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New Owner’s Quick Information
The following is to provide to new homeowners at Harbor Vista.

Initial Contacts:

The first thing you should do is contact Powerstone Property Management to obtain access to your account, report problems or request maintenance services:

Powerstone Property Management (949-716-3998)
Property Owner Registration: https://myaccount.powerstonepm.com.
Property Manager: Brittany Harmon
   Email: bharmon@powerstonepm.com
HOA Web Site: https://harbourvista.powerstonepm.com

Rules and Regulations
Make sure you have the latest copy of the HOA Rules and Regulations. You may obtain them from Powerstone Property Management.
The first thing that many new homeowners do is to is replace appliances, flooring and cabinets and even plumbing. Harbour Vista Condos share common walls, floors and ceilings. Your remodeling project may impact your neighbors or the outside of the building (screens, windows, doors). Simple installing new flooring impacts sound proofing with your neighbors. The inside of your unit’s walls may have plumbing and electrical that service other units. You should contact the property manager to obtain a copy of the latest HOA Architectural Guidelines. You many be required to submit a Architectural Request prior to starting your project. You should also consider contacting the HOA Architectural Committee to simply ask questions. Improperly installed flooring, recess light and so forth can impacts sound proofing and a firewall barriers with your neighbors.
Common Water System
Your condo shares a common water supply with all units with both hot and cold water paid for by the your HOA dues. Your condo does not have a master water shutoff supply valves. Your sinks do have individual shutoff valves, but the shower/tubs do not unless they have been upgraded (a good suggestion). You should contact the property manager before performing any water turn off to your unit that may affect your neighbors.
Hydronic Heaters
Each condo has a forced air Hydronic hot water coil heater system install in the ceiling. These system may leak. These heaters have shutoff valves which are located behind the ceiling vent cover. Two ball valves (intake and outage) are behind a pulldown metal plate on the opposite side of the coil when the vent cover is removed (4 screws). Maintaining and repair of the hydronic heater is the homeowner’s responsibility.
Electrical/Cable TV/Line Lines
Each unit has an inside 70amp circuit panel. But sometimes the master breaker for a unit can be tripped. You cannot turn the power back on from the inside breakers. The master breaker is located in a locked cabinet in each building. If you accidentally have this breaker trip, contact the property manager, a Board member or a building monitor. These cabinets also have the electrical boxes for land line phones, internet and TV. Though each vendor is suppose to have keys to these cabinet, some new vendors may not. Please have then contact Powerstone.
Each unit is assigned on Garage. Installed on each garage is a small circular lock located on the door that when unlocks will allow the garage to be open manually by pulling a wire in case of power failure. Make sure you have a key.

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general posting
Real Estate Information
Harbour Vista Condos conist of 180 multi story condo units of callssified as 1, 2 and 2 bedromm and a den/guest room. The complex is located at the corner of Heil Avenue and Green Street in Huntington Beach. The property is divided by Green Street into two land parcels. The Blackbeard-Cabana-Logo parcels consist of six builings and the Grunion parcels consists of three buildings. Each Building contains 20 units, one elevator and one stairwell for inside unit access.
Unit Descriptions
Harbour Vista Condos are large units. Each unit includes one master bedroom walk-in closet and one
sq ft
laundry room. Each unit is provided with one patio/balcony except the three bedroom units which are provided with two patios/balconies. Three bedroom units are classified as two bedrooms and a den or guest bedroom.
Parking and Garage
Each units is assigned one enclosed single car garage and one assign parking space. Each Garage has a vehicle height limit entrance 7 feet. Harbour Vista highly discourages any owner purchasing a unit to accomodate more than two vehicles.
Free Water and Heating
Both hot and cold water is provide free from a shared water and boiler systems as part of the HOA monthly dues. Unit heating is also provided free to each unit's hydronic forced air heater system.
Harbour Vista landscaping consist multiple streams, ponds with trees and garden areas.
Harbour Vista provides two pools and spas, one tennis/basketball court, and one clubhouse. Harbour Vista is a gated community with three electronic gates.
Land Lease
Harbour Vista is on lease land. Each unit owner pays in addition to monthly HOA dues, a monthly sublease. The sub lease will expire in 2041. The land lease wil expire in 2056. ■
posted 20 June 2018
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Michael Barto is a practicing IT profession who has owned property at Harbour Since 1996. He was former Board member (2012-2013). He also served as the HOA  Architectural chairperson from 2016 to 2017.

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