March 15, 2023
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 10 October 2022
Pet of the Month
Leo Loves the Outdoors
Meet Leonard, Leo for short. He is a five year old Poodle/Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix. The owner found him on Craig's List. He came from a litter of five and he instantly charmed his new owner. Maybe not your typical outdoor dog type, but Leo has embraced his owners interests in off roading, camping and loves the outdoors particularly when taken to Dog Beach. He does not mind the water and is always ready to jump in.
Loves People
Leo loves people, but is not quite sure about other dogs as early in his life, he had two bad experience. But when it come to food, he is all in for carrots and an occasional pepperoni slice.
Bright Out There
When his owner takes him camping or off roading, Leo is prepared with his own sunglasses. He loves to ride in the Jeep. At the Beach, he sports his own floating jacket.  ■
posted 07 December 2022
November 2022 Safety Meeting Summary
Additional Building Numbers
Fire Gate Drop Gates

Handicap Access
by Rick Manning
A Safety Committee Meeting was held on Thursday November 17, 2022. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm. In attendance were Rick Manning (Chair), Keith Levin, and Cynthia Lee.
Steppingstones for Walking
The Safety Committee has turned the steppingstones to the gardeners for their use around the property to access areas around planters etc. Status, unknown. A landscaping committee issue.
There are only a few pool safety signs that need replacing but there is other signage around the property that need to be replaced due to fading or in need of repair. We are putting together a spreadsheet listing several venders and comparing costs which will be presented to the board for discussion and approval.
Fire Gate Drop Gates
The issue behind drop gates for these points of entry are to prevent teens or vagrants from crawling under where the gate crosses over the water drainage way. It was discussed about having an additional metal “lift style” drop gate to fill the area that can be locked down and unlocked by the FD in emergencies. One contractor submitted a bid, but the board asked Brad if he could contact 2 additional metal gate fabrication specialists to find one that will meet a budget approval.
Security Cameras
Cory from Golden Eye Surveillance Systems has been working on a failure of one part, the receiver on the clubhouse. Cory will fix when the part is in. Only 2 cameras are active now. He wants to have the system fully functional prior to Thanksgiving.
Security Locking Gates for Pools
A-Abbot Locksmith Pool and Keys (Supplement) $10,248.42

This item is still ON HOLD however, we are collecting information on both a credit card style reader and a key fob system. When we have sufficient information on these, we will submit the information to the board and see if they wish to proceed in obtaining bids.
Additional Building Address Numbers
Several months ago, additional building address number for the buildings were purchased. Property Manager Brad Crocker says his handyman can do the work; we just need to tell him the location where we want the signs put up. A couple of us will walk the property with building fronts and mark what building it is and where we want the new signs. This was originally an Architectural Committee project.
Unit and Building numbers and Sign
Some signs would be created to resemble street names. An example of this is Blackbeard 101, 201, 103, 203 and would hang on the light post. Where the elevators or stairs to the three-story they would be plaque style and be on the adjacent wall to the stairs or elevator. (this should actually be a Landscaping item).
Sidewalk Sanding/Replacement
This is a tripping liability issue for the HOA. A contractor that was supplied by Progressive and I did a walk through which was a separate report and marked locations that need to be sanded down or replaced due to root up lifting and concrete breaking or cracking. A bid will be submitted from this contractor, but I think that we should get one more estimate. This issue should be done ASAP even if we do not get a second bid and go with the one that will be submitted.
Handicap Access
This is an ongoing discussion in our committee. At some point the HOA may have to become Handy-capable compliant. This would require Curb ramps and curb cut outs. Ramps for bridges, etc. There was something said about our property being “Grandfathered” and these changes were not needed. However, there is only one loading zone ramp on Blackbeard, one curb ramps (poured concrete to form a ramp) on Cabana near the trash can bin behind the clubhouse. There are several elderlies that use walkers to get around. We need to provide better means for them to get from sidewalk to parking lot and vice versa. We need to coordinate with public safety for HB and see if they can help make recommendations for improvements. This is a Safety AND Architectural crossover issue.
Update to Committee Charter
A few discrepancies noted in the Safety Committee Charter compared to the committee charter summary, specifically number of Committee Members. They do not match.

