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posted 14 July 2021
Pet Obituary
The Passing of Serenity
On July 5, 2021 Serenity, a poodle living at Harbour Vista, was put to sleep after suffering severe injuries from an attack by two Pit Bulls. Serenity, a rescue dog, had happily lived here with her owner for two years and was his constant and faithful companion.

When Serenity was attacked her owner immediately rushed to try to save her. He was injured trying to extricate her from the two Pit Bulls. She was rushed to the emergency vet hospital where she was sedated and spent the
night. During the surgery that was performed the following morning the vet was determined that her injuries were too severe and the owner was forced to have the vet put her to sleep.
Loving and Freindly Pet
Serenity loved her many walks here at Harbour Vista and had many human and canine friends. She and her owner took almost daily walks at the nature reserve center and various parks in the area. Serenity was known by all that knew her to be a happy, fun and loving dog. She is and will always be dearly missed. ■
posted 20 April 2021
Meet McScruffins, a new puppy who is a Poodle-Terrier mix.  Selected from a rescue center, McScruffins has been living at HV for about 5 months with his step-sister Rosie, a chihuahua mix.  He loves people and will jump up and down like a pogo stick when his owner returns home from being away.  He loves to leap up on the furniture and then fly off.  The owner calls him her "wild and crazy" dog.  He loves to play chase with his step-sister and is always entertaining to watch. 
Growing Pains
McScruffins is going through his puppy stages and has explored the dryer looking for dryer balls to chew, he has chewed up a check book, more than one pair of shoes and has enjoyed playing with a plant and the attached
dirt that he found on the the patio and delivered to the cushions of his owner's white sofa.  He will eventually (hopefully soon) grow out of this stage, in the meantime the owner has done her best to puppy-proof her condo.
His Local Friend
Mc Scruffins has met and fallen in love with a neighbor's Dachshund puppy, Chanel, who was pet of the month in January.  Both puppies like to chase and roll around on top of each other to the enjoyment of their owners, who babysit each other's pets.■
posted 10 March 2021
Introducing George, a Basset Hound, who is officially known as “Rivercity Here Comes the General of Surf City”. George was born on September 11, 2020 in Sacramento. He was part of a litter of seven (five girls and two boys). He name was derived from the musicale Hamilton. So his name is George for General George Washington and his brother from the litter is Hamilton for Alexander Hamilton.
Loves His Toy
George loves to play with all his toys. But his favorite one is an old yellow duck that no longer squeaks!
Two Best Friends
George lives with another Basset Hound named Manny who has become one of his two best friends. Manny is an accomplished show dog.
While accompanying Manny to a “Basset Hound Field Trials”, George met his other best friend another Basset Hound puppy named Banner who is two weeks older. ■
posted 17 January 2021
Introducing Chanel, a Dachshund puppy nine weeks old. This new puppy was given the middle name of the owner's previous long-time resident dog Spike Chanel who had recently passed away. Chanel is bringing new joy to the owner with all her new puppy exploring and discovery.
Jumps like a Bunny
Chanel like to give love nip kisses to her new owner. When she jumps down to the floor, she bounce like bunny around the condo exploring the rooms and furnitures.
Court Introduction
The owner recently took her to the Harbour Vista basketball court and showed her off to the neighbors. These neighbor each got a chance to hold her and give their approval.■
Editor Note: With "New Puppy", the Newsletter once again wants to focus each month on our residents' pets living at Harbour Vista. It any reader would like the Newsletter to develop an article on their loving pet, please contact us (cell 714-883-1949). Hopeful this column can run once a month, but I need residents to participate. ■
posted 15 January 2021
In Memorial:
Spike Passes Away
Long time Harbour Vista resident pet dog Spike, a Chihuahua-mix passed away at the end of December. Spike had lived at Harbour Vistra for over seventeen years. Spike loved everyone and is freindly to all dogs. His best dog friend at Harbour Vista was Loki (shown in picture above behind Spike). The death of Spike left a an empty void with his owners. But in January Spike’s owner obtained a new puppy. The puppy was named Chanel in honor of of Spike’s middle name. We will always remember Spike and he will be missed.■
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