the manifold. This sediment probably has also been transported to the building infrastructure piping causing “pressure balance” valves in shower or sink to prematurely fail.
Heat Exchanger Replaced
Michael showed a picture of the work performed by ProStar in the rain to replace the boiler heat exchanger and passed around examples of the material they found in the old heat exchanger. One resident asked if there was a warranty on the Boiler. Michael stated that there was a 10 year warranty as long as it was installed property-which it was not.

Gas Line Upgraded
At the end of the month of February the Southern California Gas (the request was placed five months ago) updated the gas meter which results in easier starts and elimination of a gas smell.
All Complaints Not Recorded
Michael Barto stated that our old Property Manager Brad Crocker has been replaced by Cameron Hamilton. Brad’s biggest failure is that he did not get back to the membership in a timely manner or organize projects very well. This is not true of Cameron as he is very responsive and gets back to members right away. Whatever the case is, the HOA has only four reports of lukewarm water issues. Without regular reporting and collection of this data, the HOA is blind as to exactly what to repair.
Complex Problem
Plumbers will tell you that this is complex problem. It usually entails replacing one component at a time and finally the problem will disappear. It has been stated that we may have to have over 70 shower valves investigated in one pass to get to the root of the problem.
Boiler Cross Over Testing
Several months ago, the Architectural Committee and ProStar ran a test to identify cross over issues in individual stacks for the two Lago Buildings and one and a half Grunion buildings. This test identified five such cross over stack issues. The HOA requested that the Property Manager contact these owner and get this fixed. This request has also appeared in the last four board packets
Cooperation Needed
Michael expressed that many residents and homeowners have demonstrated a lack of cooperation in repairing cross over issues that affect multiple units. Mostly because they want the HOA to pay for it which will raise everyone’s dues.
Elite Detection Plan
In the plan from Elite Leak Detection, which the HOA is funding, they want access to all units over a two day period with multiple plumbers. There are 40 units. Coordinating such an event will be complicated to say the least.
Single Stack
Resident Nancy Greco reported a lukewarm water issue. Her unit stack was identified as having severe cross over in that previous survey. With a new property manager, a plumber from Coast Plumbing was dispatched to investigate her unit and the one above her (her stack consist of two units). The plumber identified an issue with a “pressure balance” valve in her second bathroom. The cold water line to the stack was turned off in that vertical stack. What he observed was the year old “pressure balance” valve in her 2nd bathroom continued to flow even though the cold water was off. This should not happen! If one side of the valve is turned off, then the flow should stop. Michael Barto also verified this with two major plumbing vendors. Nancy says she is going to get that valve replaced, and see if it fixes the problem. The unit above is vacant and has all its fixtures capped off.
Homeowners’ Testing Plan
Though the HOA is in the process of funding Elite Leak Detection for a major investigation of all units, which will be expensive, members are able perform their own test to locate “pressure balance” valves issues and replace defective “pressure balance” valves.
Cold Water Shutoff Testing
The cold water test only applies to two or three units at a time in a vertical stack. The inspection would require cooperation of residents in the stack to turn off the cold water valves for about 15 minutes. Once the cold water is off, residents may inspect the faucets of each unit - looking for excessive water flow. A form needs to be filled out for each unit and delivered to the Architectural Committee. Each stack should set up an owner or resident to coordinate this inspection. A member of the Architectural Committee can be present to provide aid.
Fill Out Form
Michael passed out a two page form () with fields to be filled out. The form showed the location of the cold water shutoff valves in each building. He requested that someone be designated as the coordinator for each stack and return all forms to the Architectural Committee upon completion of the test.
Proactive Response
A few members want the HOA to perform this. This would require setting up a volunteer staff, pay money to a third party. Nancy Greco stated that she wants to replaced her valve as soon as possible. Michael Barto suggest that they have an extra water shutoff this month for that purpose. Several members said they wanted wanted to start next Monday. Michael said, he would have the water turn off for Mondays from 9 to 4pm for those who wanted to do that. But a request must be submitted to Progressive.
General Results
The most important thing to take away from this meeting, was that most attendees now want to take responsibility and participate in solving the problem. Explaining that Harbour Vista is an HOA and not an apartment complex better clarified the process. Switching to a new Property Manager Cameron Hamilton has improved the response time to get issues resolved. But communication is an issue, and there was some animosity to the HOA from this group. But it still needs to be pointed out, that the owners are the HOA - so are they are really mad at themselves. Very few of the attendees have ever attended a Board meeting or even read the monthly agenda posted at the mail box. Michael expressed that he needs help and thank resident Nancy Greco for her contribution in compiling a list of the residents in the two buildings having lukewarm water problems to bring this meeting together. ■