Goals and Objectives need updating, add “Identify Disabled/medical dependent, HOSPIC, or Homeowner that needs extra assistance in case of an emergency evacuation.

Ask for one HO per building to act as POC for and as a source for emergence information (per charter goals and objectives). Will do a flyer to ask for these persons.

Prepare a community safety plan. Cannot find one so will address and prepare a plan for approval (per charter goals and objectives).
Update Committee Page in Newsletter
No new Safety Newsletter has been published since 2019. It was decided that only two issues should be done, one in the summer and one in the winter. Hopefully we can have something to email out to the emails the HOA has and mail to those that have just addresses.
New Business
Possibility of obtaining a Private Security Company
  1. lock and unlock bathrooms
  2. patrol the property and issue parking violation tickets. ■
Editor Notes:
  • The cameras became fully function around November 29th and are recording the property at this time.
  • Live and recorded videos can be view on a phone or a PC by the Board or their designate.
posted 23 October 2022
If you have noticed or spotted wasp nests around your building, please identify where (building eve, second floor corridor, common area stairs and landing, mailboxes clubhouse, etc.) building number and which side of building (east, west, north, or south) and a minimum of two pictures, I) showing the location and surrounding area, 2) a close un of the nest. Send an EMAIL the Safety Committee AND the Progressivet Association Management to have the pest conrol company come out and remove the nest.
If there is a nest on your own patio or balcony, you can use any wasp spray like Raid to clear that nest. When the wasps are dead knock the nest down and put int the trash. ■
posted 22 October 2022
New Pest Control Service
The HOA has contracted Cura Termite and Pest Control service to replace our previous vendor. They started October 3 and initially placed 39 traps around the property. It should be emphasized that their name is not Pest Elimination, but Pest Control. You can never eliminate all the pests. There has been an increase with rodents at the property. At a partial walk through on the Grunion Side on October 19, its was identified the need for two more traps around the 16551 Grunion Building (east and west sides). This was authorized and install that same day bringing the total number of traps to 41.
Need to be Patient
When a new traps are installed, rodents do not go near them for a period of time because they are new. Residents and members should not expect immediate results. Cura is monitoring these traps for 60 to 90 days to see if they reduce the rodents and will evaluate them if they need to be redeployed somewhere else.
Do Not Move Them!
Of importance: Someone move a trap on the Grunion side from fire gate area to the middle of same Grunion roadway. Do even think of doing this! These traps are to be install 50 feet apart or they will be effective.■
posted 31 October 2021
New Security Cameras Installed
by Rick Manning
After many months of questions and concerns about security in and around Harbour Vista community, a security camera surveillance system is finally installed. It is an expandable system that can add more security cameras as needed and as funds and budget can accommodate their installation.
Golden Eye Security
Golden Eye Security Systems INC. is a local company providing industry leading CCTV solutions and services
has installed 13 surveillances at all the strategic areas around the property The current camera locations are both pools, both mailboxes, and all three entrance/exit gates.
24/7 Recording
The system will provide 24/7 around the clock surveillance recording to a two-terabyte hard drive. The
system can be backed up to other hard drive storage devices on the 29th day because the system will automatically start rewriting the surveillance footage on day thirty (30).
4K Resolution
The system rides on its own network and has High Definition (HD) transmitter/repeater/receiver at 4k so it
will not interfere with any other network. You may have noticed the small dish shaped transmitters on the gate kiosks or mailbox kiosks.
Monitoring System
The receiver is on the peak of the clubhouse and the monitoring equipment is installed in a storage cabinet behind the Cabana clubhouse utility room. The software to monitor the system will be installed on a phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop computer of one member of the current safety committee and or HOA board members who will be monitoring the system. The software can access multiple cameras at once or individual cameras as needed. The footage can be reviewed while real-time (live) recording is taking place.
Procuring the System
There were a few problems that had to be overcome during the process of acquiring the system and its installation.
  1. The board asked to have a bid for the entire property having cameras that included all the parking area, gates, pools, and mailboxes, that at the time proved to be too expensive so we got a bid for just the primary entry/exit gates as well as the pools because of vagrants and the mailboxes because of break-ins.
  2. Board approval of a bid. A second month went by until the next board meeting which finally approved that bid.
  3. Coordinating with Golden Eye and when they can access the property to get the installation started.
  4. Upon wiring for the mailboxes, it was determined that the lighting, which was where the security company wanted to tie into was on a circuit that was on a timer only and no direct “hot” line for the system. Finally, over on the Largo entry gate they could not find a “Hot” lead there either. The HOA contacted Progressive Community Manager Brad Cocker to obtain an electrician to solve these three electrical problems before those cameras could be connected to the monitoring system.
Thirteen Cameras
In summary there will be 13 cameras monitoring the main entrance/exit points, mailboxes and pools that will provide some well needed security for Harbour Vista and our residents in the next few weeks. ■
posted 10 October 2021
The Community
Car Wash Areas
Members of the Harbour Vista Community recently volunteered their time and at their own expense to update the Car Wash areas. I thought I would start a new column and call it “The Community”. This new column is to give these community members recognition for what they contribute to our community.
Rachel Ricottone contributed a new hose to the Grunion Car wash area, Ed Fernandez purchased some pebble stones to create a drain area and eliminate the mud nuisance that has existed at this location for years.
Community member Mark Lassler took it upon himself to purchase a new nozzle, and hose hanger which he secured to the pole at the Cabana car wash area. His concern was the hose was developing kinks reducing its life expectancy. The new hose hanger also improved the look of the area. ■

Editor Notes: Community members should consider contacting the Board when undertaking a project.
posted 27 December 2022
Lukewarm Water
Not Giving Up (Part 2)
On December 21, 2022, a technician from Southern California Gas Company arrived to replace the gas meter and update the gas line for the 16521 Grunion Boiler. Board and architectural committee members present had thought they would start the work at once, however he was there to survey as to what preparations were required, and left before noon. That same day plumbing company Elite Leak Detection was scheduled to come in at 1:30 to perform thermal imaging on several units in the 4831 and 4791 Lago buildings and the 16521 Grunion and 16551 N. Grunion buildings for lukewarm water issues. The actual inspection did not start till 3 pm, and therefore only an abbreviated evaluation was performed on the Lago Buildings. Inspections on the Grunion buildings were deferred. The Elite Leak plumber was able to verify some crossover issues that we had previously identified, and also concluded that there is a boiler demand that is not being met. This is the same conclusion that the Southern California Gas company had arrived at, which is why they recommended the gas meter upgrade.
Grunion Boiler Impact
Emergency notices had been posted on thirty Grunion unit doors stating there would be an emergency hot water interruption while Southern California Gas updated the gas line to the 16521 Boiler. HOA members working on this effort thought the upgrade would happen on December 21, however it was not to be. Even though the Gas Company was on site at 8 pm on that day, the technician left soon after and later reported they had trouble locating the underground gas line. The next day a crew came in who after much digging, found the gas line and installed a new, larger gas line. As of this writing, this line and its associated meter has not connect to the boiler.
Plumber Specialist
The thermo-imaging plumbing service was originally schedule to meet with the Architectural Committee on December 14th. But because of a emergency leak, this was rescheduled to December 21 at 1:30pm with Architectural Chair Michael Barto and HOA Treasurer Chat Tran. Unfortunately, Elite Leak Detection plumbers did not arrive until 3 pm. After a briefing, it was decided that there was only enough time to evaluate the 4791 and 4831 Lago buildings with Grunion inspection to be rescheduled. Using an infrared camera system, Elite Leak Detection inspected two stacks consisting of four individual units which had been previously identified with crossover (See December Crossover Investigation). They also inspected the outside cold water shutoff valves where they found two that need to be serviced.
Hot Water Returned
Lukewarm water issues has been persistent for since early December for the two Lago buildings. But just prior to the meeting, hot water returned to one of the two unit stacks. This occurred in the morning after ProStar, our boiler company, cleaned the boiler screen. Since the issue had disappeared for this two unit stack, nothing could be investigated for this stack. For the other two unit stack cold water crossover was still present. But only for certain fixtures. The plumbers said that the only way to resolve this issue would be to trace the lines in the two units which might require removing the drywall. This will be for a future follow on.
Gas Detected
During one of the boiler cycles, the plumbers observed a gas smell. After investigating for leaks with a sniffer, they identified a small amount of gas was released during a cycle from the Boiler. They concluded, that was caused by insufficient flow related to the restricted gas lines and there was no danger involved. This will be addressed by the SoCalGas gas line upgrades currently being scheduled.
Plumbers Conclusions and Plan
There were many suggestions, the most immediate one being to increase the gas lines to these boiler. After that, the identified crossover issues will be addressed along with some maintenance to some water shutoff valves. The Board approved the 16521 Boiler gas line and meter update a couple of months ago and this upgrade in the process. Once that is completed, other boiler gas line upgrades are up for Board approval. ■
posted 11 December 2022
Lukewarm Water
December Crossover Invesigation (part 1)
On Monday December 5, 2022, members of the Architectural Committee Michael Barto and Dave Schubert, and Board member Mike Borzi performed a plumbing crossover evaluation on three and a half buildings. This entailed turning the water off for 70 units. We concluded that twelve units had crossover issues. Seven on the Grunion side and five in the two Lago Buildings. This effort did not fix anything, but was solely performed to isolate the problem. In the coming weeks we will bring in a specialized plumber to track down and repair the issues discovered. 
More Units Added
Originally the team was only to evaluate 16521 Grunion and the north half of 16551 Grunion, which utilize the same boiler. But just before Monday, residents from the 4791 Lago building started reporting similar lukewarm water issues. It was decided at the last minute to also include that building in the evaluation plus the 4831 Lago building as it uses the same boiler. This may have been a mistake as manpower resources were really strained during this evaluation. There was just too much work. If it was not for the last minute volunteering of resident Dave Schubert, the team would have been sunk. 
Boilers Showed Crossover
Hot water was turned off to the buildings and the hot return line spigot was turned on to drain the hot water from the buildings. Cold water remained on. Residents were asked to turn on all their hot water faucets to speed up the draining of the pipes in the building. If everything worked right, the hot water drain would stop to a trickle at the boiler drain spigot. But this did not happen as the return spigot continued to flow. This indicated that crossover was occurring where the cold water line was mixing with the hot water line. Both boilers demonstrated this same result.
Stack Cold Water Shutoffs
Cold water to each buildings can be turned off by stack. A stack consist of two or three units vertically. The cold water turnoffs for the three bedroom stacks are located near the gas meters enclosures, whereas the cold water shutoff for the one and two bedroom units are located inside the bottom floor unit patio for that stack. 
3bd shutoff
1-2 bd shutoff
Isolating the Crossover
The evaluation team proceeded to turn off the cold water in each stack to see if the boiler return spigot drain would stop. If so, then that stack was identified as having a crossover. This would narrow down the results to only two or three units in a stack instead of a whole building. With three and half building involved, the team had to turn on and turn off a potential of 28 valves and check back with two boilers.
Nobody Home
The team was able to complete the evaluation for the two Lago buildings. The 16521 Grunion two bedroom stacks were not evaluated because no one was home to allow us access to their patio. This may have been an oversight in planning and communications will be improved next time.
Next Step
Identifying the stacks with this method does not necessarily mean there is a bad valve in a member's unit. There may be other issues with fixtures such as incorrectly installed, a bad washing machine valve or even the hydronic heater. But somehow cold water is getting into the hot water lines. The HOA has contracted a specialized plumbing service to traces the lines to where this crossover is occurring. When this happens, members will again be asked to have their water turned off and the plumbers will need access to the suspected units. ■