  1. One person felt that the Board does things without asking the membership. Yet this person seemed to have not attended the regular monthly Board meetings or read the posted agendas.
  2. A member suggested that the HOA should provide a free space heater because his heater does not work. This type of funding would have an impact on all members’ assessments.
  3. Harbour Vista has two boiler types. Three Laars Boiler and two RayPak Boilers. Though it may appear that we have less trouble from the RayPak Boilers, that is not true. According to the maintenance vendors who service both, both types have about the same amount of failures. The only difference between Laars and Raypak, is that RayPak is easier to service and parts are readily available locally. Whereas parts for the Laars boilers must be shipped from back east.
  4. Michael said he was working on making a proposal for a soft water treatment system for the boilers, but he does need help to locate and evaluate solutions.
posted 23 May 2023
Land Lease Committee April Status
Land Lease Committee Report
April 11, 2023
by Mariette van den Bersselaar
This is a summary of the status from Land Lease Committee meeting held April 11, 2023

The new Land Lease Attorney Patrick Munoz and his staff are in the process of reviewing all HOA land lease related documents and correspondence that the committee has provided.
Next Meeting
Our next joint meeting will be held in June time frame. It is the intent of the attorney and staff to evaluate the underlying facts and laws and provide counsel to the HOA in pursuing negotiating a buyout of the sublease, or extension of the sublease, or potential litigation.
Entire HOA
The Board is acting on behalf of the entire HOA and we will advise of what type of commitment may be required for each of the types of negotiations (mostly of a financial nature) before we enter in such negotiation.
  • If we are able to negotiate a buyout of the sublease, a loan to cover this buyout could potentially be funded by the monthly land lease payments as they exist today.
  • If we need to pursue an option to extend the sublease to 2056, where we would remain in partnership with the sublease owner, some form of down payment would probably be required. This could be funded through a loan on the individual property.
  • Finally, we will also consider purchase of the land itself, which is a whole different kind of commitment. Each of these options will be explained in detail as more information becomes available.■