Editor Notes:
  1. A three bedroom unit stack did not show up as a crossover issue from the boiler spigot drain when their cold water was turn off. But inside their units with the cold turned off, cold water still continued to flow in their units from thier fixtures. It is theorized that the plumbing in this stack has two cold water sources.
  2. Members who experience lukewarm water or lack of pressure, should make sure the cartridge in their mixing type fixtures are clean and in proper working order. 
  3. Member might consider doing their own cross over research. They can turn off their sinks with the valves located under their cabinets of their fixtures and also turn off the washing machine hoses and to see if they now get hot water to their shower. This would identify these fixtures as the problem.
  4. The evaluation on this Monday was for crossover only. Southern California Gas identified that the gas lines to the boilers are undersized and recommended an upgrade to an MSA 85 m/r meter. The first installation will be scheduled for the 16521 Grunion Boiler (16521 and north side 16551 Grunion Buildings).
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Fire Safety Notification
Fireplace Restriction
Wood, paper and Duraflame logs are not permitted inyour unit’s fireplace. Our fireplaces run on a gas burner and only gas cement logs are allowed. Any damage to the commonly shared stack, will be the unit owner’s responsibility.
Smoke Detectors Requirements
in addition to the as built living space smoke detector that are pre wired in each unit, per California law 310.9, each unit is required to have an additional workable smoke detector in each sleeping area. The 3-bedroom units are also required to have a workable smoke detector in the hallway.
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  3. Any owner in attendance is permitted three minutes to address the Board regarding Association related issues. The Board may address the issues at that time or at a later meeting. Once the homeowner forum has concluded, membership is welcome to observe the remainder of the meeting; however, they are not permitted to participate.
(after open session
Cabana Clubhouse 6:30PM
April 27, 2023
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General Notice
New Owner’s Quick Information
The following is to provide to new homeowners at Harbor Vista.