For any question about the Land Lease or its status, contact the Land Lease Committee at:
posted 1 May 2023
What is Occasional Parking?
by Michael Barto
Harbour Vista has fifty-seven unmarked parking spaces which are designated as “unassigned”. These spaces have posted signs with a 72 hour continuous parking limit. The unassigned spaces come with three special rules in the Rules and Regulations. These rules appear to be in conflict and may be too arbitrary to enforce. This editorial points out the conflicts and asks that the HOA update these rules to make more sense.
Visitor Parking No Longer Exist
Up and until 2018, the 57 unmarked spaces had Visitor painted on them. During that year, Visitor parking was converted to unmarked parking when the roadways and parking spaces were re-paved. Reserved parking spaces had their numbers painted back, but Visitor space signage was not reinstated.Without this signage these parking spaces became “unassigned”. The current “Rules and Regulation dated April 7, 2022, continues to refer to Visitor parking.Unmarked parking is enforced as Visitor parking as designated in the “Rules and Regulations. When the “Rules and Regulations are revised, this should probably be fixed. For the purpose of this editorial. we will refer to Visitor parking spaces as unassigned.
Parking Rules Conflict
In the “Rules and Regulations section GARAGES, it states “Residents must park in assigned garages and assigned parking spaces. No exceptions.” Whereas in section VISITOR PARKING, it states Visitor parking spaces are limited to seventy-two (72) hours. These spaces are intended for the occasional use of residents and guests only.” It seems that in one case, as a resident, you cannot park in an unassigned space, and according to another, it is OK. And what does “occasional use” mean?
Is Occasional Enforceable?
Defining a restriction to be “occasional use” is asking for trouble when used for enforcement. Who decides what “occasional use” is? Is there a count per month that is considered “occasional”? Where is it published and who is keeping the tally?
Is Circumvent Enforceable?
The posted signage state that one may park their car for 72 hours. Many residents who park in unassigned spaces, go to work and return to park in the same space. Doing this does not violate the 72 hours posted time limit. There is an additional limitation that states: “Moving a car after the 72 hour limit to another parking space to circumvent visitor parking rules is not allowed.”
How Do We Enforce?
Enforcing the “occasional use” and “circumvent” rules makes it difficult for the Parking Committee to ticket vehicles that move from one unassigned space to another. How many times can a vehicle be moved from one unassigned space to another before the “circumvent” rule kicks in? Can one park on the street one day to reset this arbitrary “occasional use” or “circumvent” limit? How long before a resident can be allowed again to use an unassigned space? Is there a tally for “occasional use” parking – maybe 5 or 10 or more per month? Who does the counting and who maintains the tally? Is there a time limit for reinstatement to use an unassigned space again?
Very Confusing
Without a clear definition as to what is met by “occasional use” or what kicks in “circumvent”, these are arbitrarily rules that are vaguely enforceable and very confusing to the resident.
Get Rid of Them
The HOA could eliminate “occasional-use” and “circumvent” which would reduce bureaucracy. Though it may be inconvenient at certain times of the day or dates, residents have for many years been using first-come, first-served for these unassigned spaces. It is certainly easier to understand than “occasional-use” and “circumvent”. And as to who should use them, residents or visitors, first-come, first-served should make no distinction.■
posted 23 April 2023
Architectural Committee
Balcony Inspection Meeting
The Architectural Committee held a special meeting ton April 11, 2023 to interview one of the companies that sent in bid to perform balcony inspection as specified by the recent State Law SB326. This inspection of the entire community must be completed by January 1, 2025. Attending were Michael Barto (Chair), Chat Tran and Robert Sulivan. The two owners of California Balcony Inspection (CBI) Cindi and Shane Bitts were in attendance. The purpose of this meeting was to obtain an understanding of the requirement of the inspection and the process.
SB 326 requires associations to conduct visual inspections of exterior elevatedelements and load-bearing components six feet above ground, including: balconies, decks, patios, and elevated walkways (landings). The waterproofing system for each exterior elevated element must also be inspected. It requires that a Licensed Structural Engineer or Architect generate a report summarizing the findings, which should then be included in the association’s reserve study.
After this initial inspection and report is completed by January 1, 2025. A similar inspection will be made every nine years. The inspector must prepare a signed, detailed report and present it to the HOA board with the repair recommendations. The HOA board must then budget for the repairs and complete them within a reasonable time period – say for that fiscal year defined by the reserve study.
Multiple Bids
One of the reasons for this meeting was that the multiple bids for this project from $27,000 to $110,000. The bids were difficult to compare by defining one thing in one bid and another in another bid specifying different requirements. CBI mentioned that many of these estimates were created from the vendor looking at Google satellite maps.
Camera Video Scope
Part of the structural inspection a camera video scope would be used to look inside each enclosed structure for dry rot. This would require drilling an access hole to run a camera video scope and then closing off the hole when completed. It was pointed out to CBI, that all of Harbour Vista balcony flooring are open from the bottom and not enclosed. Therefore the cost of drilling holes and closing them off to performing a camera video scope inspection would not be incurred to which CBI agreed. Also, the stairways at Harbour Vista and possibly the landings are metal structures with wood facades. Therefore, they do not need any internal inspection for dry rot.
What is Required
CBI explained that their inspection will create a comprehensive report with a list of exterior elevated elements. They categorize four levels from “one” to “five”. “Five” requiring immediate attention and would be reported to the City of Huntington Beach to be “red tagged”. “One” is a perfect score. But to CBI knowledge, no inspection that they had conducted has received a “one”. Their physical inspection will require that they have permission to access a homeowner’s balconies. This is mostly accomplished with the use of ladders. The vendor suggested a couple of days to week to complete this inspection depending on what they find. They would like to perform all the inspections at Harbour Vista at one time
The Architectural Committee concluded that the HOA should create a scope of work (via the Architectural Committee) for bidding so that all vendor will be evaluated at the same level. For budgeting purposes, it maybe better to break this project into two parts One in this year’s budget and other in next year’s budget. The first inspection would help the HOA to better understand the impact on our HOA assessments and budget for correctness.
Next Step
The Architectural Committee intends to hold one more meeting with another potential vendor to ask other questions and validate some of our conclusions.■