Initial Contacts:

The first thing you should do is contact Progressive Association Management to obtain access to your account, provide contact information in case of emergency, report problems or request maintenance services:
Property Owner Registration:
Property Manager: cameron Hamilton
Rules and Regulations

Make sure you have the latest copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations. You may obtain them from Association Management. They are also posted at Harbour Vista News at:


The first thing that many new homeowners do is replace appliances, flooring and cabinets and even plumbing. Each Harbour Vista Condo shares common walls, floors and ceilings. Remodeling project may impact your neighbors or the outside of the building (screens, windows, doors) which pierces the firewalls. Simple installing new flooring or recess lights impacts sound proofing and firewall bariers with your neighbors. The inside of your unit’s walls may have plumbing and electrical that service other units. You should contact the property manager to obtain a copy of the latest Architectural Guidelines which is also posted at Harbour Vista News at:

Architectural Request

You may be required to submit an Architectural Request prior to starting a remodeling project. You can also contact the HOA Architectural Committee to simply ask questions. Installing an air conditioning/heating system will require a building permit and approval of an HOA Architecture Request. The large attic space in the three bedroom is not constructed as a living space when the units were build. Only storage of light weight items is permitted.

Construction Noise

Construction noise for remodeling is only allowed between 7am to 5pm on the weekdays. If your remodeling project is going to make excessive noise, it is a good idea to inform your neighbors prior to the start of the work.

Trash Bins

Normal trash bin pickup is scheduled every week for Tuesday and Friday. Do not over stuff the trash bin particularly when moving in. Disposal of large items which including furniture that do not fit in the trash bin is allowed but only the day before the HOA scheduled large item pick up. Large item pick dates are posted at the mail boxes bulletin boards.

Common Water System

Your condo shares a common water supply with all units with both hot and cold water paid for by the your HOA dues. Your condo does not have master water shutoff supply valves. Your sinks do have individual shutoff valves, but the shower/tubs do not unless they have been upgraded (a good suggestion). You should contact Progressive to schedule them to perform any full water turn off to your unit that may affect your neighbors.