Note: CBI level grading scale:

  1. balcony is in perfect condition. no action needed.
  2. minor repair and or maintenance top coat is recommended
  3. waterproofing repairs and or minor wood rot
  4. wood rot was detected recommend replacement
  5. balcony is in unsafe condition and needs immediate shoring

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From smart phones, tablet or Computer using the Zoom App, go to :
Meeting ID: 819 0215 6330 Passcode: HOA
You can also dial in using a phone
Dial In: 1 669 900 6833 US Meeting ID: 819 0215 6330 Paticipant ID:
anything or blank
Passcode: 376841
(subject to change without notice)
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(The Property Management Company will post the official agenda within 4 days prior to the meeting)
Date Location Time Agenda
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
General Session Meeting of Board of Directors
Thursday, June 29, 2023

Association Cabana Pool Clubhouse
  3. Any owner in attendance is permitted three minutes to address the Board regarding Association related issues. The Board may address the issues at that time or at a later meeting. Once the homeowner forum has concluded, membership is welcome to observe the remainder of the meeting; however, they are not permitted to participate.
(after open session
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
July 27, 2023
(after open Session)
General Notice
New Owner’s Quick Information
The following is to provide to new homeowners at Harbor Vista.

Initial Contacts:

The first thing you should do is contact Progressive Association Management to obtain access to your account, provide contact information in case of emergency, report problems or request maintenance services:
Property Owner Registration:
Property Manager: cameron Hamilton
Rules and Regulations

Make sure you have the latest copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations. You may obtain them from Association Management. They are also posted at Harbour Vista News at:


The first thing that many new homeowners do is replace appliances, flooring and cabinets and even plumbing. Each Harbour Vista Condo shares common walls, floors and ceilings. Remodeling project may impact your neighbors or the outside of the building (screens, windows, doors) which pierces the firewalls. Simple installing new flooring or recess lights impacts sound proofing and firewall bariers with your neighbors. The inside of your unit’s walls may have plumbing and electrical that service other units. You should contact the property manager to obtain a copy of the latest Architectural Guidelines which is also posted at Harbour Vista News at:

Architectural Request

You may be required to submit an Architectural Request prior to starting a remodeling project. You can also contact the HOA Architectural Committee to simply ask questions. Installing an air conditioning/heating system will require a building permit and approval of an HOA Architecture Request. The large attic space in the three bedroom is not constructed as a living space when the units were build. Only storage of light weight items is permitted.

Construction Noise

Construction noise for remodeling is only allowed between 7am to 5pm on the weekdays. If your remodeling project is going to make excessive noise, it is a good idea to inform your neighbors prior to the start of the work.

Trash Bins

Normal trash bin pickup is scheduled every week for Tuesday and Friday. Do not over stuff the trash bin particularly when moving in. Disposal of large items which including furniture that do not fit in the trash bin is allowed but only the day before the HOA scheduled large item pick up. Large item pick dates are posted at the mail boxes bulletin boards.

Common Water System

Your condo shares a common water supply with all units with both hot and cold water paid for by the your HOA dues. Your condo does not have master water shutoff supply valves. Your sinks do have individual shutoff valves, but the shower/tubs do not unless they have been upgraded (a good suggestion). You should contact Progressive to schedule them to perform any full water turn off to your unit that may affect your neighbors.

Hydronic Heaters

Each condo has a forced air Hydronic hot water coil heater system install in the ceiling the hallway. These system may leak. These heaters have shutoff valves which are located behind the ceiling vent cover. Two ball valves (intake and outage) are behind a pulldown metal plate on the opposite side of the coil when the vent cover is removed (4 screws). Maintaining and repair of the hydronic heater is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Electrical/Cable TV Lines

Each unit when built has an inside 70 amp circuit panel. But sometimes the master breaker for a unit can be tripped. You cannot turn the power back on from your inside breakers. The master breaker is located in a locked cabinet in each building. If you accidentally have this breaker trip, contact the Progressive, a Board member or a building monitor. These cabinets also have the electrical boxes for land line phones, internet and TV. Though each vendor is supposed to have keys to these cabinet, some new vendors may not. Please have then contact Progressive for access.

Electronic Gate System

You can ask the Property Management Company to add your name to the Electronic Gate Kiosk at your assigned entrance gate with you phone number enabled. This phone number can be a cell phone. When a visitor or delivery person comes to the Kiosk, they can press a button by your name to call your number. You can then open the Gate from your phone.


The one electrical outlet in your garage is temporarily power small device. The power to each garage is on a common circuit and is paid by the HOA. Powering heavy electrical equipment such as refrigerators or charging an electric vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Homeowners' Insurance

A unit owner is required to carry Homeowners' insurance (CC&R's Section 9.03).


As new Harbour Vista Condo owner, you are a member of the Harbour Vista Home Owners Association (e.g., HOA). The HOA is the caretaker of the property and consist of elected member just like you. The HOA meetings are open to all members to attend to voice their issues and to observe the proceedings of the representatives. Meeting notices are posted at each Mailbox Bulletin Board. The HOA normally meets on the last Thursday of the Month. You may attend in person or via teleconferencing.
In the current HOA Rules and Regulations, it states:
No electric charging
of automobiles
allowed in
garage outlets without HOA Permission.
Members must be aware that using electricity from the garage is provided by the HOA as part of the monthly dues shared with all members. Member must submit an Architectural Request for approval or they will be fine starting at $200. A $50/month assessment for this special use of HOA trickle charging is required.
Violation of this rule is subject to fines with the HOA. See: EV Charging ■
Property Information
Property Information
Harbour Vista Condos conist of 180 multi story condo units of callssified as 1, 2 and 2 bedromm and a den/guest room. The complex is located at the corner of Heil Avenue and Green Street in Huntington Beach. The property is divided by Green Street into two land parcels. The Blackbeard-Cabana-Logo parcels consist of six builings and the Grunion parcels consists of three buildings. Each Building contains 20 units, one elevator and one stairwell for inside unit access.
Unit Descriptions
Harbour Vista Condos are large units. Each unit includes one master bedroom walk-in closet and one laundry room.
sq ft
Each unit is provided with one patio/balcony except the three bedroom units which are provided with two patios/balconies. Three bedroom units are classified as two bedrooms and a den or guest bedroom.
Parking and Garage
Each units is assigned one enclosed single car garage and one assign parking space. Each Garage has a vehicle height limit entrance 7 feet. Harbour Vista highly discourages any owner purchasing a unit to accomodate more than two vehicles.
Water and Heating
Both hot and cold water is provided from a shared water and boiler systems as part of the HOA monthly dues. Monthly dues also include Unit heating via individual hydronic forced air system.
Harbour Vista landscaping consist multiple streams, ponds with trees and garden areas.
Harbour Vista provides two pools and spas, one tennis/basketball court, and one clubhouse. Harbour Vista is a gated community with three electronic gates.
Land Lease
Harbour Vista is on lease land. Each unit owner pays in addition to monthly HOA dues, a monthly sublease. The sublease will expire in 2041 at which time, all the units willl revert to the lease holder with no compensation. The land lease will expire in 2056. ■
General Notice
Gate Keys
Remote Gate Controllers