Hydronic Heaters

Each condo has a forced air Hydronic hot water coil heater system install in the ceiling the hallway. These system may leak. These heaters have shutoff valves which are located behind the ceiling vent cover. Two ball valves (intake and outage) are behind a pulldown metal plate on the opposite side of the coil when the vent cover is removed (4 screws). Maintaining and repair of the hydronic heater is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Electrical/Cable TV Lines

Each unit when built has an inside 70 amp circuit panel. But sometimes the master breaker for a unit can be tripped. You cannot turn the power back on from your inside breakers. The master breaker is located in a locked cabinet in each building. If you accidentally have this breaker trip, contact the Progressive, a Board member or a building monitor. These cabinets also have the electrical boxes for land line phones, internet and TV. Though each vendor is supposed to have keys to these cabinet, some new vendors may not. Please have then contact Progressive for access.

Electronic Gate System

You can ask the Property Management Company to add your name to the Electronic Gate Kiosk at your assigned entrance gate with you phone number enabled. This phone number can be a cell phone. When a visitor or delivery person comes to the Kiosk, they can press a button by your name to call your number. You can then open the Gate from your phone.


The one electrical outlet in your garage is temporarily power small device. The power to each garage is on a common circuit and is paid by the HOA. Powering heavy electrical equipment such as refrigerators or charging an electric vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Homeowners' Insurance

A unit owner is required to carry Homeowners' insurance (CC&R's Section 9.03).


As new Harbour Vista Condo owner, you are a member of the Harbour Vista Home Owners Association (e.g., HOA). The HOA is the caretaker of the property and consist of elected member just like you. The HOA meetings are open to all members to attend to voice their issues and to observe the proceedings of the representatives. Meeting notices are posted at each Mailbox Bulletin Board. The HOA normally meets on the last Thursday of the Month. You may attend in person or via teleconferencing.
In the current HOA Rules and Regulations, it states:
No electric charging
of automobiles
allowed in
garage outlets without HOA Permission.
Members must be aware that using electricity from the garage is provided by the HOA as part of the monthly dues shared with all members. Member must submit an Architectural Request for approval or they will be fine starting at $200. A $50/month assessment for this special use of HOA trickle charging is required.
Violation of this rule is subject to fines with the HOA. See: EV Charging ■
Property Information
Property Information
Harbour Vista Condos conist of 180 multi story condo units of callssified as 1, 2 and 2 bedromm and a den/guest room. The complex is located at the corner of Heil Avenue and Green Street in Huntington Beach. The property is divided by Green Street into two land parcels. The Blackbeard-Cabana-Logo parcels consist of six builings and the Grunion parcels consists of three buildings. Each Building contains 20 units, one elevator and one stairwell for inside unit access.
Unit Descriptions
Harbour Vista Condos are large units. Each unit includes one master bedroom walk-in closet and one laundry room.
sq ft
Each unit is provided with one patio/balcony except the three bedroom units which are provided with two patios/balconies. Three bedroom units are classified as two bedrooms and a den or guest bedroom.
Parking and Garage
Each units is assigned one enclosed single car garage and one assign parking space. Each Garage has a vehicle height limit entrance 7 feet. Harbour Vista highly discourages any owner purchasing a unit to accomodate more than two vehicles.
Water and Heating
Both hot and cold water is provided from a shared water and boiler systems as part of the HOA monthly dues. Monthly dues also include Unit heating via individual hydronic forced air system.
Harbour Vista landscaping consist multiple streams, ponds with trees and garden areas.
Harbour Vista provides two pools and spas, one tennis/basketball court, and one clubhouse. Harbour Vista is a gated community with three electronic gates.
Land Lease
Harbour Vista is on lease land. Each unit owner pays in addition to monthly HOA dues, a monthly sublease. The sublease will expire in 2041 at which time, all the units willl revert to the lease holder with no compensation. The land lease will expire in 2056. ■
General Notice
Gate Keys
Remote Gate Controllers

To obtain either a replacement or extra key or remote gate controller, HOA members can contact Board Member Brenda Richardson at 714) 501-7018 (text message OK) or email to
Gate Key
Remote Gate Controller

Fill Out Key Entry Form
Trash (2023)
Large Items Trash Pickup
Disposal of mattresses, appliances, furniture, water heaters, etc. at the trash bin enclosed area is permitted on the night before pickup from the Association's disposal company for these specified dates.
Every Other Friday
March 2023

March 3
March 17
March 31

April 2023

April 14
April 28

May 2023 May 12
May 26
June 2023

June 9
June 23

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December 22
January 2024

January 5
January 19

February 2024 February 9
February 23
Large trash items should only be place inside the gated trash bin enclosure the night before. Doing so earlier will interfere with the normal function of the trash bins. Remember large items pickups are done on Friday very early in morning before regular trash pickup. Be courteous of the community.
Regular Trash Pickup
Normal trash bin pickup is schedule every week for Tuesday and Friday except when holidays may interfere.
Renter's Criteria
FOR RENT Criteria?
This is list of question that is recommended for owners when evaluating prospective renters. These questions must answer before the unit is shown
  • What is your credit rating?
  • How many persons will live in the unit.
  • How many vehicles will park at Harbour Vista?
  • Does any occupant smoke?
It is recommend that landloards will not allow multiple person families to rent their units. This would put a hardship on the community facilities. Landlords will not rent to persons who have more than two vehicles. Landlords do not want smokers in the unit. Any renter must carry "Renter's Insurance".
Enforcement of Ruloes and Regulations
Landlords are responsible for the enforcement of the Harbour Vista Rules and Regulations. if their tenant is in violation, fines and legal fees are their resposibility.
Real Estate Summary
(as of March 15, 2023)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
16521 Grunion Ln #203 2BR/2BA $424,900 (03/06/23)
16581 Grunion Ln #204 2BR/2BA $499,000(01/22/23)
16521 Grunion Ln #200 3BR/2BA $525,000 (01/01/23)
16581 Grunion Ln #200 3BR/2BA $499,000 (03/15/22)
Address Type Information
Active/Under Contract
Address Type Information
Address Type Information
4831 Lago Drive #302 2BR/2BA $475,000 (03/15/23)
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
16521 Grunion Ln #206 3BR/2BA $480,000 (03/152/23)
4861 Lago Drive #106 1BR/1BA $370,000 (03/7/23)
4831 Lago Dr #103 2BR/2BA $500,000 (01/18/23)
16521 Grunion Ln #101 3BR/2BA $530,000 (01/10/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #100 3BR/2BA $500,000 (10/28/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #201 3BR/2BA $510,900 (09/26/22)
4831 Lago Drive #304 2BR/2BA $485,000 (09/07/22)
16542 Blackbeard Lane #101 3BR/2BA $500,000 (8/24/22)
16551 Grunion Ln #304 2BR/2BA $422,000 (08/04/22)
4831 Lago Drive #201 3BR/2BA $525,000 (07/08/22)
16551 Grunion Drive #203 2BR/2BA $400,000 (06/30/22)
4791 Lago Drive #107 1BR/1BA $301,000(06/23/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #305 2BR/2BA $460,000 (05/13/22)
4852 Cabana Drive #204 2BR/2BA $405,000 (04/01/22)
4831 Lago Drive #101 3BR/2BA $383,000 (03/21/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln #102 2BR/2BA $365,000 (03/07/22)
16542 Blackbeard Ln # 104 2BR/2BA $411,000 (02/08/22)
16581 Grunion Ln #100 3BR/2BA $385,000 (01/31/22)
16512 Blackbeard Lane #201 3BR/2BA #385,000 (01/27/22)

Note: An up green tick () means sold for more than asking price.
A down red tick () means sold for less than asking price.
For sale, available to show, with no accepted offer.
Active/Under Contract indicates that the property has a binding contract and is in escrow, but they are still soliciting backup offers due to the Buyer still having the ability to cancel. A contingent offer is accepted and in escrow, but buyer retains contingencies to cancel, and the Seller is inviting "Backup" offers. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
Buyer has removed all contingencies, and the escrow is in final closing stages. The price shown is the list price, not necessarily the contract price.
The property has been removed from marketing, but a listing contract is unexpired, and still binding on the seller.
The listing is available for sale, but the property cannot currently be shown, usually for temporary convenience factors.
indicates that the listing agreement concluded without a sale
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