To obtain either a replacement or extra key or remote gate controller, HOA members can contact Board Member Brenda Richardson at 714) 501-7018 (text message OK) or email to
Gate Key
Remote Gate Controller

Fill Out Key Entry Form
Trash (2023)
Large Items Trash Pickup
Disposal of mattresses, appliances, furniture, water heaters, etc. at the trash bin enclosed area is permitted on the night before pickup from the Association's disposal company for these specified dates.
Every Other Friday
June 2023

June 9
June 23

July 2023 July 7
July 21
August 2023 August 4
August 18
September 2023 September 1
September 15
September 29
October 2023 October 13
October 27
November 2023 November 10
November 24
December 2023 December 8
December 22
January 2024

January 5
January 19

February 2024 February 9
February 23
Large trash items should only be place inside the gated trash bin enclosure the night before. Doing so earlier will interfere with the normal function of the trash bins. Remember large items pickups are done on Friday very early in morning before regular trash pickup. Be courteous of the community.
Regular Trash Pickup
Normal trash bin pickup is schedule every week for Tuesday and Friday except when holidays may interfere.
Renter's Criteria
FOR RENT Criteria?
This is list of question that is recommended for owners when evaluating prospective renters. These questions must answer before the unit is shown
  • What is your credit rating?
  • How many persons will live in the unit.
  • How many vehicles will park at Harbour Vista?
  • Does any occupant smoke?
It is recommend that landloards will not allow multiple person families to rent their units. This would put a hardship on the community facilities. Landlords will not rent to persons who have more than two vehicles. Landlords do not want smokers in the unit. Any renter must carry "Renter's Insurance".
Enforcement of Ruloes and Regulations
Landlords are responsible for the enforcement of the Harbour Vista Rules and Regulations. if their tenant is in violation, fines and legal fees are their resposibility.
Real Estate Summary
(as of May 20, 2023)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
4852 Cabana Drive #106 2BR/2BA $459,909 (05/20/23))
Address Type Information
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
Address Type Information
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
16521 Grunion Ln #203 2BR/2BA $424,900 (04/08/23)
4831 Lago Drive #302 2BR/2BA $460,000 (04/05/23)
16521 Grunion Ln #206 3BR/2BA $480,000 (03/15/23)
4861 Lago Drive #106 1BR/1BA $370,000 (03/7/23)
4831 Lago Dr #103 2BR/2BA $500,000 (01/18/23)
16521 Grunion Ln #101 3BR/2BA $530,000 (01/10/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #100 3BR/2BA $500,000 (10/28/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #201 3BR/2BA $510,900 (09/26/22)
4831 Lago Drive #304 2BR/2BA $485,000 (09/07/22)
16542 Blackbeard Lane #101 3BR/2BA $500,000 (8/24/22)
16551 Grunion Ln #304 2BR/2BA $422,000 (08/04/22)
4831 Lago Drive #201 3BR/2BA $525,000 (07/08/22)
16551 Grunion Drive #203 2BR/2BA $400,000 (06/30/22)
4791 Lago Drive #107 1BR/1BA $301,000(06/23/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #305 2BR/2BA $460,000 (05/13/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #204 2BR/2BA $405,000 (04/01/22)
4831 Lago Drive #101 3BR/2BA $383,000 (03/21/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #102 2BR/2BA $365,000 (03/07/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln # 104 2BR/2BA $411,000 (02/08/22)
16581 Grunion Ln #100 3BR/2BA $385,000 (01/31/22)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #201 3BR/2BA #385,000 (01/27/22)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
indicates that the listing agreement concluded without a sale
posted May 21, 2023

For Rent

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